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    XxMMRxX_HBG creo que me llamo asi mi perfil es uno que mola te aparezco si pones lo del principio
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  5. Ik ben zeer gepassioneerd over webontwikkeling en -ontwerp in al zijn vormen en help kleine bedrijven en ambachtslieden om hun online aanwezigheid op te bouwen en te verbeteren.

  6. Here's the post where you claimed that buying boost was the reason you could no longer win. I'll rephrase the question. Why do you think that buying boosts will have an effect on your play???
  7. Quote me when I said that I thought buying boosts would help me win!!! I’ll be waiting, NOT.
  8. Why don’t you explain it to me. Tournament play is rigged, end of discussion.
  9. There’s no way in hades that the cards are random! NO WAY! Some serious tweaking needs to be done to make this a fair and impartial game. This game will decide who gets the cards and who is going to win in every tournament. There’s no way around the crappy algorithms of the game. If this doesn’t change and soon this game will become a bad experience memory to be forgotten.
  10. Update or not I'm open to ALL challenges
  11. Well I hope something changes. I like your game. We asked for basic text chat and more casual tourney options, at minimum. That shouldn't be to much of a hassle.
  12. Another way of saying the studio and developers realized what they had and made illegal for them to update it pastvthe verison that is licenced. Just when i thoughtvid flund a legit poker community for my ps4 lol
  13. The answer is we would like to keep updating the game, but there's factors outside our control, without getting into too much detail.
  14. DaWiz_

    Nintendo Switch status

    Originally I agreed with the devs on this topic, but after purchasing a Nintendo Switch this past Christmas holiday my mindset has changed. The NS is highly underrated. If Warframe can run on the NS then I'm sure PP will have no problem. Overall though, the NS is a kids console. My wife and I bought one for our 9 yr old, and she loves it. I play around on it when she's not on it. I would love to play PP on the NS, especially since the current poker lineup is non existent. I'm not sure how many adults are using the NS though... Kids, it's time to learn poker. 😜
  15. Just started back playing after a long hiatus. In regards to updates, we didn't get everything we wanted. But at least matchmaking for Ranked Games is working properly, it seems. I still think this game has potential to be far greater, but it seems we have to settle with what we have currently. With that being said I think the devs did a great job with the foundation for this game, but the lack of updates and improvements is disappointing. I was ready to spend some money on this game since it was free to play. F2P games must operate a certain way in order to gain, keep, and have a healthy profitable player base. That operation must include continuous updates, improvements, and digital content. We didn't get that here. Another game I play by the name of Apex Legends has had to figure out the F2P model the hard way too. Creating a F2P game and keeping it vibrant is not unique to just Prominence, it applies to all games. The F2P model has been working out great for Epic, I don't understand why other devs won't follow suit. But anyways... beggars can't be choosers 😜
  16. TheRealRodicus


    Comparing playing Hold ‘Em professionally to playing Prominence Hold ‘Em is a stretch to begin with. While some players may have bought chips to buffer their stacks so that they can play in the high stakes ring games, there is no “real” money involved in these games. It is a very loose environment in most cases and trying to apply the same playing style you would use at the Bellagio lends itself to seeing bad beat after bad beat. I see a regular cast of characters at many of the $1M/$2M tables after playing this game for several years and I respect many of them because they play smart, tight poker. Bad beats happen so often because so many hands in ring games go to the river. How people don’t get that is beyond me. There is no rigging and the game engine is solid. Either you can handle the loose play from some, or you can’t. It’s that simple. Hell, I play loose some nights just to rankle people. I got dealt four pocket pairs out of six hands the other night, flopped trips on two of those four, and busted AK in a pre-flop all-in race. That’s pretty much a coin flip. The guy I busted called me a hacker, etc... Nope, just poker.
  17. HollowEcho

    New to the PP community

    Hello PP community, I have been playing Prominence Poker on the Xbox One for a few months now, but I'm new to the community. I play tournaments most of the time and enjoy the challenge of climbing the tiers. My gamertag is HollowEcho64 Hope to see you at the tables
  18. HollowEcho

    i am ME

    The way you turned your life around is inspiring. I play a similar style of poker as you and I play on the Xbox. Do you play tournaments or ring games? Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. Hope to see you at the tables. BTW, my gamertag is HollowEcho64
  19. Why are you expecting that boosts will help you win?
  20. You're saying that the developers are penalizing you for giving then money?? Why would they do that?
  21. Since I stupidly decided to give the developers some real money I CANNOT WIN. Before the boost I could win and got decent cards. Since the purchase I haven’t even come in 3rd in any tournament whereas before I could easily place 3rd at least. This is game is very flawed, I wish someone else would develop a decent casino game!
  22. Yes we are, 20:00 sharp. Great when you're 1198 and leading ... Back to 1170 (there was 1 platinum on the table). Chance to regain the rank you started with is small I guess?
  23. Ive won and been 2nd in several 10K tournaments the last couple days and especially today I’m noticing, after a full win, I got zero points. Not chips, points.
  24. We’re getting these errors today, 13 June 2019.
  25. Yet, I don't. How is that possible? The only possible explanation is that the game is targeting you in particular, and rigging the game against you and in favor of your opponents whenever you are playing. After all, consider that this always happens in favor of your opponents, never in favor of you, according to your own account ("I will miss 11+ outs for 2 hours straight in this game while I watch the same players rip off 2 and 4 outers seemingly every time they play a hand.") If the game where simply flawed and badly programmed, then you would sometimes notice this trend favoring you, at the cost of your opponents. Sometimes you would get astronomically unlikely lucky streaks, winning with really crappy hands, while your opponents will be losing with their picture cards and pocket aces. But according to your own testimony, this never favors you. It always favors your opponents. Therefore the only possible explanation is that the game is specifically targeting you, and benefiting your opponents, whenever you in particular are playing. You must be in some kind of blacklist, for whatever reason. Or, you know, and I know this might sound silly, but the other explanation is that you are just imagining things. Would you seriously think that the game has been rigged specifically against you, so that the allegedly incorrect odds are always against you, never in favor of you? Would you seriously think that you have been put in some kind of blacklist, where you specifically are being targeted for discrimination when it comes to odds? A different hypothesis has been presented a million times already: Prominence Poker is not like "normal" poker for one reason: People don't play with real money here. It's all play money. Therefore they have nothing to lose. And because they have nothing to lose, they will keep playing with hands that any experienced poker player would have folded if playing for real money. When you have 5 other players playing like they don't care how much they lose, the amount of bad beats that you witness will inevitably increase. The problem with professional poker is that you don't get to see how many bad beats there would have been, had players not folded, and kept continuing betting like there's no tomorrow. You don't get to see what happens if someone does a completely crazy all-in with something like a 9-3 off color.
  26. Point being, there is no logic in this game. Bad beats certainly happen in poker, but the math is always the same. Situational hands that happen 12% of the time happen 60 % of the time in this game. It's not like I've played this game once or twice and ran badly. It's a circus operated by a horrible algo everytime.
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