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Meet The Team: Geoff Rich


Meet the Team is a regular feature in which we interview members of the Pipeworks team working on Prominence Poker to give you a brief introduction to the people working behind the scenes to maintain and improve your favorite poker game. Today, our subject is Geoff Rich, Art Lead.



Can you give us your name and title?

I am Geoff Rich, and I am the Art Lead on Prominence Poker.


Where are you from, and how long have you been working in games?

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, and I’ve been with Pipeworks for a little over six years. I’ve been working professionally in the games industry since 2006.


What have you worked on in the past that people might know?

Before Pipeworks, I worked as a contract artist for a number of different clients. Some of the big ones were for Gearbox on Borderlands, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and Brothers In Arms: Hells Highway, and for Microsoft on Kinect Adventures.


Can you tell us what you do on the Prominence Poker team?

As the Art Lead, my job is to oversee all aspects of art production and the visual style for Prominence Poker. I work directly with the studio Art Director at a high level to set the visual style and quality bar for the project and manage a team of talented Character Artists, Animators, UI, and Environment Artists who do all of the hard work to make the game look great. I also work directly with the Leads in the other departments to ensure they get everything they need from the Art Department, and that my Artists get everything they need from the other departments.


What makes you passionate about working on Prominence Poker?

The Art team here at Pipeworks is incredibly talented and tight knit. Getting to work with these folks every day is a pleasure, and we’ve really made the development on Prominence Poker our own -- which is something anyone would be excited to continue working on.


What would you like to tell players about the future of Prominence Poker?

I’m really proud of all the work our team has put into Prominence Poker, but there’s plenty of room to expand the world of Prominence and the games we play within it. We love to hear what keeps bringing you guys back to the table and that feedback regularly enters into our development discussions and meetings, so be sure to let us know what you love, and what you’d like to see next!

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Geoff can you please add the title location of what table your sitting at when your sitting down. It be nice to know a head of time the table your about to be at before you actually load in. Thanks 

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