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    Woo! It feels so good, I've been yo-yoing between 1120 and 1190 for a week, and it feels so good to achieve this. I had to win a tough tournament where it was two of us at 2.8K blinds pushing all in at each other until he finally pushed light with a Q8 against my AJ. He made a pair but I made a straight which brought me into my new silver tier!
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    How long have you got? My top 3 in no particular order.... Some kind of announcement/invite system. For example, I want to play a $1m SNG or start a $5m ring game. I could sit there for hours and still not get a game going but I know there are players wanting to play at these levels its' just a matter of getting them there at the same time. If there was some sort of system whereby after a certain amount of waiting an announcment similar to the ones that are already in the game (Happy hour starts in 5 minutes, etc) it would make this much easier. Nex mentioned on Twitch that this would create a lot of 'spam' for players but I think that could be easily solved by allowing players to opt in or out via their game settings and they could also set a minimum level to which they receive invites. Also, another method to deter spam would be to charge players to make an announcment. Eg, You've been waiting 5 mins to start a $5m ring game and a popup comes asking if you'd like to announce the game to (those who are eligable and have opted in) players. You select YES but it's going to cost you 2% of the buy in to do so. Stop Ratholing (aka Banking aka Going South). This is the practice of leaving a table with your winnings and rejoining immediately with your original buy-in. There is nothing a (good) poker player hates more than to see chips leave the table. Players that rathole are (unfairly) reducing their risk at the table. It is forbidden in every real world card room/casino and most online casinos and should be forbidden on Prominence. A player is welcome to leave at any time but if they want to rejoin within a certain time (I suggest 20 mins) then they should do so with the amount they left with (if it's more than the buy-in obviously) Payout Structure. I think only top two should be paid in a 6 seater SNG. It's too easy to finish in the top 3 and if you finish first the reward is not high enough. If only two are getting paid it promotes a higher standard of poker which would improve the Prominence experience for everyone. Multi-table Tournaments. I'd love to see MTT's be introduced. They could be run at set times with an unlimted amount of entrants. Eg. 6PM every night there's a $5k buyin, 9PM there's a $20k, and so on, similar to the big poker sites with similar payout structures. There could be big weekly tournaments run at the weekends and maybe really big monthly tournaments with RL prizes. Yes, I know that's four!
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    Why give us awesome Tattoos and cover them up with no chance of showing them off if I pay all that money for a chest tattoo then I should be able to play shirtless or something. the only reason im not buying any is because you cant exactly show them off.
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    These are release notes for the March 2018 update, released February 28 on Steam and March 23 on Xbox and PS4. New hourly event Fight Club - double rep on weapon items. Cigarette packs and lighters are now included in Havana Nights. New rep reward Oops - for when you folded what would have been the winning hand. Boosts can now be purchased in the shop. Bankroll and Ring Game leaderboards now represent public games only, not private games. Avatars will no longer play with their table item during the player's turn. Multiple table item refill gifts from another player will now show in one consolidated message in between hands. Adjusted a number of annoying or repetitive ambient sounds. Upgraded loot cases are shown as upgraded on the loot case screen. Various fixes to improve stability and reduce disconnections. In tournaments, the Dead Button Rule affects how the button is moved and the blinds are handled after any players that posted the big or small blinds leave the game. The big blind moves forward to the next active player, the small blind moves to the previous big blind, and the button moves to the previous small blind. If the small blind is on an empty seat, no small blind is posted. A player can effectively be on the button two or more times in a row when the button lands on an empty seat. No player will pay the big blind twice in a row, and no player will avoid paying the blinds. This had a bug that occasionally caused players to be the big blind twice in a row. This is now fixed. In ring games, the Simplified Button Rule is used. This occasionally causes players to be the big blind twice in a row, or to be on the button twice in a row, or blinds to skip over players. This update on XB1 and PS4 prevents repeated big blinds, but does not address the other issues. The next update will address those issues by switching to the Moving Button Rule. That change is already live in the current Steam version. In rare circumstances, the game can allow you to send an invalid bet to the server, which then rejects your action and causes you to fold. This has been mostly fixed on the server end - instead of rejecting your action and folding, the server will attempt to do what you intended. The full, proper fix is on the client side and will be in the May update for consoles. The client-side fix is currently live on Steam. You now get an extra 5 minutes beyond your normal sit out time to rejoin your game after being disconnected.
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    I don't want to report or remove AFK'ers, since I want their yummy chips. What I want is the system to detect them (say after 3 hands) and put them in a state of auto-fold going forward until they come back and click "I'm Back" or something along those lines.
