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  4. Farmer John40

    Sitting out?

    Strange. Next time, try this: Exit from PP and restart the connection and game with PP. You should be able to return to the game you were playing, if you do this in a timely manner. Let us know if this works or not.
  5. Hi guys! I am very confused about "sitting out". Often I am in a game and that "fail sound" appears and I seem to automatically get put sitting out. I am never away from the game, so why should this occur? Is there a way to return to the game if this occurs? I can go to "sit out" menu option and select "back to game" it looks like the timer returns to zero momentarily but the game just auto folds me. As you can imagine it is very annoying that every game I play including tourny the game seems to randomly force me into sitting out, and I cannot find any way to return to the game or fix things.
  6. paoligno1

    New Event

    Vuoi provare ad organizzare un torneo su larga scala per giocatori di rilievo? Sarebbe interessante ed eccitante ricreare le WSOP sul gioco.
  7. very good post, you literary took the words right out of my mouth.
  8. How about Text Chat for PC? There is no communication what so ever to eachother on the game! I cant have a simple conversation with my fellow players, something that would keep me on all day. Voice chat is dead on PC, and I think the community would bond that much stronger with text chat. Please insert this before anything else. Its ESSENTIAL.
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  10. Can we make it a way to implement blackjack into prominence .
  11. One thing I would love to have is a detailed hand history of every hand played. Even if it was just a text file that we could have emailed to us, it would be really cool. With that we could use an app to turn those histories into reports and graphs that will show us how we are playing. I spent a long time playing Poker Academy, and probably learned most of what I understand about poker there, and it has an in game app that would track your hands, including your current game. A Sharks vs. Fish report would show who you lost your chips to, and who you won chips from, which can be really useful in Ring Games. Sometimes people believe they are playing well, but a report like this can not only show that your big stack is basically due to one player. When that one player leaves, suddenly the chart may start to look differently. It helps keep you honest. My favorite report was a breakdown of every possible hand and your history playing them. So I could run a report of every AK I have ever had, and it will tell me if I am making money on that hand, or losing. then I can drill down to each time I played it, and look at hands I lost money on and figure out why, looking for patterns. This atop let you filter to any combination, AKo or Ask, or pocket pairs. So I would go through and look for hands whereI am losing money. This is huge. There is nothing like a report showing a downward line graph of money you lost playing something like 56s. You start realizing just how bad its s to play certain hands. But the reason why I thin this would be worthwhile for the devs to consider is the effect it had on the community. The Poker Academy forums were vibrant with poker talk, and a big reason was that the game made these hand histories and reports so easy to use that we ended up posting them to the forums and discussing hands. People could chime win on what they would have done. It created a very tight community of folks that viewed Poker Academy, not just as a poker game, but a social app in which we were chatting with each other everyday, both in game and in forums. As a bonus, it was one of the best ways to shut down the talk of rigged cards nonsense. Instead of blaming the software, we had an outlet to find real issues with our game. Oh, there were still the usual suspects that would claim the devs were screwing them, but we had histories that could debunk most of it. And when someone made a claim, I could look through my hand history and find every hand I played against them and see if I could tell if there was a better reason to focus on. Usually, it's pretty easy to tell why someone is a losing player, and it is almost always playing too many hands, and calling too much, both things new players do, and both of which leads to an increase in flushes and straights. You could use the data to show why it is happening. Also, since with Poker Academy that app was built into the software, it helped everyone take their gameplay a lot more seriously, and the level of play actually really, really good. When I began to play well within that game, I also found that I was able to use the experience to play well in real life, both online and live. To be fair, I also read a lot of books on poker, but many of those were recommended via the forum. So, yeah, I selfishly want the hand histories, because I'm a stat nerd, but I do think it has the potential to be a huge upside to the game overall. And like I said, even if all you do is provide a way to download our hand histories, there are several poker trainer apps out that can take those text files and create the reports. You don't even need to create your own report creator, although out would probably help get more of us to use it.
  12. P0K3R

    Avatar Action Tell

    It's really simple. Acting out of turn in poker is wrong. Discussion over! Regarding speaking during a hand (similar to acting out of turn)
  13. DaWiz_

    Casual Lobby Redesign

    I'm not sure the status of this update, but if players are able to customize matches I think there should be blind length limitations. Shorter blind lengths for lower buy-in's and longer blind lengths for higher buy-in's.
  14. DaWiz_

