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  1. I can make this happen!! Perhaps this is what's happening. Note the circular item that appears over your avatar when it's your turn to play? Note, also how it clears the middle of the circle counter-clockwise. This is a timer, giving you 15 seconds to decide what you want to do. At the end of the allotted time the decision will be made for you.
  2. During the day I play on XB1, but in the evenings between 9 and 10pm pacific time, I play casual 10k and 20k ring games on my PC. In the year plus this has never happened to me. My ganertag is Farmer John, perhaps we can meet for a game. What's your game name?
  3. That's odd. Which platform are you playing on? XB1, PS4. or PC? Which type of game are you playing: ring, H2H, ranked? What chip amount do to you have in the game? What amount is being played in the hand?
  4. I prefer using the chips awarded to buy items of my choice rather than being forced to accept the items PP decides I should have. But that's just me. 🙂
  5. Farmer John40

    Playing with XBOX One?,,, or any retail store that sells Xbox consoles will have membership gift cards.
  6. If you're talking about level in relation to rep points received, what level you're at has nothing to do with skill. It represents what has happened in the hands you've participated in plus bonusses. I have around 750 rep points and just finished a ranked tournament with a player with less than 80 points. When the player in third was eliminated, I had less than 8k in chips. I won the tournament. Level had nothing to do with the outcome. Rather, it was how we played our hole cards.
  7. Farmer John40

    IM BORED !

    Select Clear's avatar and send him a message! If your platform is XB and you have XB live, I think you can chat if you form a group,
  8. That would be interesting. Maybe have an ante for each hand when the tournament goes to one table.
  9. Which platform are you playing on? On XB, when a person chats during a game, a symbol of a speaker appears over my avatar when I speak. I've had chat sessions after a game, or sometimes a group chat takes place amongst friends. You should also be aware of the diversity of the players at the table: not everyone is from your country or speaks your language.
  10. Is there any indication that someone is speaking?
  11. Farmer John40

    Is it just me...

    The only way any sponsors of poker games: casinos, clubs, backroom illegal gaming room, makes money is when the players LOSE. Their profit comes from keeping a larger percentage of entry fees and the rake than players win. They do so by realizing a simple truth, the odds favor the house. Note to self. When 6 players play a poker hand, only one player wins, the rest are losers. I've been playing ranked tournaments since they were introduced. I'm currently a diamond player for the fourth time after playing 989 games and winning 535 times. (third or better). I consider myself an average player with a chip count of 27.7 million. I've never bought a chip since PP was introduced, and the first Hold-em poker game I ever played, in any venue, was in the summer of 2009. Welcome to the forum.
  12. Tor, Here's my opinion based on exclusive pranked play. I feel your frustration when you receive minus points for third place. But statically speaking you should have done better. Ranked categories only identify a range of points. Awarding points is based on a comparison of the point totals each player has. If I, as a platinum player, have 1290 points and lose to two players who have less than 1215 points, I just lost to two mathematical judged inferior players, and am rewarded points accordingly. It's why a person with 1310 points, and 5 days left in the season, really doesn't want to risk playing against players who have less that 1250 points.
  13. No flames here! I'm glad that you've found a style of PP games that you enjoy. Welcome to the forum.
  14. Farmer John40

    Diamond Tourney

    You're right! Successful ranked tournament players use a different strategy than players who concentrate on ring games. Unsuccessful ranked tournament players use a strategy that they've found successful playing ring games. Successful ranked tournament players assess the odds and probabilities of their hole cards and note the bets of other players and decide on how they'll play the hand. They also observe the playing style (tell) of other players and response to their own advantage. They also realize the difference between playing with a full table and playing with 2 other players. They understand that folding is preferred to losing. After all, diamond players receive 1.5 million chips at the end of the season. Ring players receive 0! I reached the diamond level early in this season, and have spent the last week playing ring games. To me, it's like playing Bingo. 2 or 3 check raises pre-flop, then a couple more post-flop, check on the turn and river, and let's see who has the winning river card. Ho-hum! There's no skill involved. Just wanted to mention that.
  15. We're trying to start a diamond tourney on XB, its currently 10:40pm UTC. All are welcome.