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    The answer is we would like to keep updating the game, but there's factors outside our control, without getting into too much detail.
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    Just started back playing after a long hiatus. In regards to updates, we didn't get everything we wanted. But at least matchmaking for Ranked Games is working properly, it seems. I still think this game has potential to be far greater, but it seems we have to settle with what we have currently. With that being said I think the devs did a great job with the foundation for this game, but the lack of updates and improvements is disappointing. I was ready to spend some money on this game since it was free to play. F2P games must operate a certain way in order to gain, keep, and have a healthy profitable player base. That operation must include continuous updates, improvements, and digital content. We didn't get that here. Another game I play by the name of Apex Legends has had to figure out the F2P model the hard way too. Creating a F2P game and keeping it vibrant is not unique to just Prominence, it applies to all games. The F2P model has been working out great for Epic, I don't understand why other devs won't follow suit. But anyways... beggars can't be choosers 😜
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    I'm winning enough,but playing it since start I see the faults in the game..including how the card play works. So much weird ways to get beaten that dont happen in the real world,at the rate it does in this game. Having 80 mill i know my Poker. When as you state it's not cost effective and at the same time i read in other posts that there are thousands of players active each month..then i wonder what it takes to support a game as simple as Poker. And also it's a reminder to buyers of game released by certain companies...that they are not too committed to keep updating the game. You see my point. As theoretically the best Poker game for the consoles,its a pitty that the company do not see the value in showing support for their product. It's not all about the money it's also about the reputation it gives, abandoning the game and its users.
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    Some people have a cognitive misconception about probabilities and how they work. For example, with 5 best cards being chosen from a group of 7 cards, the probability of a flush is about 1 in 32. Meaning that, on average, there will be a flush approximately once every 32 rounds. Many people, thus, get the misconception that if they see an unusually high amount of flushes, like for example 3 flushes during 10 rounds, or 5 flushes in 20 rounds, or something like that, then there's something wrong. Clearly if the odds are 1 in 32, having 3 in 10 rounds is an indication of the randomness being completely skewed! That's like 1 in 3, not 1 in 32! But this is nothing but a variant of the gambler's fallacy. Just because on average (over thousands and thousands of rounds) the probability is 1 in 32, that doesn't mean that it's impossible to get some streaks of flushes, where in a relatively short amount of rounds you get tons of flushes. Every round is its own event, and doesn't care what has happened in previous rounds. Just because tossing a coin gives you a 50% chance of getting heads, that doesn't mean that getting 10 heads in a row is indicative of something being wrong. (It's not even hard to get 10 heads in a row, if you keep tossing for long enough. There are even genuine videos of this, of people doing that. They keep tossing a coin for a couple of hundred times, videoing themselves, and when they get the 10-toss streak, they show that segment.) Sometimes it, likewise, happens in the other direction: You might go for 200 rounds with only one or two flushes appearing. That's also completely normal. Yet nobody pays attention to that. We only pay attention when it happens unusually often.
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    I think you're correct. It can't be the RNG, because we're all receiving cards from the same deck. I also think that some players are trying not to lose, rather than trying to win.