    Avatar Action Tell

    I think this game would be better without preset actions altogether. Players should have to wait thier turn in order to make a selection. IMO, removing preset actions would place a greater emphasis on RAM movements. Just a thought.
  15. Sorry if I came off harsh. It is something I learned when I started playing live poker, and isn’t intuitive. I don’t blame the devs for not adding protections against this like you would see on a real money site, as I am sure it is complicated and could add another whole level of bugs and glitches to a free game. Mostly, I just wanted to put in pin in the idea that big stacks should be moved to another table by the game, which is the contrary to how poker works.
  16. In general deeper stacks favor the more skilled player. I think a 250 big blind to 400 big blind range would be perfect, it would mirror what we see in live games streamed online and on TV. The reason is that stacks are deep enough to see flops, turns and rivers, basically all the streets. All the equity in the hands gets realized and its up to a skilled player to manage the pot, and figure out if he's ahead of his opponent's range of possible hands. I see it all the time in this game, some player comes in shoving and he maybe doubles or triples up on a all in suckout and then they become kittens. They just sit there and hardly play anymore hands or if they do they just check/fold a lot. Its as if they don't know what to do with their large stack or are afraid of losing big to another deep stack. Which is why we should have a deep stack section for prominence, if people don't have stomach for deep stack they can play the regular buy in structure as is (100 big blinds). On menu it can read "standard/ deep stack" for ring games. I think in general for ring games you should only play at stakes you can afford to lose, and for that you need a sufficient bankroll, so managing that is key. If a game feels to big then one is at a disadvantage, as they will be playing scared money. For me the most I buy in for at a game is 3 times, if I lose 3 buy ins I'm done for that game. This way you put a cap as to how much you lose and you can preserve your bankroll and come back fresh another time. I think 20 buy ins (bankroll) for whatever stakes you play is the bare minimum. Ideally you'd want 30-50 to start playing a new stakes of ring game. I'm of the belief that deep stack ring game is the purest form of holdem one can play and really hope they add it in the future.
  17. At what buy-in amount would you suggest, that would favor the more skilled players, rather than the donks and bingo players.? Also, how many times would you buy-in to continue to try to win your chips back from a dominate player? And why?
  18. playing ring games can really make you a more balanced poker player. I love having people at my ring table with more chips then I have, especially if they're mine. If they don't leave right away I can recover my lost chips either from the person that took them or somebody else most times. After you learn some of the strategy those players are using you can apply it to tournament play. Unfortunately in this game, unless you know enough skilled cash game players that's very hard to accomplish.
  19. Never having played poker before the age of 70, I was unaware of the practice of ratholing, or that it is considered poor etiquette. I seldom play ring games. I learn something everyday.
  20. Ratholing is not only terrible etiquette, it is a banned practice in casinos. And it can result in a black eye and bruised ribs if tried in a home game.
  21. I don't play at tables where one player has double or triple the buy in amount. That player owns the table, they can afford to see every flop, and bet deeper into each hand than everyone else. They tend to over-bet and force other players to fold, even with the winning hand. The idea that just because they took all my chips, I should rebuy and keep playing them hoping for quads hardly ever works. I'd rather they bank their winnings and level the playing field. Rest assured, I'll bank any excessive winnings, and return to win some more. My main goal is to take your chips and not let you have any of mine.
  22. I wish they would do away with ratholing on this games cash games. I hate seeing players double or triple up and then leave, only to come to the same table right away. Also we need deep stack poker for the ring games (200-400 big blind buy ins). I'm glad the tournament players are getting useful updates on their side, but its about time the ring game players get some much needed additions on their side too.
  23. No. First, what you are complaining about is an essential part of playing cash poker. A player earns that advantage. Further, if a player has won my chips, or has the chips I lost to another player, I want them at my table. That’s how you recover. And even if you are just a bystander, the last thing you would ever want is less cash on the table. The more there is, the more likely you will accumulate some of it. In fact, taking money off the table is considered bad etiquette. Some players leave and come back, a practice referred to as ratholing. You are expected to keep the cash on the table so your opponents have an opportunity to win their money back.
  24. This evening while trying to earn my daily objectives, the game stopped counting my progress at some point. I needed to play 30 hands in ring games. The counter was stuck on 29/30 for more than 15 minutes. That's about the time I realized nothing was being credited. To fix this issue, I closed out the game and reopened it. Upon relaunching the game, this bug fixed itself. This is the first time I've encountered this issue. This issue happened around 9pm CST. I'll keep an eye out for this issue repeating itself.
  25. Thank you for the clarification. You have now established that.. The problem is not associated with a controller. Multiple controllers have the same problem. The problem is not caused by the connection to the internet. Multiple internet locations were used. The problem is not caused by individual account data. Multiple accounts have the same problem. The search for a reason for PP's failure is not the result of your equipment, or anything you have done. Then the only logical explanation is that it is a software error on the 505 servers executing PP's programs. which is really weird when you consider the tens of thousands of PS4 and XB users happily playing the game with no problems. I think I mentioned it elsewhere, but someone needs to be logged into the entry point pf PP on the 505 server and have you try to play a game. Then trace where your account goes. What they will find is that your interaction within the PP system goes off into the weeds and never returns. I once watched a programmer trace a path through a core dump for 5 months before he found the solution (bits and bytes on a mainframe).
  26. After seeing this thread I decided to go ahead and submit a ticket. On Monday I got an email stating it was forwarded to the appropriate rep. When I got home that night it was working! Yeah! Now tonight I get home and, since I just got paid, bought a boost but when I tried to start a game it wouldn't work again. Noooooo! 😫 I assumed somebody at 505 cleared it up. Could it had been a fluke? When it was working it gave explanatory pop ups when I click on things as though I was playing for the first time.
  27. I don't understand how this person can get it fixed but the staff will not help anyone else.
  28. No, I'm saying that ANY account on my ps4 will not play the game and ANY account on my friends ps4 will not play the game either
  29. So you're saying that other users, using their ID , can play PP on their controller when you can't? And those same users, using their ID, can play on your controller when you can't? In other words, you're saying that PP hates you no mater whose controller you use. You sir, have a twisted account.
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