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  3. When can we expect the connectivity issue to be fixed for PS4 please?
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  5. Omg I finally found it. To Rank Up go to Persona -> Affiliation. There is an option to “Rank Up”. Took me 2 years to find it lol.
  6. The reason that there are so many players on Xbox is that Xbox was the birth place of PP. Several years before the current version of this poker website, Pipeworks had written a video poker game that ran on a earier version of Xbox called WSOP Full House Pro. There are not enough pkayers on the PC version to generate enough interest in ranked tourneys. My suggestion would be to purches a Xbox or PS4 unit.
  7. We all know Sony will never sign for cross platform play, but can we get a Xbox and steam cross over?! Steams tourneys are dead but Xbox has a good cult following it. Just anything to bring tourneys back for PC, anything.
  8. First - the game doesn't freeze to the rest of the players in your game. Your internet connection with 505 games was severed, and to the rest of the players you are in sit-out mode.. You are folding every hand, you never look at our cards. Other players notice this and raise your hand every time you have the blind until you run out of chips. The problem is your internet connection. Does this happen offen?
  9. Game will freeze or have fatal error while playing tournament. When I rejoin it only gives 6 points for first place. Seems like the algorithm bases the points on the number of players present when it reconnects you to the table. Makes it almost impossible to gain levels. Will probably just delete this game if it's not patched.
  10. No, there are no other games that have 'house players'.
  11. Sorry if its a noob question but I saw in some post somewhere that once you complete solo you can play it again for bigger prizes but higher difficulty? Is this true because I seem to have completed all the solo henchmen and boss games but it just says they're all ticked so was the person just lying or do i have to do something else?
  12. nbc-90

    Havana Nights


    How do I join event
  13. Does anybody want to buy 12 million chips for 70 dollars?
  14. simply just call it trophy showcase. your showing off your (well some of your) best items. it's never going to happen unfortunately as I cant remember when we last got an update. I think it's just a free to play game now grabbing whatever cash it can from boost and chip packs. (you no like a mobile game with micro transactions)
  15. ADD209

    Suave Sunday

    ok so this is how it works. for male characters it's any suit. now I'm not sure if the suit with waistcoat and rolled up sleeves works so the cheapest full suit is the navy blue suit for 60,000. not sure about female but I'll check back after next Sunday. I should also mention that you wont see your % go up. what actually happens is say you mock and mock normally gives you again let's say just to simplify 100 rep. with the suit it gives you 150 rep then adds your bonus %
  16. I haven't a clue. Perhaps it's just an error in a free game on the internet. Buimmer
  17. Bro... You really have a lot of answers man, thanks, I appreciate it. This page is quite dead, I have trying to see if it moves but well, I guess you are at east a voice in the darkness... That said, the next question is... When I look at my stats, it waited until the end of the season to give the count on the Poker season, makes sense, but then is not counting either my tourneys entries or my tournament wins. I made it to silver, and it is registered like that, so even if a bug got the tournaments wins I have, why it doesn't even register the amounts of tournaments I have entered? Neither from the past season or from this season.
  18. I don't speak for PP but... On other inquires about any future updates it was acknowledge by the bean counters at Pipeworks that there would be no further upgrades to PP. PP evolved from an early online poker game called WSOP Full House Pro written by the same Pipeworks developers to run on a previous version of Xbox, so maybe a new version of PP could be written and sold for some amount that would be profitable for the effort.
  19. Thank You Farmer. Now that I have you here.... Is there any logical explanation by the Prominence Poker Team, of why after 4 years this simple upgrade has not been consider? Specially when is so clear that most players want it.
  20. Hey guys, I just got this game and I really like it but hardly anyone actually uses voice chat which I think is a big downer as it would be fun to have some banter whilst playing. So if anyone wants to hit me up and we can start a group or something. I am UK time but I'm normally up way into the morn. Anyway, God Bless
  21. Did this ever happened? Is there a way to play on a multi table tourney?
  22. I hopped into a couple streams of this game on PS4 and noticed some people colluding in a ranked tourney. Seems easy enough to do since the population is so low for this game. Anyone else see this in action?
  23. That's a hairbrained theory. Without some actual stats to back up your claim, you just sound like a potato donk. And if you're so sure of it, what's stopping you from switching to the female gender?
  24. Rien que par les noms des joueurs, je vois plein de français.
  25. One sure thing! For sure! At the draw, whatever lower cards you get with a KING, i.e. K + 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, NEVER EVER gives you SOMETHING! NADA! ZIP! ZERO!
  26. Never seen this before!
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