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  6. I shall have my first diamond finish this season. Just one more tournament win in my way... wish me luck!
  7. Lol, I'm suddenly a troll because I point out things that do not sing the unbiased praises of this company and/or game and ask questions that deserve an honest answer? That's a bit low and uncalled for, don't you think? I could ask why you so passionately show up and without question, defend this game and company on an almost religious level. However, I get it - you enjoy the game and that's fine; I ask these questions because it's obviously a waste of time offering suggestions if this game has been abandoned or halted. Have you not read the Road Map threads? Are there not update details laid forth, far past their ETA and never implemented? Has anything been said for months? I'm not trying to be difficult, I'm simply pointing out what I see and openly asking questions. I play on PS4, but where exactly are you going with this decline in players angle? I never said that x amount of people have stopped playing; I'm talking specifically about this place here and the silence in regards to well, everything now. Does that not seem a bit off to you? About a fraction of the options from their previous poker game would probably be sufficient enough - easier to find and host tournaments, more than six players, incentives for placing high in ranked play and the reworking of ranked play on several different levels, getting rid of the showing that you're about to fold or bet before it's your turn - such actions would get you warned and then banned from any real poker room or you'd be ostracized by the entire table and forced to leave in shame, and the list goes on, etc. etc. But either way, it doesn't matter at all what I suggest or anyone suggests if the game isn't going to be updated anymore. Some of us would like to know and I don't think that is too much to ask for.
  8. Farmer John40

    PLO anytime soon?

