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  2. I'm having trouble understanding event bonuses. I always see the 40% I get for having a top-tier filled table item, but the help page says things like getting 50% for wearing a suit (like today) or for wearing your affiliation clothes. I never see any extra percent for conforming to event conditions.
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  5. Oh and when 5/6 have random set as choice the 1 person that selected gets their choice!??? How does that work?
  6. Ive played 3 days so far, just saw a table of five in this tournament get dealt this: me - A 10 bro - 5 5 boy - Q Q guy - K K dude - A A then flop was: Q 3 ... somethin I just said glitch and exited just before id gotten Q K clubs almost back to back, literally one hand between getting dealt the same exact suited face hole cards entertaining for a moment, but not fun and not worth my time is my determination unfortunately because there was promise
  7. Just today, within a couple hours have seen myself dealt the Queen and King of clubs nearly back to back, only one hand in between them... Weird. I've won my first two tournaments! How awesome. Just lost the third one about 10 minutes in, you wouldn't believe what happened almost forgot to screenshot it I was laughing so hard. The whole table goes all in and I'm like whoa. I'm still chuckling: Five players at the table and here are our hole cards-- some guy: AA another guy: KK yet another guy: QQ and some sad chap: 55 I had; A 10 This means the first, what, ten cards to leave the top of the deck were 3 of the aces, half the queens and kings, half the fives, and a ten. Oh and just so happened to be exact order to give farking four people pocket pairs... A K Q pocket pairs?!? Wtf is going on mate? If my friend had dealt that I'd say he isn't shuffling well. I've seen posts about all this, and seen some bad beats and improbable stuff happen, but within three days of playing and now this. It's obviously not an accurate representation of odds or card games and is more juiced up like the scripting in the single player intro and stuff. So go ahead, give me the ole : "tHaT's JuSt hOw POkEr wUrkZ" LoL but I'm not being driven away by bad beats, but unfair tweaked gameplay instead of just real cards, It's hard to go too becaues I've got 240k up from w/e the start was and had a couple good loots with 25k chips and that, but I'm not inclined to spend much time playing make believe w/ avatars. Thought this was a legit poker game or whatever... I'm fond of it's presentation but this has got me very annoyed. Is the game actually geared for action somehow? These numbers just don't make sense when I've got less than twenty hours, less than 500 hands, and am seeing not just these two events, but quite a few others that are incredibly unlikely to appear to an observer even over larger periods of time. Plus it's hard to differentiate between people being salty over random bad beats or curious about sketchy mechanics. Pocket Aces, Kings, and Queens, and Fives. 4/5 people at the table have not only pairs, but A, K, Q too?!? I got KQ clubs separated by only a single hand. Seems like software glitch not statistics man.
  8. I believe your table selection process is unfair. You should random 1-6 to select which player choice is selected instead of majority rules. If 4 of 6 players select the table with dealer that should give 66% chance of playing that table not 100%. The people who are selecting the butcher table (example) should at least have a chance of getting their selection. Everyone pays the same price to play the game. It is unfortunate that the majority of tables are never played due to majority calculation. For those that may think I am trying to get my table selection; I always chose the casino table with dealer. So I am usually in the majority and still think it is unfair to ignore other people’s chance of playing their selection.
  9. Have you (additionally) experienced beginning truly well while utilizing a specific strategy, and out of the blue (potentially half or an entire season later) you're reaching a stopping point of awful outcomes? It's unquestionably disappointing, however that can occur. A few people accept that Football Manager coordinate motor AI in the end makes sense of your strategy and modifies in like manner sooner or later. Is that a legend or a reality? We scoured network dialogs and found the appropriate response, which is affirmed by Neil Brock who works at Sports Interactive. Svenc: The AI doesn't make sense of you. Basically, any AI administrator in any match adjusts to the following adversaries it faces. Essentially, they target various outcomes (persuading wins, draws, not getting embarrassed) and play additionally assaulting or cautious football dependent on how they see any group - including yours. Your status in the game changes normally after some time, except if you absolutely never under or over perform. In the event that you over perform, an ever increasing number of groups may pick progressively careful methodologies, which may mean you need to work for your space. In case you're a top group as it so happens, you will confront very cautious groups each week, which AI directors of Barcelona, Bayern and so forth all face in like manner. This is intended to mimic what is happening in genuine football, as you once in a while observe any semblance of Burnley going all gung-ho at Chelsea. A key pointer are the match chances earlier, and how they treat you; long shots, equivalent or top choice. As a side-note, one motivation behind why the "fantasy" perseveres is that bounty players download "misuse" strategies somewhere. In inclination however they are better shielded by ultra protective AI draws near, as picking cautious developments/keeping masses of players behind the ball on guard obligation in addition to dropping profound will in general break over what is being misused.
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  11. You're a try hard troll. I can see that now in full living color. How do I know? This series of posting here for you and your Killer Hand (Royal Flush) Captain Obvious. LOL!! I wont waste any more time with you. lol. Play more cards, less trolling my friend. You are not good at it.
