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  2. This is my dad and I can confirm he's not hacking. He hosts tournaments for a group of people every other week and gives out cash prizes. I think one of the game admins help him, though I could be wrong. People come together and chip money into the big prizes for the private tourneys. I know it's a big thing with a lot of people involved. They transfer chips from one another to give out cash prizes for the winners. it can be annoying that it shows up on the leader-boards, But there's a whole community behind this having fun for TOP $! (In-game currency, of course) Sorry i've only just come across this thread, but no hacks involved here. Not sure if he/they still does this anymore, but he definitely was last I saw of him.
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  4. Nous organisons un tournoi sur prominence poker, le tournoi se déroulera le 25 janvier, table 1 = 14h, table 2 16h30 et la finale a 21h. le site pour les inscriptions : https://onefly327.wixsite.com/free-pokertournament 10 € pour le vainqueur
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  6. The algorithm to this game is trash but not rigged. The would never see this level of trash from a poker site like full tilt and pokerstars. I understand it's not for the same purpose as the other sites but truthfully I have seen a better algorithm in red dead redemption 2 poker and thats not saying alot.
  7. It's my belief that Pipeworks bean counters no longer support PP. I would suggest that you select "support" and detail any issues with 505games, because Pipeworks seldom reviews the comments of this forum.
  8. I play on PS4 thank you. Oh yeah..I KNOW real poker is different than computer generated. The issue here is that while there are several computer generated Poker games with LITTLE algorithm problems..Prominence is not one of them. I have played Poker for 33 years and I have over 100 mill chips at PS4 version. So I know my poker.. But there have been no update for 2 years this summer...no sorting out of glitches and NO sorting out of card issues. So as I say again...instead of LISTENING to the players and sort issues out.... the developer has just abandoned the game ...but gladly take in the money they can from selling boosts OR chips. The PC version is dead..because there are lots of better games out there to choose from. On the Windows platform. Prominence Poker was more or less dead on arrival because as soon as players discover the card issues..they left. But maybe you have a better explanation ???? The problem with Prominence was simple from the start. There was an idea of making money..but no true roadmap. As soon as the money did not roll inn as expected..the development of the game was ..abandoned. If I'm wrong then be free to enlighten me. I'm very interested in reading any defence you or any in the development team have for WHY the development was stopped...but taking in money from boosts and chips is fine. Now it's your turn to answer...
  9. You didn't mention the platform you're playing on, but I suspect it's the PC version. At the end of last month I visited the 'bankroll' section of the leaderboard on Xbox to see how many different players had plated PP for the month.. The total was 54,600, and I suspect a like number of players played on PS4. Once again, let me remind everyone: REAL POKER IS DIFFERENT THAN VIDEO POKER!! So please, if you don't like this free video game, don't play it. We'll both be happy.
  10. Woody938 is completly right in his assumption that the game is a broken mess. It has always baffled me that the developer of this game after page after page after page of complaints, still dig their heads in the sand and think "WE are in the RIGHT and the players who actually experience all the shait..are WRONG" And with no update since 2018 we can be sure nothing more is gonna be done to fix or patch anything. Not even the glitch with players sitting on air instead their chair is fixed. So yep...Prominence Poker is an insult to any player with skill. 😄😆😂
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  13. I've found more success in playing PP as entertainment, ego gratification doesn't seem to work. Everyone at the table is playing with the same odds of winning, there are no favorites. If I'm not winning its because of the way I'm playing and the only way I can stop losing is to change the way I'm playing. Always remember, for each hand, there are five players who are not going to win.. .
  14. You have noticed you’re not playing with real money, right? It has an effect on how people play. That’s why you see people win with low percentage hands in this game that you’d never see IRL. How many times have you folded pre-flop only to see your garbage folded turn to gold? In this game, people actually play those garbage cards, and sometimes they’ll hit. That’s poker. Maybe it’s not the game for you.
  15. Your friends 10 of hearts and 5 of hearts wins the pot. Assign a numerical value of 11 for the J and 12 for the Q, then total each players 7 hearts.
  16. Hi everyone i noticed some issue regarding split the pot at the end of a round, let me explain. Yesterday: I have 2 and 9 heart in hand. My friend have 5 and 10 heart in hand. On the board there is 3, 5 heart, 9 heart, J heart, Q heart My friend won the pot ( ????? ). We had the same flush because we had the same higher flush. It's like the game consider more cards in hand than the actual combination. If my friend had K heart in hand, okay he win because he have the best flush . But here i can't understand. I experienced a lot of issue where again the game consider more cards in hand than the actual combination, i will record my game for more argument on this. I love this game but please patch equality, thank you
  17. Hi everyone. I have been playing free poker for years, using the WSOP facebook app. But now with Prominence poker i am able to play on my Xbox 1 x as well! This is great. A few months ago i had a bankroll of one point five million, but then i lost it all. And had to start from scratch. Now my balance is 5000+- which i have built up from scratch. I really enjoy playing this game, sometimes as a donkey, sometimes as a fish, some times a winner, and at others a loser. Please welcome me in to your community??
