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    You're right, it's not going to change. We think that rigging the shuffle to match the expectations of people who are unhappy with math would not be good for the game. We're going to stick with the mathematically correct algorithm. Also, the Earth is round, climate change is real, and the moon landings were not faked. The CIA totally killed JFK though.
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    No. First, what you are complaining about is an essential part of playing cash poker. A player earns that advantage. Further, if a player has won my chips, or has the chips I lost to another player, I want them at my table. That’s how you recover. And even if you are just a bystander, the last thing you would ever want is less cash on the table. The more there is, the more likely you will accumulate some of it. In fact, taking money off the table is considered bad etiquette. Some players leave and come back, a practice referred to as ratholing. You are expected to keep the cash on the table so your opponents have an opportunity to win their money back.
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    Thoughtful post, but I respectively disagree. This ranked lobby redesign has been in the works for a long time. I'm finally excited to play ranked games again. Previously matchmaking for ranked games was 'automatic' which was the source of the problem. Now matchmaking is transparent and 'manual'. If the player base were allowed to send mass invites to diamond players across 'all regions' that doesn't equate to finding a diamond match quicker. Some of those diamond players may already be in a game, in a different time zone (sleep), or offline. Additionally, most 'online' diamond players will already be searching for a match too. I also don't know if players would be open to receiving constant table invites (in-game or thru their platforms network). With your suggestion there would have to be an 'opt out' option (for in-game invites), and if players decided to opt out this sort of setup would collapse. The new ranked lobby redesign is the best way for diamond players to link up. Also, diamond players have a guaranteed 'option' to play on platinum tables. The tiered buy-ins is also extra incentive to wait for a diamond table to populate. Let's give this update time to develop, because it is much better than any matchmaking setup since ranked games were introduced. Hopefully, the devs will continue to take heed to the community's feedback in regards to more diamond incentives and in-game notifications to help diamond players coordinate better. Some other suggestions have been to extend the ranked games season to give players more time to reach diamond. Or, IMO, the devs can create a more robust monthly tournament by introducing top 5 (or top 10) incentives and prizes so that players are enticed to keep playing for 'supreme bragging rights'.
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    And you felt the need to make a post about it. Normally when people get bored of a particular game, they just stop playing it and move to something else. They seldom feel the need to announce it to the world. Feels a bit of a drama queen thing to do.
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    Um, do you think better players want to play you? Ranking up is hard, and it takes consistent good play, because losing sets you back more than winning. That is a feature, not a bug. The spread of players among ranks seems well distributed. It won’t be if every bad player gets boosted up to avoid hurting their feelings.
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    The shuffle can't be more randomized or realistic, and frankly I resent the accusation. But I'm wasting my breath, again. People who think it's rigged will never be convinced otherwise. Truth and math are irrelevant.
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    Welcome to the forum! The reason you won the hands is a result of the actions taken by the other players at the table. To suggest that PP is responsible for how the people you play against is a stretch. Come join us at the higher ranked tables and see if your results are the same.
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    In general deeper stacks favor the more skilled player. I think a 250 big blind to 400 big blind range would be perfect, it would mirror what we see in live games streamed online and on TV. The reason is that stacks are deep enough to see flops, turns and rivers, basically all the streets. All the equity in the hands gets realized and its up to a skilled player to manage the pot, and figure out if he's ahead of his opponent's range of possible hands. I see it all the time in this game, some player comes in shoving and he maybe doubles or triples up on a all in suckout and then they become kittens. They just sit there and hardly play anymore hands or if they do they just check/fold a lot. Its as if they don't know what to do with their large stack or are afraid of losing big to another deep stack. Which is why we should have a deep stack section for prominence, if people don't have stomach for deep stack they can play the regular buy in structure as is (100 big blinds). On menu it can read "standard/ deep stack" for ring games. I think in general for ring games you should only play at stakes you can afford to lose, and for that you need a sufficient bankroll, so managing that is key. If a game feels to big then one is at a disadvantage, as they will be playing scared money. For me the most I buy in for at a game is 3 times, if I lose 3 buy ins I'm done for that game. This way you put a cap as to how much you lose and you can preserve your bankroll and come back fresh another time. I think 20 buy ins (bankroll) for whatever stakes you play is the bare minimum. Ideally you'd want 30-50 to start playing a new stakes of ring game. I'm of the belief that deep stack ring game is the purest form of holdem one can play and really hope they add it in the future.