  12. So you're saying that it's not your fault that you lose?
  13. So. you're saying that PP knows which community cards are going to be dealt for a hand, and then assigns the hole cards based on the amount of boast a person buys?? WOW!! Just for the record, I've never payed a dime to PP, and I have 39.7 million chips.
  14. Pretty stupid question. Not sure why you wasted time rephrashig it instead of just reasoning through the obvious. STEP 1. Person has no boosts and regularly places at least third in tournies but wants to do better STEP 2. Person reasons that, "hey they offer boosts and I can buy them. Boosts must mean better odds not a cheat". Ok, this Person wants to place better so they buy a boost. STEP 3. Boosts seem not to do what was advertised and actually make this person's playing experience worse. STEP 4. Bean counters and developers both say there is a 50/50 chance (probably higher in their favor) that dummies will say, "hey my boost probably needs more boost to work or it ran out and I need to buy more" STEP 5. Bean counters and Developers say, "PROFIT and MORE PROFIT!!!!" DUMMY BONUS: This person is not that stupid and says, "hey wait a minute, I bought a boost and now it does not work. Before I give you more money, please tell me why" . Developers and Bean counters? SILENCE......
  15. WATCH PLAYERS WHO PLAY AS WOMEN WHILE PLAYING THIS GAME AND GIVE ME YOUR HONEST OPINION. OK, I have done some close analysis of this game and I agree with the folks here who have complained about the wacky hands dealt. There are some weird hands that make me believe that the random number generator is a slight bit flawed in this game. But OK, I can live with that if its a random occurance. For the most part, this game is good practice and reasonable game play when playing other men based characters. Listen, I am all for women beating the pants off of men if they are that good. What I am not for, is what I keep experiencing when playing players who have chosen women avatars in this game. There is definitely a bias. Countless number of times, I have seen players with women avatars repeatedly getting premium pocket pairs one of after the other OR, other men based avatars will repeatedly have the best two cards on the flop and the women avatars at the table, will have the worst but hit 4 of a kind or some other wild combination repeatedly. At first I tried to ignore it thinking that someone on the development team for this game snuck in a slight bias along with the rest of the table items and boosts for women avatars. I figured I could out play the odds. However, the problem has gotten worse over the last few weeks. I bust my butt to beat all other players while these women avatars get this edge over all the other players. Then, when I go head to head, it does not matter what cards I hold plus, I get a series of junk cards for a long series of hands. No matter what I get, they will beat me on the turn or river. It has become so annoying that I don't like to play with women avatars at the table. So again, if you noticed what I noticed then ask the development team to check the game and patch. Otherwise, EVERYONE should play as a woman avatar. If the developers cant or wont fix this, then doing this will give everyone an equal playing chance. I often wondered why some of the women avatars I have seen play look really weird with purple faces or super weird accessories attached. Could be that other players have caught on and are trying to make their avatar appear more like the way they want to play vs. the way they are being forced to play with this glitch.
  16. Recently in ranked tournaments I've had lots of bad beats. In the past 20 all ins I've had before the flop I've lost 15. 10 of these 15 I had around a 70% chance to win. In the other 5 I was at around 82% chance to win. I lost them all. This is very frustrating and the frustration starts to effect my game negatively. Any tips on how to not let being almost unbelievably unlucky frustrate you in ranked tournaments? Cheers guys.
  17. Hello dear friends. I play a short time ago and would like to know if there are updates coming in the game like new maps, cosmetics Thanks in advance!
  18. I'd like to see a new ranking for people who score 1400+ in a tournament season. Maybe call it Double Diamond. And improve the end of season bonus, of course. 😀
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    XxMMRxX_HBG creo que me llamo asi mi perfil es uno que mola te aparezco si pones lo del principio
  20. Please update or dlc:"PL Omaha".
  21. Ik ben zeer gepassioneerd over webontwikkeling en -ontwerp in al zijn vormen en help kleine bedrijven en ambachtslieden om hun online aanwezigheid op te bouwen en te verbeteren.

  22. Here's the post where you claimed that buying boost was the reason you could no longer win. I'll rephrase the question. Why do you think that buying boosts will have an effect on your play???
  23. Quote me when I said that I thought buying boosts would help me win!!! I’ll be waiting, NOT.
  24. Why don’t you explain it to me. Tournament play is rigged, end of discussion.
  25. There’s no way in hades that the cards are random! NO WAY! Some serious tweaking needs to be done to make this a fair and impartial game. This game will decide who gets the cards and who is going to win in every tournament. There’s no way around the crappy algorithms of the game. If this doesn’t change and soon this game will become a bad experience memory to be forgotten.
  26. Update or not I'm open to ALL challenges
  27. Well I hope something changes. I like your game. We asked for basic text chat and more casual tourney options, at minimum. That shouldn't be to much of a hassle.
  28. Another way of saying the studio and developers realized what they had and made illegal for them to update it pastvthe verison that is licenced. Just when i thoughtvid flund a legit poker community for my ps4 lol
  29. The answer is we would like to keep updating the game, but there's factors outside our control, without getting into too much detail.
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