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There’s no way in hades that the cards are random!  NO WAY!  

Some serious tweaking needs to be done to make this a fair and impartial game.  

This game will decide who gets the cards and who is going to win in every tournament.  There’s no way around the crappy algorithms of the game.  

If this doesn’t change and soon this game will become a bad experience memory to be forgotten.  

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Ive played 3 days so far, just saw a table of five in this tournament get dealt this:

me - A 10

bro - 5 5

boy - Q Q

guy - K K

dude - A A

 then flop was: Q 3 ... somethin            I just said glitch and exited


just before id gotten Q K clubs almost back to back, literally one hand between getting dealt the same exact suited face hole cards

entertaining for a moment, but not fun and not worth my time is my determination unfortunately because there was promise


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