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Seven days, 310 levels: Xbox One Has Its First Max-Level Player


We'd like to extend a massive congratulations to El Blakeo for being the first Prominence Poker player on Xbox One to reach the game's current level cap! Like all Xbox One players, El Blakeo started playing when the game debuted on August 16, and in the week since that time, El Blakeo not only reached level 310, but also reached Rank 3 in both Hearts and Clubs Affiliations! 

How'd he do it? El Blakeo says the key is playing lots of $100 buy-in head to head games, always having a table item equipped for the 10 percent Rep bonus, and playing when the in-game events are offering even more Rep bonuses (see our Calendar for more info on that). He also says racing up the leaderboards against FIGMENT79, one of the other highest-ranked Xbox One players, helped to keep things focused. "She was definitely the hardest to best and inspired me to go all the way," El Blakeo told us.

Perhaps most impressively, El Blakeo did all of this without spending a single dime on Prominence Poker. Like we say, the game is free-to-play, but absolutely not pay-to-win, and El Blakeo's rapid leaderboard climb proves as much.




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Congrats, and It's too bad I had to work this week! I really wanted the first spot, but I will settle for second. Either way, I still got to level 310, finally! Now, It's time to work on that billion. 

2016-08-26 15.59.43.jpg

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2 minutes ago, Elblakeoboostedwithdaniel said:

Ur r da worst player. I can poker much better than u and you are a booster. Subscribe to my channel mothmandid911 for more content

Hillary Clinton is my favorite wu tang member

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