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I realize this is a widely discussed issue, but it seems the best progress people have made is by starting a discussion here, and catching the eye of someone who can make things happen. 

So, here's the story... I fell asleep a few nights ago while playing Prominence Poker, and have been unable to play ever since. I get stuck on a loading wheel, when trying to choose a lobby type. I have hard reset my xbox, reset my modem, and uninstalled then reinstalled the game. Nothing is working for me. I also submitted a ticket with 505 support. I keep reading about ghost characters getting stuck in lobbies, which makes sense since I fell asleep in game, but there's gotta be another way to fix this by now, right? Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

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Were  you playing a Ranked Tourney? 

Have you tried paly casual or H2H?

 Tr y selecting the menu option and press sit out or exit.

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