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    I'm in the process of doing a pretty significant revamp to the site, which will include a lot of things people have been asking for as well as some other goodies. It also should eliminate any mobile issues. Things that will be included: Search function (anything on the site, with advanced options) Member Directory Forum breadcrumbs Different pages in general with an updated color scheme Additional community features Looking into the card stuff people have requested
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    Pick a night lol. I think I'm at 1050 right now but on Sunday I was 1160. The struggle is real. I'm about to get on and try to claw my way back to gold. Hopefully the river will make love to me tonight instead of f&@$ing me like it did last night.
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    Okay... I think you're all getting a little out of hand now... Again... I can understand that being put up against a wreckless opponent can be frustrating.. But...... What's with this continued discussion proposing software updates and adjustments to penalize players for their play? It's one thing to exploit a game. But all the complaints that I'm seeing here are the same complaints inexperienced players continue to express in live play. Poker is a game that has set rules. You abide by them to retain the ability to take your opponents chips. There will always be angle shooters. There will always be a grey area that peope are trying to gain an edge from. In the game of poker your chips become your army. You use them to acquire other people's. The means you go by to accomplish that are up to you. Please stop whining over these things. I mean... Honestly I could care less. But the last thing the devs need are headaches or influences to ruin a game that's already great. If you don't like the way other people play... Then beat them. Show them the real way to play poker and be successful. Give them an example to learn from. Don't sit and ask the developers to adjust their game. You just need to adjust yours.
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    As play continues and bankrolls drop, players start blaming the game! Don't fall for it. Below is a video from my days on WSOP Full House Pro to help players watch out for the Gambler's Fallacy:
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    I've only sent a gift on accident. I'm probably going to continue the Scrooge-like behavior until I at least triple my bankroll. I will clap for you all though. Claps are free.
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    The video is correct about the game being about the long term. If you play well long term (100,000 plus hands) you will do well. The key is giving yourself enough bullets to fire long enough to reach those number of hands. With how crazy the action gets on here I think one would need 35-40 buy ins minimum before starting the next stakes up the ladder. I see people making a lot of mistakes fundamentally and then blaming it on the game. One is the cold calling of 3 bets preflop. So if someone opens for a raise, and someone re-raises, another 3rd party decides to flat the 3 bet (re-raiser). This is dangerous as they don't know what the original raiser will do when it gets back to them. Sometimes there is a 4th bet (raise the 3 bettor) and the cold caller gets pulled into an all in situation because they feel entitled to see the flop no matter what the cost. Also people over value top pair as if its the nuts, they then pot size raise or over bet the pot and by doing so pot commit themselves. If they get re-raised by stronger hands, or if they get drawn out on turn they lose a stack as they are now priced in to call (due to their large raise sizing). Where if they managed the pot better with smaller bets they give themselves the option to get away from hands. Another is turning their show down value hands into bluffs on the river, so if they have middle pair they lead out, and then get re-raised. At this point if the other guy is bluffing just call, as you won't make stronger fold. Instead they re-raise the raise and get stacked. Also people chase weak flush draws with one suit in their hand (say 78, with 8 of diamonds) and their is 3 diamonds on flop. They chase multi way and get their weak flush on river, only to be pounded by nut flush, same for dummy end straights (low end straights). I welcome the mistakes as its helps me win a lot of chips. But on the other side it does create some variance. Sometimes the fish will win and one just has to let them enjoy their win and move on. I figure long term they will be losing players, but if they are enjoying themselves and because of that buy some chips then they are supporting the game. The fish who buy chips (due to long term losing) are keeping the servers running. So I don't tap the fish bowl, I just keep playing. It comes down to bankroll management, position, managing the pot, knowing your opponents, the math, post flop play and the hardest at times...knowing when to fold.
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    Just had to take a screenshot of this to post on here. When I joined the lobby there was already 3 players there, and had to wait for 20 minutes for the lobby to fill and the game to start. I don’t know how long the others had waited before I got there, probably a fair while. Now will we ever get the mythological all diamond tier player match I wonder?
