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    Hey guys, We'll be releasing an update in December (tentative date is around the 12th) that includes a ton of new features and quality of life improvements to the game. You can look forward to the following: The Spades Affiliation An additional Affiliation Rank for all Affiliations. (50 additional levels per affiliation) A new Venue: Motherland Meats A new underground experience: The Spades Ranked Games Ranked Rewards Ranked Seasons (Month Long) Ranked Leaderboards New Ranked Nameplates All Shop Items will have their unlock levels removed and can be purchased at level 1 Daily Cut Reward values will be increased 5x New Achievements New Shop Items (Including Holiday specific items) So many bug fixes - I mean really a lot.
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    It's not the game that's the problem, it's the players. The reason why the premium cards don't hold up is because people don't fold when they should. Where a lot of times an A high would be good in the "real" world, it's not here because there's always someone willing to pay to play their 6/7 offsuit or sometimes even worse than that! It definitely makes it a bit difficult for those of us who actually try to play real poker for sure.
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    Greetings! Starting today we're opening up a Prominence Poker website loyalty program. That means that you can earn in-game currency for being a helpful and active member of the community. The criteria is listed below: · Rewards are paid out in the form of chips (and potentially merch at a future date) · Rewards are earned through various actions on the website, as follows: o Register for site: 1,000 chips o Post X number of (good content) posts, based on website ranks, as follows: § 50 posts (2nd Runner Up): 5000 chips § 100 posts (Tournament Winner): 10000 chips § 200 posts (KO): 20000 chips § 400 posts (Killer Hand: Royal Flush): 40000 chips o Create an event: 1000 chips § Attract 5 players: Additional 2500 chips § Attract 10 players: Additional 5000 chips § Attract 15 players: Additional 7500 chips § Attract 20 players: Additional 10000 chips Note: Attracting a member means they RSVP for the event. o Add a photo to your website profile: 500 chips o Post a helpful guide in the Tips & Tricks section of the forums: 2000 chips o Write an introduction post in the Introduce Yourself section: 2000 chips o Win user of the month (criteria is fluid, but this will be awarded for especially excellent posts, being helpful to other players, and offering useful insight – in short, being an ideal forums user): 50000 chips · Rewards may also be earned by submitting video/streaming content: o Post a tutorial video to YouTube of greater than 2 minutes: 5000 chips o Post an in-depth tutorial to YouTube of greater than 10 minutes: 10000 chips o Stream Prominence Poker and post about it in the forums or send us a message on social media: 10000 chips o Share gameplay clip via Facebook or Twitter and alert either Pipeworks or PP social media accounts: 2000 chips · We may also institute a bug bounty for finding/reproducing bugs, that will have separate criteria and will be announced at a later date. Note: Rewards can take up to 7 days after you've met the threshold to be credited to your account.
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    Well it's official. I am now a millionaire!
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    If this was 2006 or 2007 maybe one would have an argument. The algorithms for online play have come a long way since then. Look Holdem is one of the few games where a weaker player can beat a stronger play over a short frame of hands. I can go try and play against a professional basketball player one and one and lose every time, same with Tennis player, or the world chess champion. Yet in Holdem I can run good and win some money off Phil Ivey over a short run. Play it over the long run and he has a huge edge on me. There is a poker saying "without the river, there would be no fish." One is going to lose some hands on the river, its just a part of the game. The river gives and it takes away. The fact that weaker players can win is what keeps them coming back. Long term they are losing players, but if they win some of the time they come back. Holdem is a good reminder that life is not fair. The saying "bad things happen to good people", well in Holdem "bad things happen to good hands." Its just part of the game, that's why managing bankroll is key. This is one of the few games where you can do everything right and still lose at times. If one doesn't have the emotional fortitude to handle that, then they shouldn't play this game, go play UNO. If one is playing tournaments, realize that tournaments are higher variance games than ring games. The reason is that you lose the ability to check/raise/ or fold once it gets towards the end of the tournament and blinds are high. People have to at some point gamble when their stack size is very short in relation to the blinds. At that point if they call preflop, they are pretty much pot committed postflop. The money goes in on the flop and all you do is watch the cards come out. A lot of hands between pairs and big flush and straight draws are coin flips. Even plain flush draws or straight draws have a 1/3 chance of winning by the river. If its a ring game, manage the pot better. There is a reason small ball poker became the foundation for poker theory since Doyle Brunson. There is no entitlement in holdem, just because one learned to the play tight hand ranking chart of AQ-AK and 10,10-AA doesn't mean they are entitled to every pot. The arguments of rigged poker have been going on since Party Poker, Poker Stars and Full Tilt. I suggest just leaving the algorithm as is, tweaking just because of complaints could lead to more issues. The key to this game is adapting to your opponents and accepting that bad things happen to good hands. Hold em is a long term math game mixed with psychology. One just has to ride the ups and downs. If not get off the ride.
