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  1. Farmer John40

    PLO anytime soon?

    LN You, of course, are entitled to your own opinion. I'm curious, about the updates you feel were promised and were never delivered. What improvements would you suggest? Without any positive ideas to improve PP, you become just another negative troll that appears in this forum for a few rants, Which platform are you using? I'm on XB and I've never noticed a lack of players. Indeed scanning the leaderboard shows a solid base of tens of thousands of players. My PC version has maybe 5,000. Perhaps you could provide evidence of your claim of any decline in players. I have observed that nobody plays the cheap seats in casual tourneys anymore. Their are few players playing on the PC platform, but PP was designed to be played on PS4 or XB, were it has its greatest following. Each of the platforms are separate from the other,
  2. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
  3. Interesting observations. I feel you're judging Pipeworks unfairly. perhaps you would answer a couple of questions.. Hoe much more would you expect PP to do for you for free, or how much would you be willing to pay for this video game in order for you to get as yet unspecified improvements?
  4. -LN- It's called evolution. Back in the day, Pipeworks created a poker game called WSOP full house pro which ran on the original XB, the shut it down to create something else. Pipeworks is in business to create video games, PP is just one example, the bean-counters at Pipeworks direct their efforts to maximize profits.. As for support, I alerted Pipeworks of the Spam that had invaded this forum They corrected it. If you have a problem with PP, why don't you send management a PM?
  5. Farmer John40

    Is it just me...

    I also thought that PP didn't take a rake, but another player corrected me. There appears to be a rake taken in ring games.
  6. Farmer John40

    New season lost rank

    It happens to everyone, the main goal is to win chips. I went from 1310 to 1155. See you at the tables!
  7. Management deleting non-PP related post from this forum and blocking there authors.
  8. I feel your pain. What I discovered was that the other players realized that I was trying to not lose, and took advantage of me. They'd over bet on the flop to chase me from the hand. Rather that sit there waiting for a killer hand, go aggressive! The time to take chances and establish your style with the other players is while the blinds are small and the loses are minimal. When a high card is on the turn, over bet! Taking risk is preferred to sitting there in frustration for over 2 hours. see you at the tables.
  9. I can make this happen!! Perhaps this is what's happening. Note the circular item that appears over your avatar when it's your turn to play? Note, also how it clears the middle of the circle counter-clockwise. This is a timer, giving you 15 seconds to decide what you want to do. At the end of the allotted time the decision will be made for you.
  10. During the day I play on XB1, but in the evenings between 9 and 10pm pacific time, I play casual 10k and 20k ring games on my PC. In the year plus this has never happened to me. My ganertag is Farmer John, perhaps we can meet for a game. What's your game name?
  11. That's odd. Which platform are you playing on? XB1, PS4. or PC? Which type of game are you playing: ring, H2H, ranked? What chip amount do to you have in the game? What amount is being played in the hand?
  12. I prefer using the chips awarded to buy items of my choice rather than being forced to accept the items PP decides I should have. But that's just me. 🙂
  13. If you're talking about level in relation to rep points received, what level you're at has nothing to do with skill. It represents what has happened in the hands you've participated in plus bonusses. I have around 750 rep points and just finished a ranked tournament with a player with less than 80 points. When the player in third was eliminated, I had less than 8k in chips. I won the tournament. Level had nothing to do with the outcome. Rather, it was how we played our hole cards.
  14. Farmer John40

    IM BORED !

    Select Clear's avatar and send him a message! If your platform is XB and you have XB live, I think you can chat if you form a group,
  15. That would be interesting. Maybe have an ante for each hand when the tournament goes to one table.