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    funny enough after my first post in this thread pretty much taking the side of "it's not rigged" I went home and the first 3 significant hands I got involved in were river suck-outs, 1 in my favor (top pair queen vs top pair queen, spiked 2nd pair with my lesser kicker on river - this was final hand of a ranked tourney), 2 were against me - JJ vs 7-2 all in for the ranked tourney, 7 on flop, 2 on river. Other one against me in a 100k ring game QQ vs A-5, all in on turn he's unpaired / ace high, spikes the ace on the river. Had a laugh at that. this is a debate as old as dirt...actual investigations have never really turned anything up on this front. plenty of online poker ethics issues but randomness not one of them. there's no motivation, it's too provable...if poker software does this it will eventually be proven. Once it's proven, your software would be dead because people scatter like teenagers when the cops show up. To say an RNG isn't 100% random might be technically true in many cases but it's a huge jump from that to the game pushing results in all the different poker hand scenarios. That would be hard...random is way easier. I say this knowing the debate will continue but I can tell you being 15 years deep in this discussion, that variance and perception are a funny thing in poker. You're never that far ahead. Once the money's in, just watch..there's nothing you can do, if you get sucked out on, pat yourself on the back for getting it in ahead and do the same thing next time.
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    Use inherently small sample size, say things don't add up. #logic People should learn how probability works before they make silly claims that we've already debunked. Give numbers - "Well, something's still not right!" The only thing that is consistent about this subject is the frequency in which it is brought up on every poker game. I wonder why that is......
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    I really appreciate how much you all are listening to the players, Nex. Very interested to see how this is going to work out this season. I'm sure that this will be a significant improvement on the steam version of the game (since it's such a smaller user base). Thanks again to you all for all you efforts.
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    Allright boys. This is an update of my post 5 win in a row not silver. I was now at 8 games win in a row and guess what not even silver (1180 ELO to give you context). I go for game number nine to find out I'm playing against the same guy as game number 8 (and he was an idiot). Game start I get AK suited (diamond) my opponent get K,6 offsuit (K of spade and 6 of club) I push all-in pre-flop and he calls. The Flop is: Q diamond, 8 diamond, and 2 of club. So far so good hey...well on the turn the guy hits a miracle 6 on me and win the pot...and the game on one of the most bullshit bad-beat ever. Guess how many point I lose for losing 1 game like that after winning EIGHT IN A ROW? I lose 50 freaking points... just after I go for game number 10 and win easily how many points do I get? just about 15... plz founders FIX YOUR SYSTEM what's the point of playing ranked if I make less than casual games
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    He's gotta be a troll, right? A) Phil Hellmuth starts late, the WSoP doesn't wait for him. The dealers deal his cards and take his blinds and antes from his stack, as they would do with anyone not present. He paid his $10,000, so he can play as little as he wants. B) For SevenSideSammy, they do have the game set to auto fold sitters so that they no longer waste time. C) As I said, sitters are condition of the game to be aware of and to take into account when deciding the how to proceed. It does change your strategy. But, it's flipping easy to be beat players that give up their blinds. Yes, there is a risk that you might still get into a hand and bust out before them. But that doesn't mean you stop playing. D) I have had to deal with sitters exactly one time since I have had the game. That was last night when we had two sitters among the final four. I was in the second place, and the leader was way ahead. But the sitters were behind me, so it was not too bad. I was able to steal a fair amount of their blinds from the chip leader who didn't quite understand how too play sitters. He occasionally check down the sitters after I had folded, not understanding that a simple raise would win the pot. But seriously I have played this game for more than a 100 hours, and it's the first time i have had to deal with sitters. Methinks you are blowing this out of proportion. E) The only way to win a tourney is to stay ahead of the blinds by winning more chips than you pay out. They lose 150 chips every revolution at the start. Once the blinds go up, they are losing 450 chips every revolution. By the third level, they have an M below 10, which means they are already short stacked. So if you are sign to them, it's because you are losing, period. F) Seriously, the sitters paid $5000 in virtual chips to play. You can't take their chips away and not let them win. It would screw up everything. Anyone that is behind would suddenly have a much harder time catching p, as you have taken chips out of play. The only fair way is to let them be blinded off and have their chips go to people winning pots. G) If you can't beat sitters, you can't beat live players. Period.
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    I hope so, otherwise I feel like a complete dick. So just in case... @Thomasnut if I've said anything that makes you feel unwelcome, then I aplogize. You have every right to post here same as anyone else. But you gotta understand people here know their stuff. Even I'm humbled by some of it. So if you don't understand certain aspects of the game then that's okay. Just ask and someone will gladly chime in. Or read some people's posts on here and take the time to learn. Posters like @BedsideFungus89 are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Then there's people like @Jayhawker who dish out lots of wisdom without even trying. I'm not even sure he's human. He could be a poker playing demon straight from the pits of Hell sent here to relieve mortals of their chips. I've never not learned something from one of his posts. So just kick back and soak it all in.
