1/18/17 New Patch Available on Steam


Greetings, Sharks! We’re happy to announce that a new update is available for Prominence Poker, which includes bug fixes and the addition of Quick Play.






  • A Quick Play option is now available for people looking to get into games faster.
  • This option uses the default buy-in value stored in your Game Options to search for a match with as little as 1 button press. To increase/decrease the percentage of your bankroll used for Quick Play! Please visit your Game Options menu.


  • Fixed a bug where players would get stuck in the lobby screen and were unable to enter a game
  • Fixed a bug where ranking up within a affiliation would cause the game to freeze
  • Fixed a bug where the player never loaded into a multiplayer game when they left and rejoined the same game before the hand ended
  • Fixed a bug where hole cards were being displayed immediately after the first time entering a game
  • Fixed some additional instances of server disconnects



  • Fixed multiple areas of the game that had no highlight or selection SFX.
  • Fixed multiple sound issues within the Game Options menu
  • Fixed sound effect issues within the leaderboards, lobby, and other miscellaneous menus
  • Fixed a bug where sound effects were still audible when the audio was set to mute
  • Fixed a bug where venue sounds were heard in the ranked lobby


  • Fixed a bug where the button icons in the UI would be for a Steam Controller, when using a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug where sale items on discount wouldn’t appear when viewing directly in the shop
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect cards were shown in the HUD
  • We’ve applied a fix that we believe has helped resolve the RAM issue the community has been reporting, please let us know if this issue has been resolved for you
  • Fixed a bug where the selectable area for starting a ranked game was much smaller than the UI when using a mouse
  • Fixed instances of duplicate bundles being observed during a sales period
  • Fixed a bug where the player info UI on the Pause Menu disappeared after navigating to the challenges menu
  • Fixed a bug with the UI highlighter in the Nicknames menu
  • Fixed a bug where the refill table pop-up was carried to the result screen
  • Fixed a bug where the new blind amount wouldn’t display when blinds increased


  • Fixed a bug where some daily bounties did not appear
  • Fixed a bug where the “End Your Hand With a High Card X Times” was missing
  • Fixed a bug where the tournaments pot stack model wasn’t correct in some instances
  • Fixed a bug where the Chip & Bet stack models in tournaments didn’t update appropriately when 5 or less players started a game
  • Fixed a bug where the “Bully”, “Dealt In” & “Winning Streak” challenges were awarding players with the incorrect amount of REP


  • Some localization fixes
  • Fixed some text issues within the Shop

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18 hours ago, lighthouse26 said:

is this update for pc or xbox1?

Console will be getting an update in the near-future, currently going through the certification process

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i play ranking tournament on xbox one.i have 1259 points.my problem is,i have to win every tournament.i get 12 points for win but -2 points for second place.how can i get gold,platin or diamand?that's unpossible and sucks..

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i have prom on steam love it i have an idea to add why not a chat window so we can chat with other players while we wait for tables to load up and while in game. also rank games on steam are harderv to get players in then in concel vers lol i know cause my gf is addicted to this game on my ps4 LOL also we should be able to mix and match diffoutfits as well forbetter customization

Edited by Jebus

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