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boosters tip

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Use the 2% boost, simple maths will tell you that you have an extra 25 hands to earn 2% on using the 2% boost.

10% of 1000 = 100  --- 9 hands left
2% of 1000 = 20  --- 74 hands left

20 x 5 = 100 --- 70 hands left

So if we got the 10% for all 10 hands, we would have 1,000

To get 1000 with 2% boost we only need to do it with 50 hands. 20 x 50 = 1,000

leaving a whole 25 hands left for extra boost that you would not get with 10%.
The only time 10% is gonna benefit you more is if you get 10 hands in a row that give good RP. Which is rare.

So basically the 2% boost is the best one in my eyes unless I got my maths wrong :S



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