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  3. Xbox Live will not allow a user to sign in. It's not you or your network All apps on XB don't work on XB, yet I can access Netflix on my Comcast console.. I first noticed this 5 hours ago Bummer
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  5. There's literally no point to the loot cases these days. You upgrade them whatever, you only get chips about equal to the upgrading. What's the point even? It's pretty lame.
  6. Moi ce que j'aimerais c'est une nouvelle caméra une caméra première personne
  7. The player to the left of the player who left the table received the 60k in chips suggesting that he had a better two pair than you did and chose not to show his cards. Perhaps PP should have displayed his hand for verification.
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  9. Does this happen to every player, on every hand, or can you detect a pattern??
  10. I've only seen it in ring games on xbox one so far.
  11. I included the entire hand but Watch the last couple minutes and you decide. I clearly won the side pot of 60k but didnt get it, in fact it gave it to the other guy,
  12. Does this problem occur in other games besides Ring games? Which veersion of PP do you play- XB1, PS4, or PC. The problem has never occurred to me while playing Ranked tournaments on XB1, yet I've seen this in Ring games on my PC.
  13. Farmer John40


    You've come to the place were 10's of thousands players from around the world can provide answers. That icon identifies which players turn it is to play, and also is a timer to how much time is left for that player to decide how they want to play. When the timer expires, the player is either folded or checked.
  14. This is RIDICULOUS! All I want to know is what the icons over the players heads are for and of course NO INFO ANYWHERE! This game literally tells you NOTHING AND NO PLACE TO FIND ANSWERS
  15. It depends. I don't want to show the table that I was bluffing, and other times I want to show the table that I really did have the winning hand..
  16. I always show mine. You get the muck it reward and I don't find that it gives any great advantage not to show them.
  17. It works on ps4... just nobody ever does! So boring
  18. I was just wondering why it seems nobody is ever on the chat???? I think it makes it less dull and more like a real table. Just curious
  19. It appears that you and I visit the PP website for different reasons. regards
  20. I already have all the items in the store.
  21. Its been nearly a year since deep stack was requested and nothing has been done. I get that overall this game has been forgotten. But really, is it that hard to have a deep stack section to ring games?! I mean its 2019 and not 2009, holdem has evolved from 100 big blind stacks to deep stack poker, where minimum buy in is usually 250 big blinds. I'll make it real simple for those who don't get deep stack. On prominence the 5k/10k blinds are for the 1 million game, because 10k x100=1million chips (what you buy in for). Here is deep stack poker, Again blinds are : 5k/10k 1 mil buy in is what we have now (10k x100) 2.5 mil buy in is 250 big blinds (10k x250) 3 mil buy in is 300 big blinds (10k x 300) 4 mil buy in is 400 big blinds (10k x400) I think a deep stack section should have a minimum buy in of 2.5 mil on 5k/10k and you could cap it at 400 big blind buy in if someone wants to buy in that deep. So yeah doesn't matter if its 5k/10k or 10k/20k or 25k/50k blinds, all that matters is we can buy in for 250-400 big bilnds. I don't think its hard to do and would bring Prominence Poker to modern poker standards with regards to ring games and the buy ins. I so wish we'd get this feature, would really be a shot in the arm for this game!
  22. Nonsense ! My Xbox version has more items than chip gifts. Besides, what is stopping you from taking the chips given to you in the loot case and visiting the store to select what you want?
  23. They really should just call them chip cases at this point. That's all you get.
  24. Billionaire Reach 1 billion bankroll Please remove this achievement from steam PC Prominence poker or change it to something more realistic like 100 million. I have five thousand + hours played on a main and alternative account yet still 100mil is nowhere close. This achievement is ridiculous.
  25. Dang, now i lost the rest of my chips and only have 150k.
  26. All I get is chips too like 95% of the time it seems.
  27. I got every item now and never spent a dime on the game. Just thought I'd let you know. Well, every item not locked behind certain things.
  28. Just wondering what you think is the best method. Is it best to just upgrade them all the way? All I ever seem to get is chips anyway though.
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