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  4. We're hoping to have more information to share about a particular feature people have been requesting, but as of right now it's out of our hands. Trust me, once we can share information, you'll be the first one to know
  5. Ohhh, you mean PP's game hub on Xbox Live? As far as I know, those are just clips from random users, there's no way to "submit" them to have them appear on the page, they just automatically appear there if the clips are uploaded to xbox live. It's not so much a "hall of fame" type of thing as it is a "here's what the game looks like so you can see before you buy it" type of thing, if that makes sense. No idea as to how they're sorted, tho. Or if there's any sort of screening process/waiting period before they show up.
  6. Can your brother play on your PlayStation?
  7. This problem is also occurring on Xbox. It is discussed in this forum and titled "Connection/server issues.". 505games operates the servers for PP, so click on support and open a ticket with 505games.
  8. I tried those things but, still no success, I tried to go on my brother PlayStation ps4 slim on my account it worked on his PlayStation but on mine it still ain't working
  9. I meant PP lol the game, my fault 😏
  10. Forgive me for not knowing, but who or what is PR?
  11. I’ve been trying to figure out how to share my Game Clips with PP on XboxLive but it only shows up on my own feed. Is it possible to share game clips with PP? If any of my questions sounds dumb it’s because I just started using Xbox solely for this game. 😔
  12. rockguy24

    I quit Prominence Poker

    It's all for play money here at PP so like I mentioned in the past, some players won't respect your raises no matter how big or small they may be or when they happen during the course of any given hand. Additionally they will call about 80 to 90 percent of their starting hands resulting in some crazy outcomes because nobodys folding to any bets whatsoever. The frustration is understandable that's for sure, just try to have fun and be thankful that it isn't real money.
  13. LV_Jag

    I quit Prominence Poker

    It's OK, Tor didn't quit. He's back playing again. 😂
  14. Bruh Pennybags

    I quit Prominence Poker

    I’ve just started, doing pretty well. I’ve lost multiple times so far because someone hits the river. That stupid river SMH, but then I realize that I’m at fault for not playing the hand strong or just folding when I should and allowing said player to see the river. I’m not defending the game or any online poker site but sometimes it’s how a hand is played more over than an RNG. That said, this and many other games are “play for fun” try and put your feelings aside and just say “I win I win, I lose I lose, and hopefully tomorrow’s another day.” try and have fun buddy! ✌️
  15. Is playing at above 500k rare? I seriously cannot find a game above 500k 😏
  16. At first I could find a game in the 500k - 2Mil rooms almost instantly, now I pretty much can’t. I doubt there aren’t players online, is there something wrong with match making?
  17. Bruh... I really don't care how you or anybody else feel about my posts. I'm chillin!!! I'm not here to appease anyone. Reading my posts is optional.
  18. Why are you acting so smug? Maybe you should have used those parentheses the first time and not put the word 'myself' right next to and before it. Everyone but you understood what Warp meant.
  19. Earlier
  20. So this is the fated 'evidence' in prominence's 'flawed RNG', a single image of a bad beat with no indication to preflop or post flop action, stack size or blind level. So essentially just a picture. So the only thing we can actually take away from this is the A10 hand had 5 outs on the the flop ~20% and 4 puts on the turn ~9-10%. Hardly anything to right home about, play as much poker as I do and this will happens to you every few hours. That's poker Hell depending on stack size and blind level, you could easily argue that this should of all been all in preflop. On the other hand, If you are on the first level then you BOTH have overplayed your hands. Hardly evidence of bad code, I also read some of the 23o v AKs hand. Again without stack size and blind level can't complete a full picture. It's probs a bad call unless they had less than 3 big blinds. Thing is you want them to call, you want them to call and you have a ~64% chance of winning. But you are only going to win 2 out of 3 times even though u want the call. And sometimes they hit the 2 or 3, the flop gave them 4 more outs. again its poker. Nothing that won't happen on any other poker site every other hour. Say they call with J10s instead, is that a terrible call? virtually the same odds they have to win as 23o. The sooner you except that sometimes you get outdrawed and sometimes you get unlucky the easier you'll except these beats and stop blaming the software. And if you play a winning brand of poker, you will take the odd beat but long term you will be a profitable player
  21. It feels like an eternity waiting for updates... I've been waiting for almost 2yrs. When you all have some info please let us know or you can just DM me. I won't tell anybody. 😎
  22. My exact quote... key words... 'my interests'. I'm a big 'The Dark Knight' fan. It's the best batman movie ever. Just for the record. But who cares, right?
  23. DaWiz_

    Ranked Lobby Redesign

    ETA says July... Are you all on schedule???
  24. This would be a game changer. I think PP should compete more with Four Kings & Casino in a more robust way. Great ideals and input!!!
  25. It's all good... My apologies. I honestly don't why I'm still posting anyway. I'm just here for update news. I didn't know my profile pic was considered an avatar. But anyways... I'm just a dumbass who can't take a joke. Life moves on....
  26. Farmer John40

    Virtual Frustration

    We were outsourced to a large IBM complex, near Boulder, in the mid 90's. I was on campus several times. I play on Xbox. I started in the summer of 2009, at the age of 69, when I transitioned from life on a sailboat and needed something to do.
  27. I also want to add, which should have been first, is the ability to customize the controls. I can only use one hand. My left hand suffers from nerve damage.
  28. Better poker stats (more details) ability to sell items better player profile states and bankroll hand history if possible (a community lounge) to walk about, chill and meet other players
  29. Your talking about the facility towards Morgan Hill, Uvas area? I know some people who worked there before their SGI days. I play on XBOX mainly because it was a way to get my son to interact with me when he was at college. Do you play on XBOX?
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