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How 'bout tables that correspond to your level. If you're level 1-100, then that's who you play. Level 100-200, 200-300 and so on, ALL the way up. I've played this game for 3 years now. I might not be a computer programmer or a video game designer, BUT, I can notice similarities and the EXACT same things happening daily. Once, you're up to over level don't get cards like you used to, back when you started. I've started 3 new characters now.....and from Level 1-100, you're a superstar, you can't miss a flop.....your flush ALWAYS comes, same with your straights, you might even see your first Royal Flush. Once you get over level 100, things begin to change.....your cards stop coming.

I also notice every table you join.....Look and see who is in first with ALL the's going to be that level 18 or 25 or w/e......They're DEADLY....

Tournaments as well.....I've watched level 25's and 30's win EVERY single hand in a row and take EVERY single player out in succession.....

Head to Head even worse......It seems EVERY single player I face, is a level 25 and I'm level 1200 and something, there is NO WAY a player ranked that high will beat a lower level. Again....go sign in with my lower level characters......and they can't be beat. I don't know if anyone else has felt that lower levels, NO MATTER what crap cards they play, every hand beat Higher Level players with solid cards over and over.

I think the HIGHER levels gets confused and frustrated AND the LOWER levels just keep WINNING and just think they're awesome players and win with their horrible decisions, rewarded over and over.....that's the cycle to keep all the chips being bought.

Anyhow, that is my request......Make tables that are locked to specific levels ONLY......That is all.

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If you're talking about level in relation to rep points received, what level you're at has nothing to do with skill.   It represents what has happened in the hands you've participated in plus bonusses.

I have around 750 rep points and just finished a ranked tournament with a player with less than  80 points.  When the player in third was eliminated, I had less than 8k in chips.  I won the tournament.

Level had nothing to do with the outcome.  Rather, it was how we played our hole cards.


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