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  1. Can your brother play on your PlayStation?
  2. This problem is also occurring on Xbox. It is discussed in this forum and titled "Connection/server issues.". 505games operates the servers for PP, so click on support and open a ticket with 505games.
  3. Farmer John40

    Virtual Frustration

    We were outsourced to a large IBM complex, near Boulder, in the mid 90's. I was on campus several times. I play on Xbox. I started in the summer of 2009, at the age of 69, when I transitioned from life on a sailboat and needed something to do.
  4. Farmer John40

    Virtual Frustration

    Back in the 90's our hospitals in San Jose California used an IBM mainframe located in Boulder, Colo. The communication route was via microwave. During winter snowstorms we always had communication failures.
  5. It must be extremally frustrating for you. I'm sorry we couldn't help. Please let us know if it ever gets resolved.
  6. Farmer John40

    Virtual Frustration

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I have 3 comments: I refuse to bet when I think I'm going to lose. And, at 80 years old, my bladder sometimes demands that I sit-out for a hand. Being automatically placed in sit-out mode when you experience connection issues, gives you an ample opportunity to rejoin the game.
  7. Farmer John40

    Loot Cases

    Welcome to PP ! ! Hang in there, and win games! Also, if you haven't all ready, join an affiliation. If you want to increase your level, at no cost to you, play solo games against house players..
  8. Lets review some logical facts, If everything else on your console is working, and you have no problems with your internet connection, and tens of thousands of players are using PP with no problems, then your problem is caused by the way PP is trying to operate on your console. Either your console's system has a problem or you haven't loaded PP onto your console in a manner that will allow it to execute. If it always fails in the same place, it indicates that the forward progress of PP advancing from instruction to instruction is terminated for the same reason- every time, without fail. If your console is an XB, you need contact the online support or take your console to a Microsoft store and explain your problem.
  9. I failed to mention one very important step. After you've uninstalled PP and a few more items from your console, unplug your console and wait 30 seconds before plugging it back in. This tep will identify the increased free space.
  10. Because they are more comfortable being a gender different than what they are. Think LBGT.
  11. Some people are not the same ass you and me an sometimes I wonder about you.🙂
  12. Something is not working right on your console. From your description, the connection appears to be working. So it must be a problem with the software executing. The permeant PP files on your console are only there to transfer and receive files from the servers and don't run the actual game. PP fails at the same place suggesting that it has failed to load all of the required files from the PP server when you start the game. I would suggest that you verify that you have sufficient work space on your disk for PP to function, and I don't have a clue how much is required. The other thing you might want to try, is to delete other games from your console and uninstall PP and then reinstall PP to alter the location on the disk that PP will use. This was a solution that I used to correct a similar problem I had on an older version of XB and was suggested by XB support. Good luck and please keep us informed of your progress.
  13. Farmer John40

    Loot Cases

    How long have you been playing PP? I've received so many loot cases that I get chips because the loot case is a duplicate from a previous offer.
  14. An 80% chance that something will happen means that there's a 20% chance that it won't. And just because it didn't happen the last 100 times is no guarantee that it will happen the next time.🙂 It's got something to do with gambling that something will occur.
  15. The only other thing I can suggest you do, is insure that your XB console is hardwired to your router. Other than that, because some functions of PP work and some don't, someone at PP or 505games needs to contact you and ask you to log on while they put an online trace on your individual performance. When you tell them,via phone, what is occurring they can verify what is occurring in their system.