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  1. Less than 5,000 people have joined this forum, where most of the post are from players who blame PP because they don't win. Meanwhile tens of thousands are enjoying the game.
  2. Thankfully, I no longer have moderator privileges' ( I don't know why I had them). Your suggestion is a good one. 😄
  3. Were you playing a Ranked Tourney? Have you tried paly casual or H2H? Tr y selecting the menu option and press sit out or exit.
  4. I believe that online gambling in the US is banned for the same reason that all lotteries are done manually and not computer generated. The outcome is the result of a computer program, and can be altered. Think about that when you play video slots or poker in a casino.
  5. To find the mathematical odds, Google 'poker odds'. The tricky part is playing against other players and reacting to how they play their hand.
  6. This is a political term within the US and politicos is a no-no on this forum. So lets not go there. To send a message to another player at the table , select the controller option to display the info on each player and select the player you wish to send a message to
  7. You have the option f reporting any message you receive. You also have the option if blocking that sender.
  8. While at the table you can select their gamer tag as you would to send them a message. Within the box displayed there is an option to report that person.
  9. To avoid most bad beats on the river, Don't let the hand reach the rver. If you have trips on the flop and the wait for someone to chase a flush or straight to the river, whose fault is that? Over bet and take a smaller pot. Ranked tourneys are different than ring games, And free online games are different than live games.
  10. Poker is sometimes referred to as a game of chance, some would even say that it's a gamble as to which cards are dealt.
  11. So. you're saying that PP knows which community cards are going to be dealt for a hand, and then assigns the hole cards based on the amount of boast a person buys?? WOW!! Just for the record, I've never payed a dime to PP, and I have 39.7 million chips.
  12. Here's the post where you claimed that buying boost was the reason you could no longer win. I'll rephrase the question. Why do you think that buying boosts will have an effect on your play???
  13. You're saying that the developers are penalizing you for giving then money?? Why would they do that?