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Animal Mother

Installed about three days ago, played a little more than a dozen hours...

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Just today, within a couple hours have seen myself dealt the Queen and King of clubs nearly back to back, only one hand in between them... Weird.


I've won my first two tournaments! How awesome. Just lost the third one about 10 minutes in, you wouldn't believe what happened almost forgot to screenshot it I was laughing so hard. The whole table goes all in and I'm like whoa. I'm still chuckling: Five players at the table and here are our hole cards--

some guy: AA

another guy: KK

yet another guy: QQ

and some sad chap: 55

I had; A 10


This means the first, what, ten cards to leave the top of the deck were 3 of the aces, half the queens and kings, half the fives, and a ten. Oh and just so happened to be exact order to give farking four people pocket pairs... A K Q pocket pairs?!? Wtf is going on mate? If my friend had dealt that I'd say he isn't shuffling well.

I've seen posts about all this, and seen some bad beats and improbable stuff happen, but within three days of playing and now this. It's obviously not an accurate representation of odds or card games and is more juiced up like the scripting in the single player intro and stuff. So go ahead, give me the ole : "tHaT's JuSt hOw POkEr wUrkZ"  LoL but I'm not being driven away by bad beats, but unfair tweaked gameplay instead of just real cards, It's hard to go too becaues I've got 240k up from w/e the start was and had a couple good loots with 25k chips and that, but I'm not inclined to spend much time playing make believe w/ avatars. Thought this was a legit poker game or whatever... I'm fond of it's presentation but this has got me very annoyed.

Is the game actually geared for action somehow? These numbers just don't make sense when I've got less than twenty hours, less than 500 hands, and am seeing not just these two events, but quite a few others that are incredibly unlikely to appear to an observer even over larger periods of time. Plus it's hard to differentiate between people being salty over random bad beats or curious about sketchy mechanics. Pocket Aces, Kings, and Queens, and Fives. 4/5 people at the table have not only pairs, but A, K, Q too?!? I got KQ clubs separated by only a single hand. Seems like software glitch not statistics man.

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This has all been talked about before. 

I was in a live game, 8 players at the table. Three of us all in. AA, KK, one guy folded TT and I was the sad sack with 88. 

If it can happen, it will happen at some point. 

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