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    Since the last update new items are being added regularly. But people may not notice them being added so please post anything new you see and let this be a reference for those added items. I'll kick off the list. - Jack O' Lantern: Table item - Zombie Hand : Table item - Prominence Lighter: Table item - Arrow-in-the-Head: Glasses - Black Bifocal Aviators: Glasses - Navy Fancy Watch: Wristwear - Prominence Class Ring: Rings
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    Get on down to the Olive Garden and get your free breadsticks!
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    And you felt the need to make a post about it. Normally when people get bored of a particular game, they just stop playing it and move to something else. They seldom feel the need to announce it to the world. Feels a bit of a drama queen thing to do.
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    I'm obviously not playing well either which is adding to my frustration of the new matchmaking. I will say though the Silver players that I have faced so far this season are much more skilled then in previous seasons. Chip management, table position, protecting their blinds and recognizing when opponents are struggling for descent hands are all good things for players to learn and get better at which is the ultimate goal of ranked play in the first place.
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    I understand why there is no timer for sitting out in tournaments but i can no longer deal with the abuse of it. I sit there and knock out 4 players to be left with one a hole who selects to sit out and walk away. Now i have to sit here wasting time waiting for blinds to raise because all the other player is doing is folding every hand until i get fed up (usually) or win (usually). I love this game and it has helped me grow in my skills but this is unacceptable. I'd rather delete this than sit there for a half hour waiting for nothing.
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    Preflop? Absolutely, especially if you're the only one making the call. And I say this as someone who just got knocked back down to Gold when my AA got cracked by KK when they hit their set on the turn. You'll always remember the times you got cracked, but the double up or knock out will happen in that scenario far more often than not.
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    1301 points. Finally.
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    You're not betting enough - you're letting your opponents call profitably. If it were me, seeing 3 people call a 3BB PFR before me, there's 1200 dead money in the pot (including my call) - I'd raise to at least 900, maybe more depending on how loose the players are. Then on the flop, you have to bet big so draws don't have the odds to call. 1/3 of the pot is way too small.
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    This thread is full of excellent points! Please, keep them coming! That said, I do want to add that penalizing players for any sort of play probably won't happen. Players are free to play however they'd like, regardless of whether or not it's "correct," and we have no intention of forbidding players from using an unorthodox play style.
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    Welcome to the community. Hope to see you in the forums!
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    Hey @SevenSideSammy Yes I agree with the seasons being too short. This is something that I feared prior to the release of the update and was expecting community feedback on. 3 months is exactly what I was thinking for the change. Thank you for all your great posts on the forums.
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    Agreed. That's why your placement at the end of a season is used to calculate where you'll be placed at the start of the next season. It will take significant effort to break into the top tiers, but you won't have to start over from square one at the beginning of every month.
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    Or you could just observe your opponents like every other iteration of poker. And if this was the case, I'd shove like a blooming idiot for five games, and then settle back into my game. Or not play a single hand.
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    Please read the numerous post on loosing your internet connection and how simple it is to rejoin the game you were in! To recap: ! Your avatar is in sit-out mode waiting for your return, folding every hand, 2 Log onto PP 3 Start a game identical to the one you were in.. It the game you were in is still in progress, you will rejoin that game. You will have lost all the blinds you folded. This works for me but let us know if your experience is different.
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    I'm really excited about this and to finally get back to playing this game I have fallen in love with.
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    Haha the cha cha is very taunting. But seriously, You win some and you lose some. I've had days like that where I couldn't win a damn thing but then some days I'm on a hot streak like the past two days I won 3 tournaments in a row. It happens.
