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How to beat the overly agro PFR

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How to beat the overly agro PFR

Overly agro players are going to be your biggest source of chippies.  They usually just hand it over to you.  What they are good at is crushing passive weak "rocks".  This strategy is a lot more effective when the agro player is on your right. If he's on your left, consider leaving.  

The next time he raises with the two napkins he picked off the floor,  3bet him 4x what he raised.  If he is supper sticky or fishy, 5x or as much as he's willing to call.  The goal isn't to make him fold, it's to stack off with a better hand.  If villain seems to only fold or 4bet you with better than villain is probably better than you and you should consider a new table.  Or you could counter his 4bet by polarizing your 3bet and 4 bet range.  But this shouldn't be necessary because this post is targeted towards fishy agro players.

Trust me, once you 3 bet and stack the fish a couple of times and he does a couple of re buys, he'll either adjust or go broke.  

Happy fishing. 

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