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Prominence Poker on Xbox One: Our First Week, by the Numbers


It's been about a week since Prominence Poker debuted on the Xbox One and we couldn't possibly be happier with how things are going. Players have been absolutely flooding into the game since the moment it was available for download, and we can't thank you enough for your support!

However, what we can do is share with you all some very important numbers that demonstrate exactly why we're constantly high-fiving one another here in the studio:

  • Number of Prominence Poker players on Xbox One who have already surpassed level 100: 28
  • Tournaments played since launch: 48,093
  • Chips spent on Avatar Customization items: 732,947,250
    • If those chips were stacked vertically, they'd create a tower that stretches 1,540 miles into the air, or could wrap around the moon almost 1.5 times.
  • Chips bet in multiplayer Ring Games: 2,856,552,433
    • That's enough chips to cover the entire length of the Amazon River 1.5 times over.

Like I said, these numbers have absolutely annihilated our expectations, and with the PlayStation 4 version of Prominence Poker launching today, the future looks very bright for our game -- which is good news for players, as it gives us more freedom to build on the solid base we've created with more content, more polish, and additional technical enhancements. 

We'll have more on our future plans very soon, but for now -- and at the risk of sounding repetitive -- thank you all for enjoying Prominence Poker!


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Made it to 410 on r Xbox one Boom just now! Am I First?! Shout out to my friends that played long hours with me  to FIGMENT37we ginded like 36 hours strait  together to own the leader boards never could catch you and even if they do reset the leaderboards you always #1 to me. Was so fun now to get me my billion!

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