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Anyone have a good mic or headset wanna play?

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Hi there. I've been playing Prominence for a bit now (I'm level 20) but I'm new to the community here. I picked up poker back during the poker craze of the mid 2000's, and played in one form or another during 2006-2008. I played a live armature tournament in 2010 (came in third), and didn't religiously pick it up again until this year with this game. Much like with any skill, it's 'use it or lose it.' And since I haven't played poker for quite some time, I'm not as good as I once was - a far cry actually. I'm re-learning the skills I lost.

I'd like to expand my friends list with some nice folks (people that are at least old enough to legally rent a car) that have a mic or headset and play regularly or at least once a week. Feel free to send me a friend request on Steam (link to Steam profile). Just let me know who you are on Steam so I don't reject the request. I don't accept friend requests on Steam if I don't know the source.

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