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Ring game advice

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Just want to throw this out there. I noticed many players play ring games exactly the same way they would play a tournament game.  You are not alone i was doing the same thing..  Meaning i would play a ring game always believing to prove how good i am, i must always beat everyone at the table.  Get that number 1 spot..  Have more chips than everyone else.  Then it struck me, why am i doing this?  Which in turn lead me to my biggest flaw.. Not throwing in a made hand or a "monster" hand.  

I now call it the Daniel Negreanu syndrome..  He is one of the greatest poker players of all time,  he reads hands like no other. Yet even though he has made the correct lead, he still calls and loses..  Granted the hardest thing to do in poker is throw in a fantastic hand you believe you have won. This has cost me losing 100k plus hands.  Cause i just have to win even when my head shouths,  thomas he/she has the nuts..  Small Example

 I have two pair and by the way my opponent suddenly just bet my mind screams,  they got that king,,  they got their 3 of a kind..  Yet i talk myself into calling,  na they are just bluffing...   then there goes my chip stack..  Here is another perfect example.  Just the other night i actually had quad kings on the turn. I was staring into a royal flush draw. The one other person kept raising and rerasing on the river till with both ended up all in. Yes i put him on the royal flush draw or at the very least flush.  I'm thinking this person has to be nuts. Even if he has the royal flush what are the chances.  Yes keep reraising till we are all in tyvm.   

   Sure enough after we both went all in,  cards flipped i'm staring at a possible royal flush..  You got this thomas the chances of him getting that last card he needs is astronomical..  How wrong i was,  prominence strikes again..  Dealt every card he needed in succession and was dealt a perfect royal flush...   

 So anyway the point i was am now trying to make is this..  Why?  I am already sitting on 200k chips or something..  Why did i need to go all in. Sure i had quads but who cares..  It's not a tournament..  I don't need to be the over all winner...  It's just a ring game you are simply here to make money.. So i guess my advice is this..  It's just a ring game..  It doesn't matter if you are in 4th, 5th or 6th place.  So long as you leave the table with more chips than you arrived with..   If people start betting all crazy just throw in that "winning hand" and stay in the black..  Better to just lose some chips then the vast majority of them on a single hand even if you think you have it won...


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I know this is an old post, but I hope nobody reads what he wrote.  This is scared poker.   Forget everything you've read in his post please.  

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