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Beginners Guide to Blockers

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Very informative article, so if you have J/J/8/8 in your hand and the flop comes out with a 10-7-2, the eights in your hand will function as the main "blockers" to your opponent that is drawing to get a straight. Or you could even say you hold Kd/Ks/7h/6h and the betting gets thick following the turn with the board showing 8s/Ah/4h/5c. You have the current nuts with your straight and a small flush draw.

It's also possible that our opponent may be drawing to get a bigger flush, but if he/she has the two hearts in their hand, it serves as "blockers" to him getting there. I'm thinking too much today. I love poker, there's always more to be thinking about in regards to strategies to strengthen your playing skills.

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First off, why reply with an Omaha hand?  It only confuses beginners. And why would beginners need to worry about blockers for?  

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