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Deal Yourself In: Prominence Poker Now Available On Xbox One


At long last, Prominence Poker has come to Xbox One as part of the Xbox Summer Spotlight, and we’re celebrating with a special Xbox Game With Dev livestream on August 16!

Prominence Poker allows players to enter the city of Prominence and seek out fame and fortune with high stakes poker games in a gambling utopia founded by crooked goons. By building their reputation through defeating cunning factions in Prominence, players will have the opportunity to go up against “The Mayor” – the mysterious town founder. 

Thanks to the input of four-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Max Pescatori, Prominence Poker offers would-be card sharps the most authentic poker experience available on Xbox One. Boasting gorgeously seedy locations, intricate character customization, and unprecedented, high-stakes poker action, Prominence Poker provides unparalleled immersion, whether you’re playing against computer-controlled players in singleplayer, or placing bets against other people in Prominence Poker’s competitive online multiplayer modes. Daily events, regular tournaments, and a host of unlockable outfits and table items ensure players will return to the tables over and over again in the hopes of striking it rich.

You can download Prominence Poker at no cost by visiting the Xbox Store on your console, or at Xbox.com: http://bit.ly/2aT1vz3

For more information on Prominence Poker, take a look at our official website at ProminencePoker.com, follow us on Twitter @prominencepoker and @pipeworksstudio, or on Facebook at facebook.com/prominencepoker. 

And don’t forget to tune in to the Xbox Game With Dev livestream on August 16 at 2:30 PM PDT: twitch.tv/xbox


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At 1930 today, it said "Havana nights ending in 30 minutes" what does that mean? I couldn't find anything on Xbox one that showed Havana nights 

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One achievement glitched for me:  "The Prestigious" (join an affiliation)...funny because I unlocked "Mutineer" (change affiliations)

Any help welcome!

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