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    One is always going to see a huge amount of variance in free poker because there are just more callers and more cards. You end up seeing more hands for larger pots than you would otherwise see in a real money stable game and so it begins a confirmation bias that it is the RNG. It isn't. As a casino host i deal with this confirmation bias in real life... People playing without their cards in a machine...people crying about how tight one casino is over another.. Its all just confirmation bias.
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    I play on PC on STEAM 1. The ability to be in Game while waiting for another game like a tournament or a larger game to open up. For example maybe a 10k ring game is live so im in thier playing but i would like a 50k game with at least three players in it. Or Even better i would like to wait for my ranked tournament to be ready instead of staring at a screen in frustration for an hour. 2. Opt in group chat ( typing) . Obviously add report button for those that are going to broadcast cards during play. 3. If my friend is playing i want to be able to easily find him or her. Spectate not play with. 4. Hand Historys 5. The ability to mark players with my own notes or colors or something so i can identify what type of player i recall them being.
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    I don't think players should receive nicknames in upgraded loot cases at all, especially epic or legendary. Like I mentioned previously, I upgraded to legendary twice and received two suits. IMO, clothing, table items, chips, etc. carry more weight than a nickname. Plus I already have a nickname... DaWiz_!!! I can do magic.... Now watch your chip stack mysteriously disappear than reappear on my side of the table... Voila!!!