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  4. Billionaire Reach 1 billion bankroll Please remove this achievement from steam PC Prominence poker or change it to something more realistic like 100 million. I have five thousand + hours played on a main and alternative account yet still 100mil is nowhere close. This achievement is ridiculous.
  5. Dang, now i lost the rest of my chips and only have 150k.
  6. All I get is chips too like 95% of the time it seems.
  7. I got every item now and never spent a dime on the game. Just thought I'd let you know. Well, every item not locked behind certain things.
  8. Just wondering what you think is the best method. Is it best to just upgrade them all the way? All I ever seem to get is chips anyway though.
  9. Just started this game couple days ago and finally got my great trophy, the Executioner
  10. Thanks for the clarification. PP is published by 505games on their servers. When you report a problem on this forum you're establishing communication with 505games. When you do, tell them you've already unplugged, waited 30 sec. and plugged-in your PS4 and router. It'll save a day. Please keep is updated on your progress..
  11. No, I'm on PS4. When there are errors that "crash" the PS4/game, it goes to a blue screen error. I was able to submit the report that sends along to PP, but not sure if they are checking these reports since it's been radio silence around here lately. I've asked other's who I game with regularly and a couple of them are also experiencing this issue. Just trying to figure out what's triggering it since it's not everyone having issues.
  12. Your reference to a blue screen suggest that you're playing PP on a device that is not PS4 or XB, right?. If so, the problem is between Steam and your device. If you're the only one experiencing the problem, then something is happening in your PC. I was getting green screen errors on my PC version of PP and was told that I had about 4 viruses on my PC. This sounded strange to me because I have the full Norton package for security, I nevertheless payed to have my PC fixed. I also stopped playing PP on Steam and only use XB. I was also told that the virus appeared to be in the graphics. hope that helps.
  13. Over the past week, I've been receiving a lot more authentication errors in game. I play a tournament every day, and get this error at least once per day. Last night, it was followed by a blue screen error. This is the only game I'm having issues with in regards to errors/connection. Is there a way to fix this on my end or your end?
  14. Likewise, your opinion is yours. All the players at the table are subject to the same delivery of cards, so it must be the players who determine the outcome of each hand.
  15. IMO card randomizer is odd in this game. Too many things are predictable and should not be. And no it's not that it just happens to me I observe patterns for the overall game play. I'm sure some "expert" will disagree but I really don't care. Just wish there was a more choices for poker on the PS4 platform.
  16. I tell you, anything can happen. I made platinum on my wife's account and the score is even higher than mine. Funny thing is that the last game I won I was down to one big blind on three separate occasions.
  17. Good luck! I lost platinum a couple seasons ago and never got it back so I'm just going to settle for it this season and shoot for diamond again next time. I've been playing my wife's profile in the meantime. What's interesting is that I've had a lot more fun cruising through silver. The games go a lot faster. I even tried dropping down to bronze once and got 2nd there for a measly 8 points. I don't usually try that. I did hit gold on her account today and so far I'm about halfway to platinum. Hell maybe I'll make diamond there, ..but not likely.
  18. If it's any comfort, you're not alone. I too have been going back and forth in the platinum ranking for the kast 10 days. Yesterday, I flopped a Ace high flush and overbet the rest of the hand, only to be beat by a player who made a full house on the river, 2's over 7's. Today, my Q's over J's full house was over ruled by K's over Q's when he just checked thru the river, and let me destroy myself. Two seasons ago, I reached the diamond rank with 1 hour left in the season. Last season. I drug myself up from silver to finish 4 points into platinum. Currently I'm at 1246, so we shall see what the rest of the season does to me.
  19. 4 more days left in the season and I'm giving up. I went up another 6 points, then down 30 on a horribly bad beat. Then down again, then up, then down.. I'm still platinum but I am losing more than winning at this point so screw it I guess I'll wait for next season. So depressing to get that close and not make it... I know skill should win out over the long run vs. luck, but it seems like luck has a huge amount to do with it once the value of the blinds goes up. I seriously was dealt 7-2 offsuit four times in a row. I suppose I had my share of good luck too, but seriously, if someone goes all-in on me with three cards to a straight and makes the straight with runner runner one more time I am going to scream.
