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    Finally hit Diamond Rank in Ranked Tournaments after 2 years! I swore I wasn't going to do it, as i've been so close so many times. Came down to myself and another gent... had him Up n Almost Out like 3 times and every time he would bounce back. Finally nailed it down and took the win pushing me over the 1300 rank plateau. God this feels good! lol #WheresMyGoldenStogey? #Legend #ProminencePoker
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    i love the waiting area......much easier to get in a round of more skilled players !
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    T he main issue appears to be that there are not enough diamond ranked players on your platform who want to play when you chose to be logged on. For example: Currently, on XB, there are 60 diamond ranked players(I looked). To say they're all close to your time zone and eager to play PP is a stretch. What you diamond players need to do is establish a club/group and arrange to play a tournament, at say, 2 am your time.
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    So glad this is live on console now too! Everything looks great and seems to be running smoothly so far.
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    Yes it is. I irritate the heck out of them by playing my own game.
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    Will you be able to keep that promise for at least 24 hours?
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    Mature debate requires an acceptance of other opinions. Us vs Them is one of the major problems facing the world. You've promised to leave more than once.
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    Hey everyone, We have a small update releasing later today on Steam that is a ranked lobby redesign. The changes are as follows: Automatic matchmaking in ranked games has been eliminated. You can now choose to play at your tier or up to two tiers below. Buy-in and Entry Fee are now different for each tier in ranked games. You can now indicate your preferred venue in ranked games. Majority wins the venue choice. Thanks for your continued support!
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    I honestly cannot understand how my message about you looking like The Joker can be interpreted as anything else than humor. You said "my avatars will always be a representation of myself". That forum picture is an avatar. My forum avatar doesn't represent myself. I'm not a Leatherback Baloth.
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    Masquerade? For most players (including me), in pretty much all games the playable character is not me. It doesn't represent me. I don't consider it as an image of myself. The playable character is an avatar through which I interact with the game. A puppet. A tool. Or, if there is any sort of even vague emotional attachment to the character (which is not the case with PP, because there is no story and no character development, but sometimes can be with other games, at least in my case), a sort of "fictional friend", or "fictional companion" through which I play the game. The playable character is not a projection of the player in almost any game where it's not customizable. If you play a Mario game, do you think "I am Mario, I look like this, this is me"? Or do you think "I control this fictional character named Mario, who looks like that"? You are not that character, it doesn't represent you. You control that character, and interact with the environment of the game through it. When there is character customization in some games, most people do not try to make it look as close to themselves as possible. Why would they? This is an avatar, a fantasy character, a fictional character that the player controls. This is not the person him or herself. As mentioned, if there is any sort of emotional attachment to the character, you can think of as some sort of fictional imaginary "companion" or "friend", not as a representation of yourself. Many people will make this imaginary character as cool as possible. Some people might make it ridiculous-looking. Others will make it look attractive, someone that they could imagine being good friends, or even attracted to. Some may try to make it as sensual as possible for titillation. There are many possible ways to approach character creation, but extremely rarely do people think of this customizable character as representing themselves. They do not think "this is me, this represents me, how I truly am, or what I would want to be". I'm a man, and I have a female playable character in PP. I do not "identify" as a female, nor do I think that this playable character is me, or what I want to be, or how I "identify" myself. It's an avatar, a fictional character, completely separate from me. It's not a projection of myself. If you allow me to be a bit crude, the playable character is female mostly because of the old joke adage "if I have to look at an ass for hours on end, it better be a beautiful ass". As crude as it might sound, I prefer looking at a beautiful female character than an ugly dude. There's nothing more to it. I do understand if some male players prefer creating male characters (who may look "cool", or "tough", or whatever), or female players creating female characters. A few of them might even really want the playable character to look as much as themselves as possible. Obviously that's fine. There is no correct answer to this. It's personal preference.
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    We have some plans, but don't have any definitive dates to share quite yet.
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    I agree with you. It would be nice to receive things other than chips in my loot case. Most days, I try to stop myself from upgrading the cases because it will just be chips. Like you said, receiving chips isn't a bad thing, but it would be nice to receive something more exciting on occasions.
