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Diamond Rank - get in there early.....

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I have to declare; I consider Platinum Rank a Failure for me. Diamond is the goal.

I generally achieve Diamond within the first 2 weeks of the season, then I focus on Ring Games as it's often a long wait to get 6 players to make a Diamond tourney.
This season, oh what a nightmare! Couldn't play regularly for first 2 weeks so was behind the curve. Worked through from Gold to Platinum and then.......stuck, stuck, stuck! Why? A lot more players had worked through to Platinum than I usually encounter. The 'skill' level of an awful lot of them could at best be described a 'moderate'. Their playing style 'hopeful'. No matter to them, PP kicks in repeatedly with outrageous suck outs and, dare I say, rigged hands. The whole dynamic is different later on in the season. Heads up, would you call my 20k all in (AQ) with 89 O/S ??? Maybe you should because PP will bounce out that 9 straight from the flop, oh yeah. Want some more, take a 9 on the turn too.

6 Handed first to act , A4 suited, worth a limp (600). Flop A 4 7 (diff suits), hello....check. To my left 1.2k....hmmm, 'proper' Ace maybe? Others fold, I call. Turn 9. Check, check. River Q, check, 3k. Call. Yep, A7. That's a guy who I wouldn't even rate 'Average' and had been playing as a continual calling station regardless of the trash he was holding. Honestly, I've a dozen more similar from last 6 tourneys, such as the classic J6 all in shove catching a J on the river, OK I only had Q high but I was the low stack (after the A7 tragedy). Nah, best to work through the ranks early and avoid these pantomime players.

Posting as a general tip to Rank early as opposed to a long whinge about Bad Beats as ring games are understandably the King Arena for those.

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