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    OK. I think you're wrong. I'm able to loin a game of similar rank much quicker. I can see when a higher ranked player joins my table and am able to chose not toplay with them. I can chose which venue I'll play in. The rewards are greater as I progress to higher ranks. It's impossible for lower ranked players to join higher ranks and drive everyone crazy with donk play. All of this items are a welcome addition to the game. I play on XB Could you expand on your opinion?
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    T he main issue appears to be that there are not enough diamond ranked players on your platform who want to play when you chose to be logged on. For example: Currently, on XB, there are 60 diamond ranked players(I looked). To say they're all close to your time zone and eager to play PP is a stretch. What you diamond players need to do is establish a club/group and arrange to play a tournament, at say, 2 am your time.
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    So glad this is live on console now too! Everything looks great and seems to be running smoothly so far.
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    Here's a brief overview of the new features & changes on the forum. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/product-updates/invision-community-43-r1055/ Let me know if you come across any weirdness, transitions between significant updates can be fun. 🤣
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    You guys know what's REALLY fun? Sitting in a game for an hour and a half, and winning ZERO HANDS ALL F***ING GAME. And no, it's not like I'm just playing stupid moves or betting on stupid plays. No. What I'm saying is, I play a game for an hour and 30 minutes and EVERY SINGLE HAND I GET IS ABSOLUTE SHIT. NOTHING. ZILCH. NADA. This game is actually so unfair sometimes, it's unbelievable. I'll get the weekly bounties and play a game, come back and it tells me I won 0 hands during the game. I'm not a bad player. But this game is rigged, and a waste of time.
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    Ego gratification by ridiculing anonymous people is a terrible testament to your personality. IMO
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    Video, or it didn't happen. Stats, running over multiple games/hands, or it didn't happen.
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    As a consistent Diamond, I know the frustration of trying to get an all Diamond ranked tourney. For me, it's not enough to get to Diamond and stop. I want a shot at being the TOP Diamond. Plus I just want to play. Just last week I was so desperate to get a game, I played against all Platinums. Took 3rd, and lost 4 points. Never again. I thought of a feature that I think would help. Being able to send out a mass invite to a tourney. Say you're looking thru the rankings. Have a box next to every players name. You check the boxes of all the Diamond ranked [or whatever rank] to send out a mass invite to a tourney. This redesign is just a more colorful version of what we were doing before. Sitting there and waiting for the seats to fill. It does little to get people in those seats. I think a mass invite would help that. Just a thought.
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    Yeah a number for each player like that would be perfect, perhaps a circle above the venue changer just for selecting a venue instead. I find the games random venues are usually always the same venue several times in a row, which can get annoying when you get the same seat/venue over and over again (especially when im never in that nice seat). So picking a venue is okay for me but didn't seem an important change to happen really. The biggest issue with the current players on PC seems to be the penalty for playing in a lower rank as a choice. Playing in gold when platinum just isn't worth the risk when your lucky to get platinum to begin with, if you dont get first your likely to be gold again so whats the point!.
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    Not enough players on pc and the few bronze unfortunate ones are unable to get games. Something should really be done quickly to help before there are even less players left. Really need a queue confirmation in the ranked lobby aswell, new players are unaware they are in a queue or how it works, you can see them spamming venue change for 10mins then leaving confused.
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    i try to get the maximum ranking points for every hand i am in. You get bonus points for showing your cards. As far as the timer goes....you cant see whats going on in there world....kids running around.....wife nagging or maybe they are just multi tasking and they wait for the controller to vibrate to make a move. If you let them know that it bothers you then they may exploit that in order to get you off your game, so live and let live. All i play is ranked games....i noticed that the higher the combined ranking of the players.....the better the game. I fold 90% of my hands...and really don't start playing hands until the count is down below 3 players. So it doesn't bother me if someone is "riding" the hand timer.