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    I was wondering if maybe we could have images of poker cards added to our options when we post. For example we can click a button for smilies, it would be cool if we could click a button to post images of cards and suits. For example, I could write in a strategy article Ah, Kh, 9c to represent a flop. But instead of writing out Ace of hearts, King of hearts, and 9 clubs it would be great if I could just click a button, click the card and suit and have an image of Ah, Kh, 9c posted. I think this option would make it easier for strategy article writers to illustrate their posts. It would let readers follow and grasp the articles easier. I know one can post these images from a photo bucket or flickr account ect. But its a pain to have to cut and paste the links side by side, more so when one has an in depth article filled with starting hands and flops trying to be illustrated. So yeah having the ability to just click the Ace of spades or Q of hearts ect would make it easier for people to post their hand histories, and for people to post strategy articles. I hope its something one of the developers would consider for this forum site. Thank you,
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    I'm a streamer and often love to stream the games I play. Prominence is no exception and while streaming an early morning casual ring game the other day something interesting happened. I met 3 other people who actually use mic's. We became friends and added each other to friends list. One of the players, Max_Amok, who is a very strong player stated to me, "You don't seem to come in very often and your stack doesn't seem to change nearly as much as mine". I'm paraphrasing here but that lead to a pretty good discussion on strategies. Now during our conversation 2 fascinating things occurred. I noticed play before the flop actually changed - people at the table were actually listening and adapting. Some people who were playing actually left the game jumped into my stream and started asking questions. This kind of stunned me cause poker hadn't actually drawn in the viewers like my other games and I'm no pro. I'm sure you already knew that but wanted to get that out of the way before heading into the rest of my post because I do enjoy helping others. Max noticed I didn't bet or "come in" on a lot of hands but when I do I bet aggressively. As strong as player as I believed Max is I believed he played too loose but this made him very dangerous and unpredictable. I noticed he would lose big but then come storming right back and win big again. He seemed to have no fear, reads cards exceptionally well and really seemed to lose in those lovely poker moments when someone just got the very last card they needed. However it usually cost him big. So he believed me much too tight and I believed him much to crazy and loose. During our conversation about play styles I discovered, well confirmed something I seemed to already know from my previous experiences playing Prominence poker. People just had no idea about how much power you have in accordance with your position at the table. Even Max as very strong and great player that he is asked me "I don't understand positioning please teach me". So I began explaining it but I wish I hadn't. He was a very fast learner and with his dangerous unpredictable Gus Hansen play style + his new found knowledge about position made my life at the table far more difficult. During our hours long discussion he felt I needed to come in a bit more and I felt he was still a bit crazy but it made poker a lot more fun. So with that in mind it's my purpose of this thread to help others understand play styles, positioning and cover pre flop play. I will first cover the different play styles and first start out in depth on my favorite play style - tight aggressive. Just keep in mind that this is My take on this play style and adapted to my experiences at the tables over the years. I adhere to a very strict play style in where most people will fall somewhere in the middle. So others can feel free to come in with their own comments and share their play styles, tweak mine, offer advice, etc. Which is why I started this thread in the first place. So let's get too it. Play styles Tight-aggressive - using selective starting hands but playing them aggressively. This type of player will prefer to have a good hand and earn the maximum from playing it strongly. Loose-aggressive - playing a wide range of starting hands and playing them aggressively, as if they are stronger than they are. This type of player will see lots of flops and raise as a bluff or as a draw. This type of player will win big pots when they do make a hand, but will frequently lose medium sized pots or become committed with weak hands. Loose-passive - playing a wide range of hands and playing them passively. This type of player will see too many flops, and check and call in the attempt to hit draws. They will play many weak hands and find themselves in many tough situations. Tight-passive - using selective starting hands and playing them passively. It is difficult for this player to win a big pot, because most opponents will simply fold if a tight-passive player enters a pot voluntarily with a raise. This next section will be a summery covering starting hands, positioning and my favorite play style tight aggressive. I feel this is the best play style in poker but again it's my opinion. So adapt it to your own. I would just like to add that I feel people make one large mistake while playing. When they have a top pair they just tend to sit on them too much. The either just limp in or try to draw in more bets by check/raising until the river. Then end up getting beat far too often on the draw. When I have a monster starting pocket pair I will max raise the pre flop bet just about 99% of the time. I want as many people to fold and only go up against 1 or 2 players. Why? That AA, KK, QQ you hold is only a monster before those first 3 cards are dropped. This holds true to any hand. I see far too many people losing great hands they should of won by sitting on them, limping in, trying to draw bets, etc then someone beats em with a flush, straight, etc. So my philosophy, Win the moment you know you can win. I don't care if I'm only facing one or two players, If I see the flop or the river and know I have them beat, I'm gonna beat them right then and there. I don't want them turning over another card and getting bat (well you know) lucky. "And Here We Go" Tight Aggressive "Lack of Patience and self-discipline are the downfall of many players who otherwise are technically sound enough to be winners" - Doyle Brunson Warning!! This covers Pre Flop Play Only… (Before the first 3 cards are laid down) I. Starting Hands - Preflop A. Pocket AA, KK, QQ 1. Monster Starting hands 2. Either Max pre flop raise or at the very least 3x the BB 3. Large Bets = 75% or greater. B. Medium pairs 1. JJ's thru 88's 2. Medium bets - 66% to 75% of the pot C. Small Pairs 1. 