    LN You, of course, are entitled to your own opinion. I'm curious, about the updates you feel were promised and were never delivered. What improvements would you suggest? Without any positive ideas to improve PP, you become just another negative troll that appears in this forum for a few rants, Which platform are you using? I'm on XB and I've never noticed a lack of players. Indeed scanning the leaderboard shows a solid base of tens of thousands of players. My PC version has maybe 5,000. Perhaps you could provide evidence of your claim of any decline in players. I have observed that nobody plays the cheap seats in casual tourneys anymore. Their are few players playing on the PC platform, but PP was designed to be played on PS4 or XB, were it has its greatest following. Each of the platforms are separate from the other,
  9. I'll just throw this out here again; would it honestly be too much to ask whether or not this game has been abandoned, defunded, shelved, or whatever may have happened to it? Obviously something didn't go quite as planned and yes, I'm also sure it's likely out of anyone here's control, but to have all of these updates planned/outlined and to not see a single word posted about them months after they were supposed to be implemented unfortunately doesn't exactly entice me to support the future endeavours of this company. Nothing has been said at all about this game, but Pipeworks's Twitter account has been promoting another game. However, the Twitter account specifically for Prominence hasn't seen activity since April of last year! I'd like to think that perhaps future progress and news regarding the next update (that of course my actual instincts tell me that we will never see) are simply delayed a bit, but that seems a bit off to me and until something is said otherwise, I'm going to go with the notion that this game is over and done, but will continue to run on auto-pilot for months, years, or wherever the virtual chip sales and boost sales dry up. With all due respect, I think consumers have the right to know - free game or not, it's still bad business in my opinion to promise and promote updates and not deliver. It is, without a doubt, infinitely worse when that happens and nothing is said, leaving everyone in the dark and bound to be even more disappointed in the end.
  10. I wish, would add a lot of life and variety to the game. All they have to do is add deep stack holdem (I mean really, how hard is it to allow us to buy in for more big blinds from the start!!?) and the great game of Pot Limit Omaha. I think they focused their strategy early on the tournament scene, when they should have focused on the ring game side first. Its a shame as they had a window to make this game truly great. Instead they decided it would be too expensive to develop the game further, and as a result the game stagnates slowly. All it takes is deep stack holdem (really its easy, let us buy in for more from the start, not hard) and PLO and some marketing and this game will be booming again. Oh well, enjoy the game while the lights are still on.
  11. Any chance of PLO being introduced?
  12. Reduce the ranked rating penalty for playing on lower ranked tables. I know pipeworks haven't been active for ages on steam prominence poker but this change would improve the game so much now that the player base is incredibly low. Players are penalized for playing lower tables so they do not. Make the same rating lose or win for all ranked tables, problem solved.
  13. Thanks for sharing your ideas.
  14. I could go deep into my feelings regarding the gaming industry's monetization practices, but honestly, I'd personally have rather it not have been a "free" game to download, especially if being "free" does not allow us to offer constructive feedback/criticism and the hope for potential changes and/or future additions. I mean, I can play some run-of-the-mill free poker on my mobile or win/lose real money online at PokerStars, but I'd gladly pay between say $30-50 for a realistic console poker game with a good assortment of options/customizations and the ability to have tournaments that consist of more than just six players at once. I don't think my observations are unfair; this place has no doubt become something of a ghost town and as everyone can plainly see, nothing has been said about the future of the game and/or the road map updates for months now. That doesn't look so promising to me and respectfully speaking, I do think it's more than fair that we ask these questions and continue to ask similar ones in the future. I honestly think it is a good discussion to have and I respect your observations as well, even though we do not seem to fully agree. But hey, if we were all the same and all thought the same, the world would be a very boring place. Cheers and all the best!
  15. Interesting observations. I feel you're judging Pipeworks unfairly. perhaps you would answer a couple of questions.. Hoe much more would you expect PP to do for you for free, or how much would you be willing to pay for this video game in order for you to get as yet unspecified improvements?
  16. I do understand where you're coming from, but I disagree with one thing; this is most definitely not "evolution". If anything, it is devolution; evolution usually indicates a change moving forward, but this seems to have come to a full stop - nothing has been said for months and I'm afraid that does not instill any sort of hope within me. I unfortunately never got to play 'WSOP: Full House Pro' but it seems light-years ahead of 'Prominence' and that is what I am told by everyone who did play it - for instance, so many more customization options for both avatar and game, easier to find games, and even room enough for nine players! I do also understand that the developers may have their hands tied and further progression is somewhat out of their control as that all comes from those who write their pay-cheques, but we do have to ask: what is the future of this game and why aren't the proposed road map updates being discussed? Especially considering that it is months after their initial ETA. As philosopher Huey Lewis once said, "if this is it, please let me know..." I'm not trying to make it seem as though I hate the game; as I said, I had fun with it for what it was and it can still be fun with five other honest, like-minded players but I haven't any high hopes given the silence and the seemingly overall waning interest in the game as a whole. This game has so much potential, especially considering the previous title, so will we see any changes or shall we just wait around for another company to make a serious poker game?
  17. -LN- It's called evolution. Back in the day, Pipeworks created a poker game called WSOP full house pro which ran on the original XB, the shut it down to create something else. Pipeworks is in business to create video games, PP is just one example, the bean-counters at Pipeworks direct their efforts to maximize profits.. As for support, I alerted Pipeworks of the Spam that had invaded this forum They corrected it. If you have a problem with PP, why don't you send management a PM?
  18. I'd be willing to bet (yes, really) that this game has been on auto-pilot since this past summer or somewhere around there. For all we know, the developers are sipping Mimosas on Tristan da Cunha with Elvis and Jimmy Hoffa. When was the last update released? When was the last time anything was said about an upcoming update? When was the last time the developers have said anything here? Unfortunately, quality poker is lacking within the console world; there is obviously something of a demand for it, but between this abandoned, sinking ship of a game that is overrun with blatant cheating and collusion and the flat, dull, and quite depressing environment of 'Pure Hold 'Em' where there are apparently more tumbleweeds than actual players, there are really no other options when it comes to real poker. And yes, I know that 'Four Kings Casino' has poker, but in my opinion... it eh, sucks on about sixty different levels and the poker is downright unplayable! 😞 It'd be nice if they just simply came right out and said, "hey, so sorry, due to a lack of funding/interest/whatever, we've decided to halt it all here and spend no further time with any more fixes or updates. Ah, but fear not, for you shall still be able to play and of course, buy chips from us! That is, until you stop buying them entirely and we are forced to pull the plug completely!". The game was fun for what it was and can still be fun with the right group of people but it's definitely not a serious poker emulation endeavour and we unfortunately may be waiting a very long time for one of those to actually arrive!
  19. Is the worst poker game on PS4 that only feeds hours and hours of gambling with no direction to the player. improve the bonus system for more people to reach the 1 billion pot because the way it is does not encourage or spend real money. cheers for those who insist on accumulating chips.
  20. What are the odds? I was just dealt a 6-8 offsuit in a heads up match, and kind of griped under my breath about it. Then the flop comes 668. I'm no longer griping. Then the turn and the river were both 8's - so I ended up with both quads and trips in the same hand. It freaked me out so much I forgot how to take a screenshot
  21. Rigged Shit, STOP your lying......bad business is good business nowadays.....Getting Prominence to tell you the truth is like getting the government to tell you the truth.......They're all just in in for the money....Why do you think they let you DL the game for free.? They know they are going to get your money sooner or later......You've turned this into a bunch of limpy Bingo Queens now.....Worse hand limping in WINS! Way to Go Guys!!
  22. I realize that I didn't think the subject for this post through very well. I should have made it Ace hold card hands. Anyhow, I've been throwing away A-2 offsuit lately when there are 4+ players at the table and it seems to have helped. It's difficult to realize, but A-2 offsuit is not as good a hand as 8-3 suited. In fact A-2 offsuit is so bad it's in about the bottom 30% of all hole hands. A lot of players will see that Ace and play it immediately. Some even raise with it pre-flop. Not me, not anymore. You need A-9 offsuit or better to be in the top half of good hands.
  23. Farmer John40

    Is it just me...