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    My statement that the PC version is a test site was in no way an assertion that it was any less important, only that it served a dual function. It appears that all updates/improvements are first installed on the PC version, were, it appears that corrections are more easily applied. The PP devs have said that there is a more stringent certification process required before updates are made public on the XB and PS4 version.
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    The PC version is NOT a test site. There is a PC version of this game for people who prefer to play on PC. Wiz, you seriously need to chill out and stop taking everything so personally. You are correct, this is a forum. However, it's a forum for other player's and the devs to talk about the game. People are entitled to their opinions just as much as you are.
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    Also look at these threads with similar problem Stuck in loading screen Communication/server issues My prominence Poker not working Freeze up
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    It's all for play money here at PP so like I mentioned in the past, some players won't respect your raises no matter how big or small they may be or when they happen during the course of any given hand. Additionally they will call about 80 to 90 percent of their starting hands resulting in some crazy outcomes because nobodys folding to any bets whatsoever. The frustration is understandable that's for sure, just try to have fun and be thankful that it isn't real money.
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    After trying for a long time to handle Prominence Poker's erratic ways and been "Prominenced" too often,i just give up on this game. Having 26mill chips give me no joy when poker skill don't mather and the game is made in a way.. and does stuff that simply is not normal or good to experience for any poker player. What i will do is to play for real money. That way i at least can trust the game and relaxe. My poker skill have always been there and I don't need this game Prominence Poker, to make my poker experience miserable. Maybe I see you guys at another computer based Poker game but not at this one. I've had enough.
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    Why are you acting so smug? Maybe you should have used those parentheses the first time and not put the word 'myself' right next to and before it. Everyone but you understood what Warp meant.
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    Better poker stats (more details) ability to sell items better player profile states and bankroll hand history if possible (a community lounge) to walk about, chill and meet other players
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    First of all congratulation for this nice online poker! Good graphic, much love for details, totally new features like the shop and a lot of humor on gamblers vanity. I play poker for years, online cash games or PC games. There is only one thing on ProminecePoker which annoys me. That is that if someone uses the radial preselection, other players can see on the position of the arm of his avatar if he proposes to check/fold or raise. For me as an experienced player this information is of course useful, but it is not in the sense of poker to show such hints by " uncontrolled body language". This is why I do not use this feature and I hope you will find a solution for this issue. A more detailed manual with explanation of all bonus and reputation stages would also be helpful. Thank´s for the game and all the best from AceAceinator
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    How long have you been playing PP? I've received so many loot cases that I get chips because the loot case is a duplicate from a previous offer.
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    An upgraded loot case has an 80% chance of awarding an avatar item or table item, and a 20% chance of awarding chips. But if you already own all the items for the given rarity, you'll get chips. There's also a small chance of getting a boost. All available items are shown in the store. Items that can still be awarded to you through loot cases will show there as locked with a loot case icon, or as items that can be purchased. Some items are awarded only as affiliation/level awards, and are shown locked with an affiliation suit icon.
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    I know it's asking quite a lot, but I think it would be interesting if you could collect actual data, or at least some statistics, on the server side about all the rounds being actually played by people. Statistics about the card distributions being dealt, and how people behave in terms of betting, calling and folding, and of course win percentages and such. These statistics could show any possible discrepancy in the shuffling process (or, better, show that there isn't any, and that the randomness is evenly distributed as it should), as well as, perhaps, whether the average PP player behaves differently from "skilled" players, which could perhaps explain what some people are claiming to be seeing. Examining this kind of data in the live environment could perhaps reveal things that don't happen in a testing environment.
