Steam: A Recap of Recent Hotfixes for Prominence Poker

Since we released the new Diamonds affiliation we've been looking through the forums and addressing your feedback as it comes up. 

Here's an overview of the minor patches that released over the last couple of weeks.


  • This update fixes the "Not Enough Chips" error when going from a ranked games search to QuickPlay
  • It also fixes a rare crash


  • Loot cases will award items only for your current gender
  • Improved messaging around trying to join games with an insufficient bankroll
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes


This update should fix the inability to rejoin a 6 player ranked tournament after at least one player has been knocked out. It also fixes a very rare crash on the game results screen. And those of you who have negative hands remaining on a table item boost should find that you now have more than zero hands remaining on that item, after re-Entering Prominence.


  • Player counts in the Ranked Games lobby, back by popular demand
  • Your missing 2% table item boosts have been converted to 5% boosts
  • A few minor cosmetic and server fixes

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You need to put a timer on sitting out during tournaments as I see a lot of players sitting out until they are at least in third place before they start playing yet when you play a casual game there is a timer it should be flipped the other way around

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Thats right!!! Pepole abuse the sitout method and those that play and make bold moves can be out and lose thier place at the table 

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People abusing the sit out timer in ranked tournaments is frustrating, to say the least. I mean, I get that it's a method that is actually used in a real tournament -- but I don't know anyone that would truthfully use it if they made it to the final table. And after all, that's basically what we play when we play ranked games: The Final Six.

It's a HUGE waste of time for anyone trying to make it to the Top 3. Especially if the other players on the table recognize it and want to blind the time-waster out of the game. I had three in the same game once... While I appreciated the knock-out rep, it was tedious and boring.

There are already more than a few things that don't operate the same way a real casino would... I don't see why limiting how long someone can be away wouldn't actually help make the [ranked] game more competitive. 

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I am a big fan of your work, guys. I think the only one one site I like as much as yours is Sleekwriters.  I am totally coming back for updates and I really hope to see a new post. Thank you!

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