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Dennis McCree Sr.

i am ME

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been on these forums for a little while now but i have "officially" introduced myself so here goes: I love the game of hold em , i play every game as if i was playing for a million dollars. I honestly fold about 90 % of the hands i play and let the  noobs and bingo player take themselves  out. In real life i am a male and i play a male at the tables as i find it very strange and freaky when a man needs to pretend to be a woman.....in the virtual world or the real one.  But If that's what you need to do to be happy with yourself  then who am I to judge you? In my lifetime i have  been a Auto mechanic, an Electrician, a HVAC/R Technician (spent 25 years doing that)  and a all around goof off. I am very happily retired now and enjoy being a PaPa to 8 wonderful grandchildren. I spent my entire life abusing Drugs and Alcohol by choice and i just celebrated 6 year of living clean and sober from  any and all mind altering substances. If you are using or abusing just know that help is available but only to those who want it. I also am a survivor of two heart attacks that happened only 12 months apart.......those two events started me on a path or a journey that has seen me do a complete 180 with my life.....i lost over 100  lbs and i now go to the gym 5 days a week. I eat healthy and i am in the best physical shape of my life. I credit my "turn around" to my  belief in a higher power and a very caring group of doctors and nurses that stuck with me and   helped me to make wise and healthy choices that got me to where i am today. If your on Xbox you can find me under the handle of  xLem Motlowx . I look forward to playing a game of hod em with all of you someday !

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The way you turned your life around is inspiring.

I play a similar style of poker as you and I play on the Xbox. Do you play tournaments or ring games?

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your post. Hope to see you at the tables.

BTW, my gamertag is HollowEcho64

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