77's thru 22's 2. Smaller bets - 50% to 66% of the pot. D. Non paired hands 1. AK Suited a. More money is won or lost on this starting hand 2. Situational 3. Bet 3x BB 4. 7-2, very worst hand in poker 5. Suited Flush i.e K-5 clubs a. Only 6% chance of winning 6. Connected Cards 1. The closer the better 6-7, 7,8, etc. 2. 1 gap - 6,8, 3,5 etc. a. only 3% chance win 3. 2 gap - 6,9, 3,9 a. only 2% chance win 4. 3 to 4 gap cards a. if you play these and expect to win please be at my table. II. Positioning A. Early Position 1. 7-9 players a. First 3 spots left of the dealer (positios 1,2,3) 2. 6 player tables (Which is what we play, positions 1,2) a. First 2 spots left of dealer b. Small Blind C. Big Blind B. Play Big Hands Only 1. Pocket pairs AA - 10-10 2. AK thru AQ unpaired only 3. Never play off-suited hands a. A-9, K-5, Q-7, etc. (1.) Too many play these hands thinking they have the top card, forget about their weak kicker and get beat easily. Too many dumb plays like going all in on a A-4. C. Small Blind pre flop 1. Only consider raising if most people before you have folded. a. Less than premium cars = small bet. 2. If pot is called before you only raise with a. pairs 8-8's or above. b. Unsuited AJ or above 3. If pot is only called and not raised before you a. call with suited connectors (1.) no gap (2.) 1 gap only b. unsuited (1.) Higher than 10 only D. Raised play 1. Play tight 2. re-raise with top hands only E. If you have lots of chips 1. Worth calling lower pairs 2. Worth calling suited connectors 3. worth calling 1-2 gap connector III. Mid Position A. 7-9 players 1. Next 3 positions left of the BB (positions 4,5,6) B. 6 player tables 1. Next 2 players left of the BB (position 3&4) C. Only consider raising if most everyone folded before you 1. Always raise with a. pairs 7-7's or above b. Unpaired A thru J c. Suited Cards 10 and above D. If the pot was raised before you 1. Only re-raise with a. 10/10's or above b. High Cards AK or AQ E. If the pot was called Before you 1. Can loosen up a little a. suited connectors 1-2 gap b. Pairs 9-9's or below 2. If person raised before you = strong hand a. though one can never tell with the way these people play IV. Late Position A. 7-9 players 1. Last three players (position 7,8,9) B. 6 player table (position 5&6) C. Can loosen/open up on vast range of hands. D. Re-Raise with any pair if most people folded before you E. Raise with any Suited Ace 1. Raise with unsuited A7 or higher 2. Any two cards 10 or higher F. If pot is called before you 1. Raise with 10's or higher 2. Raise with unpaired AJ to AK 3. Any other pair a. just call don't raise or reraise 4. Suited Cards a.1. Any Suited A b. Any Suited Connector's (recommend 1, 2 gap only) G. If pot is Raised before you 1. tighten up a bit 2. Only re-raise with 10's or higher 3. Ak thru AQ 4. Medium pairs - Call only 5. Suited Connectors - Call Only V. Playing Style A Tight Aggressive (Mine) 1. Focus on Best Starting Pre flop hands a. Big Pairs b. Big Aces B. Situational Hands 1. play lower suited hands only in correct situations 2. A's and suited connectors C. Betting 1. You will come in on much fewer hands (patience young padwan, patience) a. but when you do come in play hands very strongly, bet aggressively on every turn (1.) More Betting (2.) More Raising (3.) Far less checking (4.) Far less Calling D. Win the Hand the Second you have it won - bet accordingly. (1.) Don't be dumb and try to draw more bets and lose on the next turn. Win it right there and then. Now keep in mind every situation is different any may not have an occasional exception. Play accordingly. However I feel this is by far the best play style in my humble opinion but may not be fore everyone. It takes a great amount of patience to play this style and may find yourself passing too often and getting bored. This play style calls for passing the next 15, 20, 30 hands. But if played correctly your chips are not going to dwindle like the other play styles and you will win more, lose less and not rise and fall in huge amounts. Though that is exactly what makes it fun for dear old Max. That is all for now, I will cover other play styles in future posts.. Feel Free to jump in and give your advice, tips, tweak, ask questions, etc. Feel free to watch me stream any time, (no peeking at me cards table players.) Till then see ya at the tables.. Thomas