  20. I shall have my first diamond finish this season. Just one more tournament win in my way... wish me luck!
  21. Lol, I'm suddenly a troll because I point out things that do not sing the unbiased praises of this company and/or game and ask questions that deserve an honest answer? That's a bit low and uncalled for, don't you think? I could ask why you so passionately show up and without question, defend this game and company on an almost religious level. However, I get it - you enjoy the game and that's fine; I ask these questions because it's obviously a waste of time offering suggestions if this game has been abandoned or halted. Have you not read the Road Map threads? Are there not update details laid forth, far past their ETA and never implemented? Has anything been said for months? I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm simply pointing out what I see and openly asking questions. I play on PS4, but where exactly are you going with this decline in players angle? I never said that x amount of people have stopped playing; I'm talking specifically about this place here and the silence in regards to well, everything now. Does that not seem a bit off to you? About a fraction of the options from their previous poker game would probably be sufficient enough - easier to find and host tournaments, more than six players, incentives for placing high in ranked play and the reworking of ranked play on several different levels, getting rid of the showing that you're about to fold or bet before it's your turn - such actions would get you warned and then banned from any real poker room or you'd be ostracized by the entire table and forced to leave in shame, and the list goes on, etc. etc. But either way, it doesn't matter at all what I suggest or anyone suggests if the game isn't going to be updated anymore. Some of us would like to know and I don't think that is too much to ask for.
  22. Farmer John40

    PLO anytime soon?

    LN You, of course, are entitled to your own opinion. I'm curious, about the updates you feel were promised and were never delivered. What improvements would you suggest? Without any positive ideas to improve PP, you become just another negative troll that appears in this forum for a few rants, Which platform are you using? I'm on XB and I've never noticed a lack of players. Indeed scanning the leaderboard shows a solid base of tens of thousands of players. My PC version has maybe 5,000. Perhaps you could provide evidence of your claim of any decline in players. I have observed that nobody plays the cheap seats in casual tourneys anymore. Their are few players playing on the PC platform, but PP was designed to be played on PS4 or XB, were it has its greatest following. Each of the platforms are separate from the other,
  23. I'll just throw this out here again; would it honestly be too much to ask whether or not this game has been abandoned, defunded, shelved, or whatever may have happened to it? Obviously something didn't go quite as planned and yes, I'm also sure it's likely out of anyone here's control, but to have all of these updates planned/outlined and to not see a single word posted about them months after they were supposed to be implemented unfortunately doesn't exactly entice me to support the future endeavours of this company. Nothing has been said at all about this game, but Pipeworks's Twitter account has been promoting another game. However, the Twitter account specifically for Prominence hasn't seen activity since April of last year! I'd like to think that perhaps future progress and news regarding the next update (that of course my actual instincts tell me that we will never see) are simply delayed a bit, but that seems a bit off to me and until something is said otherwise, I'm going to go with the notion that this game is over and done, but will continue to run on auto-pilot for months, years, or wherever the virtual chip sales and boost sales dry up. With all due respect, I think consumers have the right to know - free game or not, it's still bad business in my opinion to promise and promote updates and not deliver. It is, without a doubt, infinitely worse when that happens and nothing is said, leaving everyone in the dark and bound to be even more disappointed in the end.
  24. I wish, would add a lot of life and variety to the game. All they have to do is add deep stack holdem (I mean really, how hard is it to allow us to buy in for more big blinds from the start!!?) and the great game of Pot Limit Omaha. I think they focused their strategy early on the tournament scene, when they should have focused on the ring game side first. Its a shame as they had a window to make this game truly great. Instead they decided it would be too expensive to develop the game further, and as a result the game stagnates slowly. All it takes is deep stack holdem (really its easy, let us buy in for more from the start, not hard) and PLO and some marketing and this game will be booming again. Oh well, enjoy the game while the lights are still on.
  25. Any chance of PLO being introduced?
  26. Reduce the ranked rating penalty for playing on lower ranked tables. I know pipeworks haven't been active for ages on steam prominence poker but this change would improve the game so much now that the player base is incredibly low. Players are penalized for playing lower tables so they do not. Make the same rating lose or win for all ranked tables, problem solved.
  27. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
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