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Is it just me...

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On 1/28/2017 at 4:25 PM, Mayo said:

well I wanted to give the card "randomizer" a chance to recover from the comeback kid gameplay, but I guess its not to be.

so many things have happened since my original post, that I feel correct in my original assumption that this games "randomizer" is clearly broken.

too bad because this is a great format to play, but when the cards consistently defy the odds...something is obviously off.

I more than welcome the developers to review my last 500 hands or so and tell me im wrong.

salt and bad beats are part of the game, but when you loose more than win when maintaining a lead, something is off.

I'm with ya pops. Apparently there's no such thing as "random" computer picks but besides that the sheer amount of weird hands makes me convinced it's certainly nowhere close to random or live poker.

To me, it seems the game tilts in favor of first, new users, second, certain seats and third, when the game puts you on tilt there is no way to win a hand. I went from nearly $50M down to less than $2M in a week where I won two accidental hands. How is that possible? Yeah, I said a loss of $48 million in a week. It was crazy. I couldn't win a single hand no matter how many times I switched tables or seats. I'm omitting hands I won by bluffing because that was just bluff. The game put me on tilt and literally wouldn't give me a winning hand in over a week. I lost almost everything and it took about 3 months of low-end games to get back up to $15M and I'm here because it seems I'm on tilt again according to the game. Plus someone harassed me during a game.

2015 sc storm damage4.jpg

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I'm very, very pleased that I didn't buy this game and got it during a Gold week for free on xbox.

The cards are dealt based on some algorithm that can only be related to avatars and their related attributes.

The previous entries in this thread by people saying "oh ho ho no gramps you jus' mad" are either Prominence Poker employees, people with very little play time on this game, or they are just trolling brats. In any case whatsoever they are absolutely wrong and gramps was right. This game's algorithm is literally stupid and evil. 

Whatever algorithm is used on the cards here makes me hate this game and I would never, ever, in a million years put out a single penny for anything related to this game.

There is no way possible in real poker for hands to be dealt like they are in this evil game.

This is some SJW trick. The admins must be communists.

I hate this game now. And I've never hated a game before so that's nice.

I hate this game so much now that I will buy the next video poker game I see available on sight.



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Wow am I ever glad you brought up this topic and has to be addressed, Prominence poker is like any other site I've played on..they say its all random dealing but if you understand the least little bit about computers you know that every program you run has to have settings or it just doesn't run correctly . One major thing I noticed  when playing on these sites is its not the same as play a real game of live cards. I noticed a lot of things while playing online is when your playing with free chips people more likely to play  more for luck than skill which makes it 10 times harder than normal because lets face it, THEY DON"T CARE, and I emphasize this because its so common to see..Something else I noticed is if you watch the cards your dealt its always  a high and a low card pre-flop and also watch the whole cards will show you 3-4 card straits or flushes that makes everyone chase. All in all I know my game and personally I like going to a buddies place and emptying their pockets with a real no fake game of poker..DO NOT TRUST SITES THAT SAY ITS RANDOM DEALING. and never Ever trust a site that says they dont have bots..Have a good day

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