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  3. DannyBear, If you're not enjoying PP, by all means, don't play. At the end of any season, a visit to the leaderboard shows that there are a lot of players in the Dimond tier.
  4. Yup. Nobody has ever gotten to Diamond in the history of this game. This message brought you by the Department of Sarcasm.
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  6. I would love to know to. I just can't seem to find anything on it. Could u please le me know if u have found anything either
  7. As i predicted this game will not let you any where near Diamond Tier, Twice I got knocked down to close to Gold, came back, Got within 10 points of Diamond for the 5th time this season, only to be held in a position of negative points, so this season ends today, and I have now uninstalled the game and will never play it again! As for BOTs 100% they are there in the game..I got called on absolute ludicrous cards that they held, however, they won the hand that held me from gaining those measley 10 points I needed! A great game to look at, but long term play, it fails miserably... Farewell PP...I actually will not miss ya! Its a shame, coz I foresee many leaving because of the points structure alone!
  8. Any one else find players that are constantly using the emotes annoying? Would be nice if we could have an ignore/mute function on this...
  9. And as predicted...get within 10 points of Diamond...and absolutely ZERO playable or winning hand what so ever, absolutely just kept me in 6th, until the the blinds took me all in, then the whole favours the short stack was not true, loses 30 points, now back to 40 points shy of Diamond! Think this is my final season playing, Its getting uninstalled and I shall use the HDD space for something far less fixed and stressful! Disappointing to say the least...pocket rockets forced all in short stacked gets beat by trips 2's when called he had a 2 3 off suit! like that
  10. I share your frustration! The play seems to change as the season progresses. players don't react the same in the beginning of the season the same way the do the last week. I find that I need to adjust for the differences. T his season I've stopped trying for diamond sue to all of the slow play checking killer hands to trap those who just what to play a fun game. As for the Provisionals in the Platinum tier: That happens when you finish the previous season well into the diamond tier or start the next season with a reasonable high Gold ranking and win games while a Provisional player to increase your racking into the higher tier.
  11. Yes the points system is ridiculous, needs simplifying, straight points per finishing position, the same across the board, 30 1st 20 2nd 10 3rd -10 4th -20 5th -30 6th far less complicated, and more fairer chance of getting to the top tier, I am getting rather frustrated also with getting close to Diamond (18-20 points off it) then getting absolutely no playable hands (i fold they wouldn't have won I play I get beaten by the most ludicrous of hands) until its knocked me down (usually by unable to finish higher than 4th and that's by just waiting it out) as soon as I am around 80 points from Diamond, Bang I start winning again, And I don't buy the statement, there's no bots, as there's no such thing as psychics lol Just once I would like to play as a Diamond tier player! This season I have been as high as 1'286 points, then 4th after 4th until i dropped to 1202 its so frustrating i'm considering uninstalling the game tbh, stresses me right out hahaaa
  12. Tried to see if this was being discussed, but couldnt see it, so apologies if its a repeat that I have missed, Any one else frustrated by the points system? Sometimes I will finish 3rd and score 9 points, and on other occasions only 6 points, I have even lost points finishing 3rd (support said it was a bug and asked me to screen shot, however I don't own a 80's Delorean) I would love to see it simplified, 30 1st 20 2ns 10 3rd -10 4th -20 5th -30 6th for each Tier, Also As soon as I get with in touching distance (around 15-20 points off Diamond) I can never seem to get a winning/playable hand, and never manage higher than 4th (and with the current points system, it feels you lose more points than you win) Until I get to around 90 points short of Diamond then i start really winning again even on hands that are just no no calls! Also is there a simple explanation as to how a Provisional player can be in Platinum Tier? Seen this a few times now, and always scratch my head lol
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  14. Thank you so much! I absolutely love the song as well!! And have been looking at the forum when I can.
  15. Excellent sleuthing @D6O6O6M. To everyone else, sorry it's taken me so long to see these forums. Unfortunately, Gravity Nocturne has long since scattered to the winds. A very short lived experience, but you can find a few recordings of live performances out there on Youtube.
  16. Hey, Sound Guy here. The song is an original from the brief period I had a band around 2015 called Gravity Nocturne. Here's a link to the performance I took the audio from to place in the casino. Unfortunately, we never officially recorded it. Or at least, we started to but momentum fizzled out in the group before we were finished fully tracking. The singer is Lizabeth Yandel. She's pretty awesome. Go check her out!
  17. It's A good time for Cross plat btw ?
  18. I just tried to lg-on wnd got the same error message, I then reset my XB controller and am able to get into the screen to receive m daily cut!!. So I think I'll try a couple of hands in a ring game and than a ranked tourney
  19. For two days straight it keeps saying, Unable to connect to server . Please check your internet connection and enter Prominence again. If the problem continues, check support.505games.com.. my internet is fine an all my other games are fine as well...
  20. As of 9:00 am central, Prominence Poker is now back up and running! I have the Xbox one X version. Happy grinding!
  21. Mine has been down for 5 days! Just glad everyone is feeling it now, not just me. Re-downloaded 8xs, at least. I even tried deleting my saved data. Sure hope I didn't loose everything!!!
  22. The servers are down and they are working on it. It's been down for almost the whole day.
  23. This just happened on my xbox one. Uninstalled and reinstalled, still the same error message. It's telling me to check my internet connection, but everything else is that uses wifi on my xbox is fine.
  24. Thank you! I tried looking for a contact number so I can do the same thing but I couldn't find it. Can't wait to hop on the tables and grind for diamond.!
  25. I phoned 505games support help desk about the server error message. They told me that it was a developer issue ie Pipeworks. Pipeworks is aware of the problem and is working on it The best guess from 505games is that it will be fixed in a day or so.
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