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    I've had a few opportunities to employ this strategy on the Prominence Game so far. It seems to work best for me when I have at least one "wild" player at the table. You know the guy. Raises preflop 300 times the blind with a 27 offsuit? Yeah that guy. Then he shows it because he wants to get players on tilt, so that next time he makes that move, they'll assume he doesn't have it . . . but maybe he does. Things worked out perfectly in a few tournaments so that I got dealt a series of premium hole cards after I took really nasty beats. So I pretended to be upset and raised ridiculous amounts or shoved all in. Someone's usually willing to call and eventually the table bully can't handle that he's not in control and he'll pay me off with crap (as long as my cards hold). In almost every instance in which I've done this, I've made enough in those 2-3 hands to comfortably set me up for a win unless I get unlucky or make a mistake. Last night I had two of these guys with me! I kind of saw the one guy coming a mile away based on his gamertag. (I posted about how sometimes based on vocabulary choices you can kinda tell by someone's tag how they'll play.) The other guy wasn't as bad until Blowhard #1 got busted. Blowhard #1 was out of control. He finally got taken out by Blowhard #2 when he tilt-shoved with a 46 against pocket eights. I think the guy on my left was irritated because he kept trying to limp from UTG or early position and getting raised and had to fold. He eventually shoved with a K2 of hearts and got taken out by Blowhard #2's A7off. I took a bad beat from an AJ versus my AK and lost about half my stack but immediately after I got the ladies and hit my set so recovered most of my lost chips on that hand. Then I got (and I don't remember in which order) pockets tens and a few AQs in a row. I used Blowhard #2's natural aggression against him by limping from UTG with my premiums (he was on BB when I was UTG; we were down to 3 players) and raising about 4-5 blinds from the BB when he was in the SB. I could tell that I was getting under his skin. He kept calling - mostly I think for the chance to bust me rather than because he had good cards and then folding when I raised after the flop so I was getting about $3000 to $4000 of his chips every time (blinds were $1000). Thankfully my cards held up. I shrank his bankroll from $30K to about $9K in 5-6 hands and then took him out with two pair AQ over his gutshot straight draw with one pair jacks. The other player was pretty much a non-factor. I ended up heads up against him, but the guy was so passive that he didn't really stand a chance. In his defense though, I do think he was probably card dead. He made a shove with pocket fives but my A10 top-paired on the flop.
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    Last time I went to the Olive Garden there was a meat lasagna on the menu for $11.99. I really wanted it, so I paid $11.99 for it. I can't believe they screwed me out of $11.99 for that $11.99 lasagna! They just nickle and dime you to death when you choose to go there and order from their menu even though you could just make lasagna at home or eat somewhere else.
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    I really like the idea of the hand movements and the tells that can result from them. To clarify, I'm speaking specifically about the hand positions that your character makes whenever you hover over the option to check, call/raise, or fold. However, I feel like it's a huge missed opportunity with the way it is currently implemented. While playing online, it has come to my attention that you can only see the movements that other players make whenever they look at their hole cards. You cannot actually see them fidgeting around. You can, however, see what option they are pre-selecting for the future, if they choose to do that. Do you feel that this is enough? I personally would like to see players' full left thumbstick feedback in action. Most players don't preset their future actions because there's really no point to other than to trick someone into thinking you're about to fold, and then cancelling the action on your turn. But you could still make plays like this and then some if players had visual feedback of every movement. I think this is actually very important for bridging the gap between real life and online poker.
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    That's a valid point. 10k to 50k IS a pretty big leap. I'll mention this to the team, and see what they think.
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    I'm WhiskeyNinja, Assistant Producer on the project. Looking forward to playing with you guys! Message me if you ever want to play a round.
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    Hi @HeartfillFlora. We'll be announcing more about our other Affiliations down the road. In the meantime, make sure you pick up the Debugger table item from the Store. Its free to everyone who helps out with our early testing and won't be available after launch! Keep an eye out, we might have one or two other things in store for you before then...
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    In general deeper stacks favor the more skilled player. I think a 250 big blind to 400 big blind range would be perfect, it would mirror what we see in live games streamed online and on TV. The reason is that stacks are deep enough to see flops, turns and rivers, basically all the streets. All the equity in the hands gets realized and its up to a skilled player to manage the pot, and figure out if he's ahead of his opponent's range of possible hands. I see it all the time in this game, some player comes in shoving and he maybe doubles or triples up on a all in suckout and then they become kittens. They just sit there and hardly play anymore hands or if they do they just check/fold a lot. Its as if they don't know what to do with their large stack or are afraid of losing big to another deep stack. Which is why we should have a deep stack section for prominence, if people don't have stomach for deep stack they can play the regular buy in structure as is (100 big blinds). On menu it can read "standard/ deep stack" for ring games. I think in general for ring games you should only play at stakes you can afford to lose, and for that you need a sufficient bankroll, so managing that is key. If a game feels to big then one is at a disadvantage, as they will be playing scared money. For me the most I buy in for at a game is 3 times, if I lose 3 buy ins I'm done for that game. This way you put a cap as to how much you lose and you can preserve your bankroll and come back fresh another time. I think 20 buy ins (bankroll) for whatever stakes you play is the bare minimum. Ideally you'd want 30-50 to start playing a new stakes of ring game. I'm of the belief that deep stack ring game is the purest form of holdem one can play and really hope they add it in the future.
