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Ask a Casnio Host Anything...

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Ask a Casnio Host Anything...

I thought because a lot of you may be gamblers in real life I would be happy to field questions you might have about Casino Hosts, how a casino looks at your play etc.. et al. 

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Hey! Great thread idea. No idea why people haven't asked you a question yet.

How many casino hosts does a casino usually operate at once? Are ya'll organized by importance of patron? A couple handling the pros, a couple handling random people, etc. I suppose the answer will vary greatly by location. I'm thinking of somewhere like The Mirage, for example. But any info would be great.

Also, is the competition for that job as steep as I imagine it would be?

♥ Bitty

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I find most " real  " properties will have around 11-14 regular AD ( account development hosts ) 1 or 2 PD ( Player development hosts ) and a slew of rotating VIP hosts. a few asian hosts or an asian team etc...  Obviously depending on the brand the roles differ but its like this;

VIP hosts : They are the hands. Not responsible for any players specifically but do a lot of interactions with guests. Meeting them on the floor. seeking out comp permission .  They deal with VIP players as well as just players in general. They are not paid great, a good one is worth his or her weight in gold a bad one.. ugh just unforgivable. This is a high guest facing job with an hourly structure.

Account Development Host ( me ) : We are responsible for generating risk. Developing interpersonal relations informing the guest of offers and ultimately a cradle to grave care of each VIP guest experience as he or she arrives at the property. A host is responsible each quarter for the money his assigned guests brought in last year + 5%, this makes the host really want to bring you in. It is a high competitive high stress job. For example any average quarter i in essence owe the casino 3 million dollars worth of risk. If i dont achieve 85% of that i can be terminated. For the big icons to land an AD host job you need to come in with your own players a casino tend to hire you because you have a book that would represent 12mil per year that you have a great relationship with.. Thats a good place for them to start. AD host are also guest facing but are salried and held to a critically high standard. Are considered managers on property and must also be good at marketing, phone, relationship sales, analytics, profit and loss, event organization etc.. You must become a master of all traits.  Hey wuss you keep using risk in a funny way... why?
Because as an AD host I am more concerned with risk than actual for example:

2 players come in they play blackjack and both intend to play $10,000 dollars tonight.

Blackjack holds normally around 1.5 % advantage to the casino.

Player A makes 2 bets for $5000 in 3 minutes and looses both bets.
Player B Makes several bets ranging from $25 to $500 / hand having ups and downs for 6 hours. Lets say he also ultimately looses it all.

These players are not equal. Player A is garbage and Player B is pretty good if that's a daily average?

Why? What!! they both lost 10k.....
Player A gave my casino a 3 minute chance at 10k at a 1.5% advantage... no thank you.. He would a doubled up and walked out if he hit. That is not the type of recreational play we are trying to incentive and we dont.. 
Obviously player B gets the world he gave me 6 hours at a 1.5% advantage to win his 10k.

Because i am paid on risk i dont even care if these people win or lose i only care about time and risk.... ergo 10k 6 hour slot player at a penny machine with a 75% disadvantage.. ill fly that man and his family around the world to get here...

 PD Hosts: The big Dogs... Even higher pressure even bigger players ( normally ) these men are judged on actual.. and big actual. They deal with the players that could go anywhere in the world this weekend. but choose to come here. Though they report up to a marketing manager they likely have been there longer and have close relationships with other PD across the globe. If your his player, hes likely coming to your wedding.. He can make special deals to change the odds of the entirety of the casino at your whim if you are willing to put enough money into play.. 

There is quite a bit of competition for these jobs and some host offices are absolutely cutthroat. though with the abundance of casinos you could be a mediocre host at likely any one of them with an upbeat attitude and a great sales background..  



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