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  1. I think it's going to get worse before it gets better! I'll explain later. I blame the Coronavirus. First, what platform are you using. my problem has been on Xbox Wed, T hur, and Fri around 3pm to 6pm PDT. PP locked up, and I couldn't restart it! So I tried Netflik on Xbox and it gave ne an error message and wouldn't work. I then went to Comcast and was able to use Netflk with no program. I then restarted Xbox and discovered that Xbox live would not come online. I then went to my PC and found out that Microsift's Hotmail and games were not working. Microsoft's internet connection was toast!! On Xbox, PP needs Xbox live and Xbox live needs their Cloud. My theory is that here in the US 80 million people have been ordered to stay home and use the internet, and during the hours I mentioned the Eastern Us is streaming movies at an increased rate. putting a tremendous burden on the internet. Microsifot is suffering . If your platform is PS4, it could still be internet related..
  2. DannyBear, If you're not enjoying PP, by all means, don't play. At the end of any season, a visit to the leaderboard shows that there are a lot of players in the Dimond tier.
  3. I share your frustration! The play seems to change as the season progresses. players don't react the same in the beginning of the season the same way the do the last week. I find that I need to adjust for the differences. T his season I've stopped trying for diamond sue to all of the slow play checking killer hands to trap those who just what to play a fun game. As for the Provisionals in the Platinum tier: That happens when you finish the previous season well into the diamond tier or start the next season with a reasonable high Gold ranking and win games while a Provisional player to increase your racking into the higher tier.
  4. I just tried to lg-on wnd got the same error message, I then reset my XB controller and am able to get into the screen to receive m daily cut!!. So I think I'll try a couple of hands in a ring game and than a ranked tourney
  5. I phoned 505games support help desk about the server error message. They told me that it was a developer issue ie Pipeworks. Pipeworks is aware of the problem and is working on it The best guess from 505games is that it will be fixed in a day or so.
  6. Yes, it's still active! I THINK. I just received the same error message. My suggestion would be to reset everything and wait.
  7. Any development of new poker games would be improvements in the presentation of the game. In the computer programming world some routines that can be used b other programs are written and shared in a multitude of pages, a process to figure age for example. The process to subtract 7/16/40 from 02/24/20 to arrive at m age of 79, need s to be written only once and inserted in other programs as required. Sorting is another example. A RNG is written as a routine by some else. Go to Google and speech on Random number generation.. Numerically there are 13 different cards in a deck of cards Poker is much more than the sequence of cards deal t.. WE are all playing from the same deck and 5 of us are not going to win the hand.
  8. I enjoy helping people when they have questions. Sad that it offends you to hear a different opinion.
  9. I agree, a video game will never replace reality. That's what PP is, a video game.. I t was created and promoted by a software house (Pipeworks) and sold to a publisher (505games). That's the way that the Video Game industry works. In the last ten ears, I've played, about8 different versions of video hold-em poker. PP is entertainment, you buy different things from the store, you change outfits, you interact with other players, and generally enjoy yourself. I and my friends play ranked tournaments, and we all lose with discussing regularity,. but by the end of the season, we've won more times than we've lost. The difference with PP is that it also supports a forum.
  10. There are three versions pf PP, one for each platform = Xbox, ps4, and pc. none of them interact with the other.. To play PP on a PC you first must install a package called (I think) Steam., and download a PC version of PP from within Steam.
  11. These notices refer to times (usually an hour) were you get a percentage boost in how may "rep" points you're rewarded. The points are totaled at the end of the game and are added to the achievements of the affiliation you've selected.. The points will determine when you will receive either free chips or free apparel etc. An example would be if you drink of some kind, you would be included in 'happy hour". Having an afflation will also allow you to play games in the solo game section were you receive chips and rep points when you wing and doesn't take chips from you when you lose games with "house players". A side not, you can win these games.
  12. I play ranked tourneys at least 2 times a day every day of the week. My chip count is around 47 million, I've been diamond 4 times, so yes I play PP. During a typical season, I range from silver to platinum several times. I have no issue with the cards I receive nor the cards dealt tp the community. The only issued I have, is when 2 or more players join together via cell phone to cheat in a free game..
  13. All video games are written for revenue enhancement. The goal of the entire computer industry is to make a profit. Even when you play real poker, only one person at the table wins a hand. That said, I sure would like to have better hole cards.