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    Ok i revoted ,and you are good bro im new 2 the forums i wish they would make this game on mobile that would be cool. Everyone should watch that vid before voting for sure. My fav momment was when the spanish guy said "re-raise,no sorry i call", then everybodys all "uh oh you said raise". Spanish buddy said "i ugha no speak ey english". They force him 2 raise other guy calls and wouldnt you know the spanish guy had the nuts lmfao i love it
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    Here's the thing though. While I disagree with Tor's (aka Rotravi) approach, there are a lot of people within the playerbase who have concerns with the RNG, right or wrong; including myself. Although, I personally don't know enough about computerized shuffling and randomization to accurately debate this topic. But one day I will take the time to learn more, but its not at the top of my agenda. In this game the dealer deals cards from the top, and places burn cards to the side (identical to live play). So it's easy to think thats the way cards are being dealt. Although, in actuality it's just an animation. So my question to any live poker player is this. If the dealer pulled a card from the middle would you be okay with that? Most players will say no. Why? Because it will result in a different outcome, and real money is at stake. I asked my friend who plays live poker the same question and he quickly said 'no'. He stated that in live play he expects the dealer to be consistent. Otherwise, the table would become distressed. In PP (and maybe online poker in general) these traditional concepts are thrown out of the window in favor of purely computerized randomization. It reminds me of how lottery numbers are acquired. I'm aware that billions of hands have been tested, but I'm more focused on how those results are spread out over each table. What I'm trying to communicate might not make much sense, It's just my perspective.
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    Tor, You've identified the difference between the pure chance of what occurs in real life vs the mathematical regulation of computers. You are correct, there is nothing you can do. deal with it.
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    Final Table: TRT After Party:
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    Maybe the phrase "You're quite the joker." for when you realise someone was bluffing. Or puns like "Looks like you suffered CARDiac arrest." Generally puns centered around kings, aces, jacks, jokers and queens would be great. Oh! How about "Don't make me stand up." or some variation of it, in reference to going all-in.
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    Good point, but it's entertaining to express an opinion.
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    During my communitys last MTT I was tasked with trying to figure out how to make private games public so that it shows up on the leaderboards. In the past I always setup my private table (friends only), press 'go', then invited players. The main issue when using this same approach for public matches is that a random could slip in unexpectedly. In order to make a private match public the event host has to gather players in the public lobby 'before' pressing 'go'. So setup your public table, invite players on that same screen, once all the players (friends) are in the lobby, then press 'go'. If you already knew this please ignore.
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    TRT IV Round 1 Tables: Table 1 Table 2 Table 3 Table 4
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    Where’s the logic behind that statement? If you lose chips in a ring game, they always go to another player. So why would that player need to buy chips? Sounds like you think the game is set up to make some players rich, and only certain, presumably specific players, broke. Maybe you just need to play better.
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    These are release notes for the March 2018 update, released February 28 on Steam and March 23 on Xbox and PS4. New hourly event Fight Club - double rep on weapon items. Cigarette packs and lighters are now included in Havana Nights. New rep reward Oops - for when you folded what would have been the winning hand. Boosts can now be purchased in the shop. Bankroll and Ring Game leaderboards now represent public games only, not private games. Avatars will no longer play with their table item during the player's turn. Multiple table item refill gifts from another player will now show in one consolidated message in between hands. Adjusted a number of annoying or repetitive ambient sounds. Upgraded loot cases are shown as upgraded on the loot case screen. Various fixes to improve stability and reduce disconnections. In tournaments, the Dead Button Rule affects how the button is moved and the blinds are handled after any players that posted the big or small blinds leave the game. The big blind moves forward to the next active player, the small blind moves to the previous big blind, and the button moves to the previous small blind. If the small blind is on an empty seat, no small blind is posted. A player can effectively be on the button two or more times in a row when the button lands on an empty seat. No player will pay the big blind twice in a row, and no player will avoid paying the blinds. This had a bug that occasionally caused players to be the big blind twice in a row. This is now fixed. In ring games, the Simplified Button Rule is used. This occasionally causes players to be the big blind twice in a row, or to be on the button twice in a row, or blinds to skip over players. This update on XB1 and PS4 prevents repeated big blinds, but does not address the other issues. The next update will address those issues by switching to the Moving Button Rule. That change is already live in the current Steam version. In rare circumstances, the game can allow you to send an invalid bet to the server, which then rejects your action and causes you to fold. This has been mostly fixed on the server end - instead of rejecting your action and folding, the server will attempt to do what you intended. The full, proper fix is on the client side and will be in the May update for consoles. The client-side fix is currently live on Steam. You now get an extra 5 minutes beyond your normal sit out time to rejoin your game after being disconnected.
