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Need Help

Hello just need some help on the game on what the icons mean and what they do! Right now on the home screen it shows a lighting bolt and a fanny pack what do then mean? And what does the Happy hour and all those other things mean... Plz help... Thank you 

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"Happy Hour" doubles the rep bonus from any table item that you drink (cocktails, beer, energy drinks). "Havanah Nights" is the same thing, but for items you smoke. These two happen every day at set times.


On top of those, each day has its own unique rep bonus for doing various things:

  • Muck-it Monday -   the Muck-It rep reward
  • Tourney Tuesday -  Playing in tournaments
  • Affiliation Wednesday - Wearing an affiliation outfit
  • Thirsty Thursdays - not a rep bonus per se, but gifting refills is discounted
  • Fanny Pack Friday - Wearing a tourist outfit
  • Sucker Punch Saturday - from the KO rep reward
  • Suave Sundays - wearing a suit or a dress
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