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    Why give us awesome Tattoos and cover them up with no chance of showing them off if I pay all that money for a chest tattoo then I should be able to play shirtless or something. the only reason im not buying any is because you cant exactly show them off.
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    Yeah, I think after a couple of weeks after people have progressed we'll get a better indication if we need to make adjustments.
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    Not only did I win 350k from the twitter giveaway, I went on to win another 80k in a single 10k ring game! Here's the highlight of the evening: Hook, Line, & Sinker
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    I really can't stand these new grunt laughs in the new update. Please remove these or give us an option to do it in settings. Otherwise I will just turn off all sound or not play the game anymore. It's super annoying and that's not how I'd act a a talble IRL so please don't make my avatar/character do it. I really really don't like this hum ha ha hum hum lol lol....thoughts anyone?
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    Ha! My daughter taught the babysitter to play poker. I knew I had a shark on my hand when the brat check-raised me! Here's a pic from the night she beat me and friends. Seriously.
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    I'm just a regular player of this game. I haven't played any tournaments since the start of the game. I know how to play them, but they bore me, so I play ring games. I was at 178k a week ago, and am now at the 5k tables with 378k. My goal is to keep slugging it to 500k and then start 10k tables. I've had my share of bad beats, and I've had some big pairs cracked multi-way. Some of the hands I totally misread the situation and played the hand bad and lost, that was on me. Yet all I hear from you and some who share similar views is "Bad players are playing stupid and winning. It must be rigged, change the coding so the flops and turn hit a certain way, a way that I and others deem acceptable." (not a direct quote, just paraphrasing) All we have are claims of "over 100 hands", which is nothing for a sample. Also we have no context as to how you or others play the hands. For all we know maybe you and others just aren't as good at holdem as you think? Maybe you work for the rival free chip poker company (their first letter starts with a Z). and want to trash this game? The bottom line is you've done nothing but complain. Its a free game, no one is forcing you to play it. Holdem is a game where people who play bad will win some of the time, that's a given. Especially here where lots of players are just learning how to play, and are having fun doing it. It seems one is asking for the developers to program code, for an element that is outside their control, the human element. You're not going to be able to control the decisions of people. Maybe they are on tilt and are like "screw it, I'll call all in with just a gutshot."...or maybe they are drunk and are like "wooo, all in, hell yeah, here is my 85 off!", or grandma with "I feel the luck, just one more card, I call, come on lucky rabbit feet, give me a 2!" I'm not a lawyer, but you'd need a lot of solid proof for the claims you are making. If not you're opening up yourself to getting sued for libel. People want to use the message board to talk about strategy or meet other players, and yes some need to vent about bad beats, its all good. But your constant whining and conspiracies are annoying and detracting from a fun game that many are enjoying.
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    A billion is quite doable when one consistently plays at the highest stakes. If this is an achievement someone wants in the first week of the game to get all achievements, then yes hard to do. In order to get to the highest stakes one should have to manage their bankroll and grind their way up the stakes to the very top. All one would achieve with a large amount of free chips given to the community is inflation. You'd see more all in bingo play (preflop) as people wouldn't care, as they know they'd get more large amounts of free chips. The game gives one enough free chips to get started, and enough if one should totally bust to 0 to start over. I think the achievement is a fine one. If one is intent on playing this game for the long haul then the achievement is doable, just climb the ranks to the very top stakes (hopefully they are high, and not capped too low) and one should get the achievement.
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    Allow me to introduce myself my gamer tag is , oo shizzy oo. I love playing poker head to head and tournaments if yall even wanna play add me on xbox.
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    I understand the frustration. I keep getting rivered. I'm nearly always at least 60% after the flop or turn but I definitely am not winning 60% of the time. So far my straight was rivered by a flush, my aces were cracked by a Q8 diamond, my pocket kings cracked by 78 diamonds, my trip threes undone by a 58 diamonds (flush on river). And when I'm not being rivered I keep running into coolers when I'm shortstacked. I shoved with AQ and lost to J7. Went all in with pockets tens for three blinds and ran into pocket aces. Shoved with AK and got called by 35 clubs that then flopped a flush. Hit trip queens on a flop and shoved the remaining 3k of my chips in. I have KQ, he has AQ. The losses are hard to take as it is but the players are just the worst. Two or three players all in during the first hand. I played a game where we were down to 3 players by the third hand. I get it's not real money but I get a little tired of playing with people whose entire strategy revolves around being a walking luckbox.
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    Pro Tip: You can use LB/RB on xbox or L1/R1 on playstation (I'm guessing) to raise and lower the betting range. You can only go all-in in no limit poker. if PP was limit poker, it would not have an all-in option. Disagreeing with someone is not rude. Acting offended just because someone disagreed with you is.
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    It's not something they are hiding. It's talked about under Help & Options/How To Play/Game Types, under the Ring Game section. It's title Pot Rake, amazingly enough.
