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I have never played at 888 poker, but I just watched a video of live play on youtube.

They have the ability to save player notes on how players play.  

This would be immensely valuable or players, like myself, who have a hard time remembering players play styles and hands they played. 

I hope that Prominence Poker considers adding this feature. 

I understand that many players do not want ratings on players play style, but if pay for money sites like 888 poker have V.P.I.P stats, why would it be bad for PP?  Maybe it's cost prohibitive for them to do?


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While DuplexEmperor's comment got a chuckle out of me, I honestly would expect that sort of thing to be difficult to use on a console.  Sure, they could add something to the context menu when you hold Right Trigger and highlight an opponent, but would the database be server side or local to our machines/save data files?  And either way, I hate typing messages on PSN with the controller, I can't imagine I'd make much use of the feature.  While it might be useful in some instances (I can only remember 2 names I've encountered so far that I'd want to keep notes on, they were both pretty cagey and both times I wound up head-up with them to end a ranked tournament game).  For the most part, everyone else I've encountered has either been a donkey or they've been ABC players, pretty straightforward stuff (so far).

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