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  1. It's my belief that Pipeworks bean counters no longer support PP. I would suggest that you select "support" and detail any issues with 505games, because Pipeworks seldom reviews the comments of this forum.
  2. You didn't mention the platform you're playing on, but I suspect it's the PC version. At the end of last month I visited the 'bankroll' section of the leaderboard on Xbox to see how many different players had plated PP for the month.. The total was 54,600, and I suspect a like number of players played on PS4. Once again, let me remind everyone: REAL POKER IS DIFFERENT THAN VIDEO POKER!! So please, if you don't like this free video game, don't play it. We'll both be happy.
  3. I've found more success in playing PP as entertainment, ego gratification doesn't seem to work. Everyone at the table is playing with the same odds of winning, there are no favorites. If I'm not winning its because of the way I'm playing and the only way I can stop losing is to change the way I'm playing. Always remember, for each hand, there are five players who are not going to win.. .
  4. Your friends 10 of hearts and 5 of hearts wins the pot. Assign a numerical value of 11 for the J and 12 for the Q, then total each players 7 hearts.
  5. It sounds like something is wrong with the way you've set up your account. Do you have a gold membership with Xbox? o you enter Xbox live ? Is your gamer tag and email address the same for everything in Xbox and PP? How far can you get into PP?
  6. What type of game are you playing? I see this in casual ring games, are there others? What platform are you playing on? Each platform has their own programs. Have you opened a ticket with 505Games? select support and state your concerns.
  7. What type of game do you want to play? Also, what times relative to UTC time. I play Platinum ranked tourney's plus Silver H2H. Football, politics on TV, and xmas shopping are limiting my poker play t
  8. I disagree. But I have noticed that if one plays with the same strategy that wins in Ring games, you're not going to do very well in Ranked tourney's. Last season I started in Platinum then went to silver and then up to gold and down to bronze before finishing in diamond. To date, I've played 1,613 ranked tourney's and recorded 954 thirds or better. see ya at the tables!!!
  9. At 12am utc today you will be able to enter a ranked tournament as that's when the new season starts. It's very hard to get enough players to start a casual tournament.
  10. Less than 5,000 people have joined this forum, where most of the post are from players who blame PP because they don't win. Meanwhile tens of thousands are enjoying the game.
  11. Thankfully, I no longer have moderator privileges' ( I don't know why I had them). Your suggestion is a good one. 😄
  12. Were you playing a Ranked Tourney? Have you tried paly casual or H2H? Tr y selecting the menu option and press sit out or exit.
  13. I believe that online gambling in the US is banned for the same reason that all lotteries are done manually and not computer generated. The outcome is the result of a computer program, and can be altered. Think about that when you play video slots or poker in a casino.
  14. To find the mathematical odds, Google 'poker odds'. The tricky part is playing against other players and reacting to how they play their hand.