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    I have to admit that I'm puzzled by the preset action poll. I never gave poker etiquette too much thought until it was discussed thoroughly in the Tell Sign Functionality topic. I don't think anyone who supports the current setup has a logical reason in doing so. There are plenty of video examples online that show why poker etiquette is extremely important.
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    Can you disable (in the options somewhere) table item gestures during a hand, or at least when it's your turn to act, as it slows the game down? Example, person next to me raises so I'm going to fold, but I'm too quick and I pre-choose fold by accident. So I press O to cancel with the intention of instantly folding again (cause I don't want the pre choice delay to happen), but when I cancel, my avatar instantly takes a drink and we have to wait twice as long as if I just let the pre-choice delay happen... Very annoying.
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    In game clubs would be the way to go, back in the day I played an online casino game where you could actually join a guild. That was fun.
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    is it possible to have a lobby that shows what players are going to be matched against each other showing what rating these players actually are? A thumbs up would be required by the majority of players in this lobby in order for the tournament to begin. Like they do in a casual tournament lobby except every player in the lobby would have his rating displayed next to his name.
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    It appears that further development of PP is not cost effective. ie. it would not attract enough new players to make such development pay for itself. Any concerns about the functionality of PP should be brought to the attention of 505games by selecting 'support' and opening a ticket. They, would contact Pipeworks if it were necessary. Complaints about not winning as often as you think you deserve should be kept to a minimum. Although I'm not part of the development team, I have moderator privileges within this forum. I hope this helps.
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    How 'bout tables that correspond to your level. If you're level 1-100, then that's who you play. Level 100-200, 200-300 and so on, ALL the way up. I've played this game for 3 years now. I might not be a computer programmer or a video game designer, BUT, I can notice similarities and the EXACT same things happening daily. Once, you're up to over level 1000.....you don't get cards like you used to, back when you started. I've started 3 new characters now.....and from Level 1-100, you're a superstar, you can't miss a flop.....your flush ALWAYS comes, same with your straights, you might even see your first Royal Flush. Once you get over level 100, things begin to change.....your cards stop coming. I also notice every table you join.....Look and see who is in first with ALL the chips....it's going to be that level 18 or 25 or w/e......They're DEADLY.... Tournaments as well.....I've watched level 25's and 30's win EVERY single hand in a row and take EVERY single player out in succession..... Head to Head even worse......It seems EVERY single player I face, is a level 25 and I'm level 1200 and something, there is NO WAY a player ranked that high will beat a lower level. Again....go sign in with my lower level characters......and they can't be beat. I don't know if anyone else has felt that lower levels, NO MATTER what crap cards they play, every hand beat Higher Level players with solid cards over and over. I think the HIGHER levels gets confused and frustrated AND the LOWER levels just keep WINNING and just think they're awesome players and win with their horrible decisions, rewarded over and over.....that's the cycle to keep all the chips being bought. Anyhow, that is my request......Make tables that are locked to specific levels ONLY......That is all.
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    Hello im halo and im plat almost diamond on xbox. I play poker stars and many other poker games,but what stands out with this game is your avatars. I like how it has sort of a" im here with you feel", and i would love to see as many options for tells and bluffs as possible, show the ram movements i bluff with that cha cha with nothing. The preset actions should stay in the game higher tier players aren't having issues with this feature only noobs . Anything my opponent does i wanna see even if he hovers over the fold when i 3 bet. Keep up the good work, slow ques at night finally popped l8tr going for my golden stogie.