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  1. Hello Prominence! It's been a minute eh? Good to see an update coming. I haven't played in a very long time. Shout out to all the regs and welcome new players. I'll be pulling up a chair when the new update drops
  2. Most online rooms make you bring your chips back. For instance, on ACR if you come back to a table within 30 minutes of winning chips that are more than you bought in with, you come back with the stack you left with. It's like that on Merge too. I think it would be good here too because most of those who practice this tactic are less than skillful and would end up losing those luckily given chips.
  3. xXLuckySlydogXx

    On Dat Xbone

    Hey Giraffe, just saw this.
  4. Test driving my profile feed.

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    2. xXLuckySlydogXx


      Ok, so the shout box on my other forum is visible to everyone on the home page and the forum.

    3. ClearConscious


      We can look at integrating something like that, more of a chat box?

    4. xXLuckySlydogXx


      yes, sorry if I'm using the wrong terminology


  5. Cool, just changed it. I wasn't aware of it so maybe make it a bit more known I guess.
  6. Something like this from another forum I'm on...
  7. You can use the ALT key and do this...♦♣♠♥ not as pretty but it works. Just hold ALT and 3 at the same time for ♥, ALT 4♦ ALT 5♣ ALT 6♠.
  8. xXLuckySlydogXx

    I'm a millionaire

    You're right about the executioner. TKO is tournament. I've already gotten bustin makes me feel good which is the one for ring games.
  9. xXLuckySlydogXx

    I'm a millionaire

    Now I only have 4 achievements left. TKO is my next target, knock out 100 players in tournament play. Almost there. Making It Rain will take time but if I keep playing I'll eventually get 100 grand from the daily cut. The Executioner will be a challenge. Knock out 5 players at once? Come on. Might have to create a party for this one at $100 buy in and keep trying till we all get it. Billionaire? Don't know about that one. You'd need a sustained game at max buy in for it. I've done it before on Double Down Casino on Facebook though so we'll just have to see on that one.
  10. xXLuckySlydogXx

    I'm a millionaire

    If it was only like this for real money LOL. I did it by playing ABC poker, choosing starting hands well, gambled here and there and kept trying even when the deck was slapping me in the face. Oh and bankroll management. I set my buy in default for 5% and stuck to it. I also bought 5 bucks worth of chips for a kick start so I wouldn't have to play the minimum buy in at the ring games. I started grinding 1000 buy in.
  11. Sounds good. Maybe a shout out box. Also a member update field like on social media. I didn't want to create a whole post about me getting the one million chip achievement. Would have rather just done a quick comment.
  12. I was playing Forza Horizon 3 and saw a friend I wanted to play with via my xb1 dash board. I tried joining via said dash board and got this screen which led me no where as it was frozen when I tried to push A or B... https://account.xbox.com/en-us/screenshot/6ce990fe-9285-4216-9156-b55fe50ced3c?gamerTag=xXLuckySlydogXx&scid=469b0100-bfe8-4a65-bc30-a3e609ded78e Just letting Pipeworks know. This is the screen I got after I got into Prominence and it won't lead to any other screen...frozen here. Won't even let me choose "OK" Now I can't start the game. I'm going to either have to start another game and come back or restart my box to get into Prominence.
  13. xXLuckySlydogXx

    No Action At Tables

    Just happened to me again. @Nex dev's know about this one?
  14. xXLuckySlydogXx

    Enjoying the game

    Welcome to Prominence. It's a great game and hopefully with some feed back from the community and the great minds of the developers it'll get better and better. Like for instance, if a lot of players are saying they really don't care for the grunt hum laughs celebrating a winning hand, well, they might take them out...hint hint.