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Teamwork In Ranked Games - CHEATER ALERT

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I ran across 2 players blatantly cheating in ranked tournaments. Whenever one was low on chips they would wait until they were the only 2 people in the hand and one would bet an amount that would make them even on chips and the other would call him and the next hand one would fold.


I messaged these guys and told them to go play casual games if they wanted to cheat, not ranked games.  Nobody cares if you move money around in a casual game but I was prematurely knocked out of a ranked game because of this and this was the beginning of a terrible losing streak and to put it lightly I was infuriated.


Their gamertags are :

Affranchy bl 

Affranchy Kng


Is there any action that can be taken? Can they be messaged by a moderator and told that they have been reported as cheaters ?


Is there any way to deter this kind of behaviour? 

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