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  1. The patches over the past few months have addressed every issue I listed (except loading times). I'm having much more fun now, thanks!
  2. Glad to see all of these fixes. Hopefully I can play without being disconnected every 5 minutes now...
  3. I get disconnected constantly and my connection is fine. I think their servers/netcode are kind of mediocre.
  4. The Xbox One version of the game is great, but it has some very serious issues that need to be addressed if this game is going to grow and survive. I believe these issues are significant enough to limit the userbase and, by extension, your profits. Frequent disconnections In my first 4 days of playing, I was disconnected from the servers ~20 times. Each time, the crashed back to the home screen and would not reconnect. I had to forcible quit the program, restart it, and then after waiting out the (unbearable) load times I was reconnected to my session. I have a very stable internet connection and no other game has this issue. I'm based in Australia, if that helps. Disconnected players that don't return are punished When you're disconnected, you continue to pay blinds and it seems to take a lifetime for disconnected players to actually get kicked from the session. I have seen players get disconnected and remain in sessions while the game burns their money for far too long. In tournaments, this would be fine, but in ring games this is a poor design. No other poker game that I've played does this. Disconnected players that don't return ruin tournaments In a heads up tournament, my opponent was disconnected and did not return. His avatar proceeded to automatically check/fold for an extremely long time. I had to wait for the blinds to increase significantly before I could win the game. Most normal players would have just quit, and the disconnected player would be given the win. I don't get it - if a disconnected player hasn't returned within 2 minutes, kick them and save your active players the frustration they cause. Broken in-app purchases I can't purchase any chip packages from within the game itself. I had to navigate to the store page to purchase the bundles I wanted. You're undoubtedly costing yourself revenue while this issue exists. Unable to see which player's microphone is causing all that background noise This one can be really annoying, especially if there is an interesting conversation going on and you're trying to figure out which player to mute. There's no indication of which mics are active at any given moment once you're past the lobby. If someone is allowing a bunch of background noise through their mic, make it easy to isolate that user and mute them. Laggy performance & long loading times Some of the sets have noticeable visual lag. Animations stutter, the camera feels choppy, etc. It gives me a headache after a while. The game's graphics aren't that advanced, so the lag is kind of unacceptable. Worse yet are the loading times. I'm sure I don't have to go into detail, but whenever I go to launch the game my first thought is "do I really want to wait 4 minutes to get past the menu, find a session, and load the game?" When you can instantly launch the WSOP app or start a round of Hearthstone within a minute, do you really expect to build an audience with these insane load times? You need to get on par with other card games. Overall, this post is quite critical, but the game has a lot of potential and I want to see it succeed. Please fix these serious issues on Xbox One! I hope this feedback is useful.