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  1. So you're saying that it's not your fault that you lose?
  2. So. you're saying that PP knows which community cards are going to be dealt for a hand, and then assigns the hole cards based on the amount of boast a person buys?? WOW!! Just for the record, I've never payed a dime to PP, and I have 39.7 million chips.
  3. Here's the post where you claimed that buying boost was the reason you could no longer win. I'll rephrase the question. Why do you think that buying boosts will have an effect on your play???
  4. You're saying that the developers are penalizing you for giving then money?? Why would they do that?
  5. It appears that further development of PP is not cost effective. ie. it would not attract enough new players to make such development pay for itself. Any concerns about the functionality of PP should be brought to the attention of 505games by selecting 'support' and opening a ticket. They, would contact Pipeworks if it were necessary. Complaints about not winning as often as you think you deserve should be kept to a minimum. Although I'm not part of the development team, I have moderator privileges within this forum. I hope this helps.
  6. Farmer John40


    WSOP Full House Pro and PP were created by the same people and WSPO fhp was written to run on a XB Gold console. I seriously doubt that the basic logic was altered.
  7. The player to the left of the player who left the table received the 60k in chips suggesting that he had a better two pair than you did and chose not to show his cards. Perhaps PP should have displayed his hand for verification.
  8. Does this happen to every player, on every hand, or can you detect a pattern??
  9. Does this problem occur in other games besides Ring games? Which veersion of PP do you play- XB1, PS4, or PC. The problem has never occurred to me while playing Ranked tournaments on XB1, yet I've seen this in Ring games on my PC.
  10. Farmer John40


    You've come to the place were 10's of thousands players from around the world can provide answers. That icon identifies which players turn it is to play, and also is a timer to how much time is left for that player to decide how they want to play. When the timer expires, the player is either folded or checked.
  11. It depends. I don't want to show the table that I was bluffing, and other times I want to show the table that I really did have the winning hand..
  12. It appears that you and I visit the PP website for different reasons. regards
  13. Nonsense ! My Xbox version has more items than chip gifts. Besides, what is stopping you from taking the chips given to you in the loot case and visiting the store to select what you want?
  14. Thanks for the clarification. PP is published by 505games on their servers. When you report a problem on this forum you're establishing communication with 505games. When you do, tell them you've already unplugged, waited 30 sec. and plugged-in your PS4 and router. It'll save a day. Please keep is updated on your progress..