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    Go to the NEWS AND UPDATE Forum and select the first item "ROADMAP". Then select the topic "Ranked Tournament Lobby". The PP development staff is going to address this issue in a update scheduled for July.🙂
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    No offense taken. I understand your concerns. We've never said that we're trying to 'improve the quality of the randomness'. There are reasons behind the existing algorithm, some of which have been stated in earlier posts. We've done the research and testing and are completely satisfied that the algorithm produces every possible shuffle in a uniform distribution.
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    I can accept that bad beats occur. River straights, flushes quads, and full houses are a fact of life when playing poker. But, dang folks, when is it going to be my turn to receive such good luck?
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    I am an idiot. I should have known there would be an Xbox controller button or switch for this. I think I recall seeing it once when I started playing a few weeks ago when I accidently pressed it.. but anyway the right switch on an Xbox controller displays each player's: Tier color Level Cash and stack rank in the current game Gamertag Nickname
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    Nice. If only they fixed/updated other suggestions/ideas that fast 🤔🤔🤔
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    Also look at these threads with similar problem Stuck in loading screen Communication/server issues My prominence Poker not working Freeze up
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    My exact quote... key words... 'my interests'. I'm a big 'The Dark Knight' fan. It's the best batman movie ever. Just for the record. But who cares, right?
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    I also want to add, which should have been first, is the ability to customize the controls. I can only use one hand. My left hand suffers from nerve damage.
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    First of all congratulation for this nice online poker! Good graphic, much love for details, totally new features like the shop and a lot of humor on gamblers vanity. I play poker for years, online cash games or PC games. There is only one thing on ProminecePoker which annoys me. That is that if someone uses the radial preselection, other players can see on the position of the arm of his avatar if he proposes to check/fold or raise. For me as an experienced player this information is of course useful, but it is not in the sense of poker to show such hints by " uncontrolled body language". This is why I do not use this feature and I hope you will find a solution for this issue. A more detailed manual with explanation of all bonus and reputation stages would also be helpful. Thank´s for the game and all the best from AceAceinator
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    One of the pluses of PP is that the developers listen to the players and update the game.
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    Tor, You're on a agenda based rant, and I get that. But ! The same RNG was used when you won the 500k tournaments as was used when you lost the ranked tournaments.. So it's not the RNG ! It's the style of play in 500k tournaments vs ranked tournaments. There are many, many donks playing bingo in ranked tournaments! They have little or nothing to lose by taking absolutely stupid risks. Knowable and skilled players, such as you, are continually frustrated when playing against such stupidity, but its not the RNC or PP, its the players you're playing against.
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    Can you please repeat that? I didn't hear you the other 10 times.
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    Thanks for the reply and explanation Mike, that all makes sense to me. I think most of the frustration stems from never seeing what's going on in the queue background. If I have say, a 3 hour window of time to play, it's not fun to not be able to and spend half the time in a queue. I do have some ideas I'll throw out for improvement, how viable they are I don't know but I think they could help: #1 - Scrap the queuing system altogether and have a lobby with tables. Let's say there's X number of tables separated by rating range : 1300+ only, 1200+ only, 1100+ Only, 1000+ Only, etc. Each table would simply have display showing how many seats are open at each. In this example, a Diamond can play at any table they want - if they want to risk rating let them go for it, or if they want to sit and wait in a high ranking table until it's filled it's their option as opposed to blindly queuing for god knows how long. This same thing applies to platinums, golds etc. #2 - If the above is too complicated to implement - do something similar to what Rockguy24 mentions above - similar to Casual Tournaments, instead of separating a queue by buy-in amount you just separate by tier. At least then you can bounce around and see what tables are filling. This shouldn't be too hard as you pretty much have that queuing style in place,so you'd just tweak it and apply it to ranking or rating range or whatever. I feel option #1 would also make Casual Tournaments start being played more often, as you'd just have tables separated by buy-in, ranking would be irrelevant as it is now, but people could quickly see which tables had people as opposed to bouncing around in queues and tables never filling. Other than the queuing process, I get a ton of enjoyment out of the game (other than those damnable rivers hah). Thoughts?