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    This is why as a general rule, I try to ignore messages in game. Most of the time, it’s people trying to goad you into bad play. I’ve met some great people and great players through Prominence and the old WSOP, but man, there are too many trolls out there.
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    @Warp, here's a quick analysis of your games: JJ pocket pair - Assuming that this is a tournament, correct? JJ's are a tough hand to play. They're not nearly as good as people think. Not sure of the position you're sitting with these, but you mentioned you limped. Standard practice, this is wrong. You either raise or fold. In this game (meaning, PP) I can understand it, but I also think by limping, you give others the chance to dictate the bets. The size of the 3-bet or 4-bet should have determined whether you continued or not. JJ's only have about a 44% chance of winning a pot. I think you made a good lay down. KK pocket pair- 1st, very hard to watch with the constant spinning, just sayin'. One, you limped in with pocket K's. A definite no-no. You didn't bet on the flop. In this case, it likely wouldn't have forced either of these two out, as they both flopped two pair, but it could have helped you read their possible hands better and gave you some insight on how to proceed. I large bet could have been a set of 9's, for example. Two, following your gameplay, the turn now has a possible straight on the board. Even a small bet here would have helped you determine where these guys were with their hands. Big 3-bets means a possible fold for you. Depends on how these guys had been playing Three, the river now shows possible straight, two possible trips with would translate into a full house with the river 8. The lack of betting on any of the previous rounds means that you have no clue where these guys might be with their hands. The dude ahead of you goes from zero to 60 on the river with an all-in. You only have a 2-pair with a person still to bet behind you. This is a no-brainer clear fold position. Pretty much every possible hand that they could have that they would bet with (let alone all-in with) is going to beat your 2-pair.
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    That argument would be valid if making the game simulate what happens in real life (in terms of shuffling the deck) would be extraordinarily difficult to implement, and a simpler solution would give an "adequate" enough outcome. But that's not the case. Using the Fisher-Yates shuffle on a deck of cards is one of the most trivial algorithms you could ever implement; it's something that's regularly done in beginner programming classes. Heck, many programming languages offer it as a standard library function so you don't even have to implement it yourself. The solution used in PP is several orders of magnitude more complicated than this. Also, using a cryptographically strong pseudorandom number generator, such as the Mersenne Twister, in order to perform the shuffling is quite easy, given that there are many readymade implementations. Heck, many languages offer it in their standard libraries (such as C++). I do not know if the .net System.Random algorithm is as cryptographically strong as MT, but I doubt it. So PP has implemented a significantly more complicated way of choosing cards, in order to achieve an "adequate" result, rather than using the much simpler method of just shuffling a deck and dealing from the top, like in real life, which would be pretty much an almost perfect simulation. Then they have to argue why their solution is "good enough". This makes little sense.
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    Yeah, I like nine-hided and multi-table tourneys, too, but they take a lot longer than many that play this game are wiling to to put in. Back in my Poker Academy days we had a Sunday tournament of about 75 people. That took 3 hours, with no breaks. It also had no animations and much quicker play. The same tournament might be 4-5 hours in this game. Most six handed games took about 30-40 minutes. Nine-handed went over and hour. They would take 90 minutes in PP. And consider that PP skips levels to speed things up as it is. You would really need those levels if you added more players because so much of the table would be short stacked so soon. The endgame would be a series of shoves.
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    There was an achievement in a Ghost Recon game where you had to be ranked #1 globally in competitive multiplayer. And not that I really give a shit about trophies and cheevos, but I think "Billionaire" is a tad bit easier to get than that one.
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    That is some clever mind work you got goin' on there. And bullying bullies is always satisfying. It's too bad we see so many forum members preach conservative gameplay. It just doesn't hold up all that well in an amatuer setting. (Though I'm certain some would disagree.) I think people tend to forget that poker is 90% bullshit and 10% cards.