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A hole card hands

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Hole card rankings @ 

The rankings for hole cards with an Ace are interesting. K,Q,J,T,9,8,5,7,4,3,6,2

All the suited hands are ranked in the top 39. For the offsuit hands, the rankings are much lower with huge drops in power when you get below an A+10.

The reason I decided to look at this is because I was watching a poker tourney on TV recently and one of the commentators who is also a player said that the A+5 was a good hand. I thought well, ok sure it has an ace but how often do you see 2,3,4 on the board? But apparently it is about the same as an A+8 in power.  Still, I don't often give a lot of thought to how quickly the odds to win drop for A+9 offsuit and lower.


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I realize that I didn't think the subject for this post through very well. I should have made it Ace hold card hands.

Anyhow, I've been throwing away A-2 offsuit lately when there are 4+ players at the table and it seems to have helped. 

It's difficult to realize, but A-2 offsuit is not as good a hand as 8-3 suited. In fact A-2 offsuit is so bad it's in about the bottom 30% of all hole hands.  A lot of players will see that Ace and play it immediately. Some even raise with it pre-flop.  Not me, not anymore.

You need A-9 offsuit or better to be in the top half of good hands.


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