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    Not making an official suggestion here, but sometimes I wish this game had a middle finger emote
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    Sorry you feel that way. But there's an easy fix: Don't spend real money on chips. We won't hold it against you. Actually, the vast majority of players never spend a dime, and we still like them very much.
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    I mostly play low stakes Limit Hold'em at the casino I play at. I just don't have the bankroll that makes playing No-Limit fun, and more importantly, beatable. Vets will put an underfunded newbie to the test early and often. While they may lose chips early, my only hope would be to walk away with a double up. It's just not fun. But playing Limit has taught me a ton about how weak strong starting hands are if you cannot Limit the players to the flop and turn, which is really hard in Limit. People are more likely to call for $3 or $6 with hands they lay down in NL for $20 or more. What you learn is, if there are straight and flush draws, beware. They hit all the time. In NL, you can bully the table and win pots. In Limit, you really need to read the board and play position. What's funny is that NL players will pop in and play Limit when waiting for a table, and they normally get killed. Then they rant like you see here, but it's at "bad" players who don't fold to their raises. They don't adjust their style, even though the conditions warrant it. All video game poker is just a different set of conditions. People complaining are just not willing to play the table as it is. And because our minds are hard wired to observe patterns, we tend to see them where they don't exist. So weak players blame the deck and other players, anything but themselves.
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    Let me share some statistics with you. Two overs against two lowers (ex: AK vs QJ) - odds of AK winning is 65%. Dominating over against lower kicker (ex: AK vs AJ) - odds of AK winning 75%. Two overs against low pair (ex. AK vs 55) - odds of AK winning is 45%. So let's say you are the one with the AK in each of those scenarios over a sample of 10 hands. AK vs QJ will win 6-7 times and lose 3-4 times. AK vs AJ will win 7-8 times and lose 2-3 times. AK will beat a lower pair 4-5 times and lose 4-5 times (that's why they call this one a coin flip). 10 hands is a really small sample, so I would suggest calculating for at least 100. Having great hole cards doesn't entitle you to a pot and no matter what cards you have in your hand, the biggest consideration for how you play those cards should be which position you are in at the table and how you think the other players at your table will respond to your action. Having great hole cards merely enables you to make plays with less risk of a loss - that's all. They are just a tool in your arsenal. If you look at the stats above, you'll see that it's actually a better play to call QJ or a small pocket pair against AK than it would be to call a strong ace. This is because you have live cards. Calling an AJ is not as strong a play because you have fewer outs to beat an AK/AQ. It's often difficult to pin players on a range in this game because so many overvalue hole cards that are actually very weak, but poker is about figuring out how your range plays against their range and understanding in which positions it would be advantageous to make certain plays.
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    The good news is that we are planning to expand the emotes selection. We can't say too much just yet, but once they're added, you likely won't have to spend anything on them.
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    Because RLLDDLLCK has posted the same complaints verbatim in multiple unrelated threads throughout the forums, they've been hidden in the hopes that this thread will remain on topic.
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    The video is correct about the game being about the long term. If you play well long term (100,000 plus hands) you will do well. The key is giving yourself enough bullets to fire long enough to reach those number of hands. With how crazy the action gets on here I think one would need 35-40 buy ins minimum before starting the next stakes up the ladder. I see people making a lot of mistakes fundamentally and then blaming it on the game. One is the cold calling of 3 bets preflop. So if someone opens for a raise, and someone re-raises, another 3rd party decides to flat the 3 bet (re-raiser). This is dangerous as they don't know what the original raiser will do when it gets back to them. Sometimes there is a 4th bet (raise the 3 bettor) and the cold caller gets pulled into an all in situation because they feel entitled to see the flop no matter what the cost. Also people over value top pair as if its the nuts, they then pot size raise or over bet the pot and by doing so pot commit themselves. If they get re-raised by stronger hands, or if they get drawn out on turn they lose a stack as they are now priced in to call (due to their large raise sizing). Where if they managed the pot better with smaller bets they give themselves the option to get away from hands. Another is turning their show down value hands into bluffs on the river, so if they have middle pair they lead out, and then get re-raised. At this point if the other guy is bluffing just call, as you won't make stronger fold. Instead they re-raise the raise and get stacked. Also people chase weak flush draws with one suit in their hand (say 78, with 8 of diamonds) and their is 3 diamonds on flop. They chase multi way and get their weak flush on river, only to be pounded by nut flush, same for dummy end straights (low end straights). I welcome the mistakes as its helps me win a lot of chips. But on the other side it does create some variance. Sometimes the fish will win and one just has to let them enjoy their win and move on. I figure long term they will be losing players, but if they are enjoying themselves and because of that buy some chips then they are supporting the game. The fish who buy chips (due to long term losing) are keeping the servers running. So I don't tap the fish bowl, I just keep playing. It comes down to bankroll management, position, managing the pot, knowing your opponents, the math, post flop play and the hardest at times...knowing when to fold.