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Tor Ivar Sæternes

Explain the BUBBLE% please...

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What does the bubble stand for in Prominence Poker. ?

How is to calculated ?

I have a Bubble rating of 67%

(See Picture provided)

Most other players I see have something like 0.481...0.493...0.531 and there about.

Please give a easy to understand explanation to understanding this.

Thanks In Advance 🙂


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There is some "explanation" here,but nothing that clarify it.

Maybe the developer or somebody in the know could please answer,as it is confusing to everyone it seems.

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Ok, here we go again.

Google (or Bing) the question :"term bubble in poker tournaments".

Basically, when one is the bubble player they are the final player to lose who WON'T win any money.

Based on the example furnished by Tor, it appears the bubble% refers to the percentage of times when a player finished a tournament fourth or less.  

In other words, Tor, 67% of the times you played casual tournaments, you finished fourth or less.



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That number can not be right. As I know from experience...I do NOT end up 4th or less is in 67%.

I've played 1466 Tournaments,Won 417 and have countless 2nd and 3rd places.

So what you are stating is WRONG.



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The 'Bubble' is simply the last placing of a tournament to NOT get prize money. 

Eg: 200 players enter multi-table tournament. Top 15 places get prize money, 16th place is 'the bubble'. 

In large tournaments play can become very slow as players try to avoid being knocked out before the bubble. Some tournaments will even force tables to start hands in sync to make it fair for everyone.   

I'm not sure what the bubble % is in the stats but it's either the amount of times you made it 'past the bubble' (ie. you made it to the prize money) or the amount of time you didn't make the money. I'd guess it's the amount of time you DO make the money but I'll check this later when I'm on Prominence. 

The other players stats of 0.481, 0.495, etc is simply a coding error where it's not formatting the % correctly. 0.481 would be 48%, 0.495 would be 49%....  and so  on. 

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