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    This is why I will stop playing PP unless it's for a league/community event, it has gotten ridiculous. If I want to play against a bunch of people that want to screw around all day I`ll play Zynga poker.
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    I would like to see the refill alert made smaller. It takes up too much room on the screen in the top right hand corner and can be very annoying when someone on that table is constantly refilling the table just to get their rep more higher. I'm having problems in seeing how much someone has raised if they are sitting near that end when it pops up, and it's just plain annoying too. Agree with DaveDiamond
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    moment of silence praying for those in Vegas such a horrible act committed. Sorry for those family members of our community that were involved in this shameful and to those that were involved as well.
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    It's been nice to see a windfall of new PC players over the last week or so. I think when we look toward the future cross-platform play makes sense.
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    Basically, its continued dominance of a forum with negative posts on the same topic. Three of you are delighting in your righteous indignation. Why? We all know you're upset, but really, what do you want us to do? Should 60,000 happy players boycott the game because 3 people are pissed? Have you notified Clear of your displeasure and has he responded? The windmill is not going to tip over!!
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    There needs to be a way to inhibit someone from spam gifting individuals during a game. It's one thing to have it happen in a casual game, as you can just leave the table, but has become a very widespread spam tactic during tournaments. It's something that should be easily fixed, but until then is very frustrating if you have to deal with such people. I should note I am playing on Xbox One.
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    Poker error ps4 I really like this game but like with everything there are some problems. I have the ps4 version. After only playing about 4 weeks this game has really made my emotions go sky high and rock bottem. But today the game stalls about every round. Wtf. I don't know where it went wrong, the first days no problems but after a week the shit start raining. Can't fold/raise/check when i am on turn to play. error 34878-0 appairs on screen after 2/3 minutes. Game closes and asks to report the problem. After some research on you tube about error 34878-0 the solution lies in online storage. Changed the setting and the freezes were over. But after many hands the game stalls again. Then the diamond upgrade came and the game was hopefully bug-free. First week no problems but today same problems every hand. You can rejoin the same match but with some loss of the blinds. Had this problem like 5 times in a ranked tounament, in the beginning the blinds are small but in the end i lost 10K with 1K/2K blinds. This is unfair lost all my money on an error. Ok a couple of times i could forgive but this is ervery round every game.The only thing i could do is an all-in and hope for the best with low cards and lose epic. Reported this problem on psnprofiles.com but no replies only from myself in the hope im not the only one. After a stall you can close the app and restart the game to save some time but this is really painfull. I live in Belgium and my internet connection is more than ok.