    I also thought that PP didn't take a rake, but another player corrected me. There appears to be a rake taken in ring games.
  24. Everyone finally realised the random card generator wasn't random?? lol
  25. NoMoreLuke

    Is it just me...

    It is, quite simply, statistically impossible that the cards are random. Now, admittedly, achieving genuine "randomness" on a digital platform is difficult but whatever algorithm PP use is either woefully flawed or is intended to induce bad beats. Given that even a flawed random generator is unlikely to result in a huge increase in bad beats, I would suggest strongly that it's the latter. Action is promoted so the games are concluded more quickly. One surefire, 100% guaranteed way to speed up games is to increase bad beats.
  26. NoMoreLuke

    Is it just me...

    WHAT are you talking about fella?? You are talking absolute rubbish. This is Prominence Poker - there is no "rake"... Also, the house will NEVER take more rake than players win - they usually take a small percentage of the action (typically around 5%). If you are winning less than 5%, you are automatically losing. It is in their best interests to PROMOTE action, since more action equals more rake. Prominence Poker artificially promotes more action (and there is absolutely NO doubt about this) because it's a console-based game where people's attention spans are MUCH shorter than those playing seriously on poker sites. The more action and bad beats there are, the shorter the games.
  27. Admin

    verdemar on PS4

  28. Here's one for you - I was playing conservatively and bombed out of a tournament that I sat in going up and down for an hour. First one out. Negative 30 points. So I decided to play another and try to get some points back. The very first hand I'm big blind and I get Ace-9 of spades. Nice hand, but I just check with the big blind. The flop comes and there's a 9, a J, and a 3. I've got middle pair and an Ace, but there's only one spade so my flush isn't looking good. I check to see what happens and everyone checks around. The turn comes and it's a 9. Woohoo I have three of a kind. One guy bets 450 so I raise him to 2k, but he re-raises me to 4k. I look carefully again at the board and a straight is not possible, nor a flush. I suppose he might have a full house but he'd have to have a 9 and there's only one more out there.... I'm thinking he has some kind of pocket pair and the only thing that beats me is if he has two jacks in his hand to make three jacks total. Maybe he just has top pair. Or, he puts me on a jack and he has two queens or two kings or two aces. That would be just fine with me. I mean what are the chances he will make a set on the river anyway. I decide to go all in. He calls me and I was right he has a pocket pair of 10's. Personally I wouldn't have gone all in with 10's if a jack is on the board, but ok.. whatever. It's his loss, I'm 99% sure I will win this with three 9's. What comes up on the river? A ten of course. Trip 9's beaten by trip 10's. I'm busted out and just lost 60 points in two tournaments in a row. So I really do feel your pain too.
  29. Tell that to the unluckiest player on the planet, yep, me! 99% of my hands end up losing, no matter how I play. Every pair I get is beaten by a better pair, every 2 pair by 3 of a kind, every 3 by a straight, every straight by a better one or flush, every flush by a better one, full house or 4 of a kind, every full house by a better one & so on & i'm not even joking. That's assuming I actually get a hand. Nearly everything I throw away ends up winning & everything I play ends up losing because I don't even get a pair. I can't get a break. If I land a full house, say 3 8's & 2 kings, my opponent has 3 kings & 2 8's when the other 2 of each are on the table. I'll have the 8, the other player has the king, the other 2 kings & 8's are shown. This is nearly every time I play a hand. Anything I throw away ends up as a better pair, straight, 3 of a kind, full house etc & usually beats the people who went all in at the start or when the first 3 cards are drawn. It's so frustrating. It usually takes me weeks to get a silver rank on any tournament, while I see other players on gold or higher within the first 4 hours of the reset. I end up being first out whenever I take a risk & get nowhere playing cautiously. The worst part of it is that it's usually the very last card that causes the loss as well, which infuriates me even more. More often than not, it's the only card that will result in a loss too, say I need a jack to complete a straight, king high, but not a diamond, then that last card happens to be a jack of diamonds, & I lose to the flush. So I really do feel your pain.
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