  18. The rng is crap too often the flop is something like QQQ or the board comes down 45689. You just don’t see that irl as often as you do on here. Or you’ll see someone with a full house get beat out by quads or a straight flush the chances of that are almost none. But i can recall seeing it 4 to 5 times within the last few moths.
  19. So many people complaining of your the way you make your games Pipeworks Studio, remind me to never ever buy another game with that name on it. Such a bad game, here is a few examples . I have been playing poker for years and never seen poker hands being dealt like this, and people.. never ever believe when they say it is random dealing and I'll show you why. If you really watch how your pre-flop cards come up you'll notice they will deal you a high card and a low card for example: K2, Q3, A4, you will get this up to 75% of the time. Another thing I noticed is the flop will always show potential straits or flushes, it deals you this so you constantly fighting for a hand and anybody that knows anything about strategy in poker knows exactly what im talking about. Which brings up the next topic, I just played a game, three of us left, I have pocket K's other person reraises me and third person goes all in with his pocket A's..I call and the original raiser has 10 6 suited diamonds, well he rivers his diamond flush and I noticed that this happens on a regular basis. I've seen people with a really high level and still playing in the bronze...hmmmm I wonder what that means...It means that he/she made it to thiis point because there were constant crap cards being dealt. Another thing I noticed and you will too is the good cards are only dealt to the player with the most chips so what that means is you pretty well have to double up right away or you wont win so please comment if you agree or even if you don't that's ok too..just want to here from you..thnx
  20. Wow am I ever glad you brought up this topic and has to be addressed, Prominence poker is like any other site I've played on..they say its all random dealing but if you understand the least little bit about computers you know that every program you run has to have settings or it just doesn't run correctly . One major thing I noticed when playing on these sites is its not the same as play a real game of live cards. I noticed a lot of things while playing online is when your playing with free chips people more likely to play more for luck than skill which makes it 10 times harder than normal because lets face it, THEY DON"T CARE, and I emphasize this because its so common to see..Something else I noticed is if you watch the cards your dealt its always a high and a low card pre-flop and also watch the whole cards will show you 3-4 card straits or flushes that makes everyone chase. All in all I know my game and personally I like going to a buddies place and emptying their pockets with a real no fake game of poker..DO NOT TRUST SITES THAT SAY ITS RANDOM DEALING. and never Ever trust a site that says they dont have bots..Have a good day
  21. Could you speed up the play timer a lot, most players, instead of clicking the fold icon just let the timer run out, after awhile it gets anoying.
  22. Looking for tournaments!! 

    20.000 - 100.000k

  23. Jose Mourinho was satisfied to have the option to let every other person rave about Dele Alli after the Tottenham aggressor's resurgence proceeded in Saturday's 3-2 Premier League prevail upon Bournemouth. Alli, whose poor structure and wounds in the course of the most recent couple of months had seen him dropped from the England squad, has rediscovered his star quality since Mourinho landed at the club, packing a support against the Cherries. Moussa Sissoko put Spurs 3-0 up before Harry Wilson's late twofold made it an awkward end to the game. Alli's support made it three objectives in three games – just as two helps – and he has been the nonentity of a Tottenham resurgence under the Portuguese. Mourinho tried attempting to revive Alli when he originally showed up, prodding him about playing like his sibling, and it has worked a treat. 'Dele, I don't have to talk about,' Mourinho said. 'The best thing that can happen to a mentor is the point at which you don't have to talk about a player since everyone talks, every one of you, fans, everyone talks about him and talks about him for the correct reasons. 'He's playing ridiculously, truly well. I couldn't request anything else from him. He's playing astounding, scoring objectives, helping, working, awesome.' Alli had battled for a lot of 2019, both with wounds and a drop in structure, just as getting some analysis about his life away from football. Mourinho was not set up to permit Alli's level be so far away from his best and furthermore drew him nearer to Harry Kane on the pitch. 'I don't have the foggiest idea about the kid, I don't know a lot. I simply know the characteristics of the players and that was where I went,' he said. '(For) a player of such quality, it's unrealistic that he's not performing at a significant level. Alright, some of the time players are not in the best execution level yet regularly with a smidgen of here and there, you have to perform as indicated by your latent capacity. 'Each supervisor has his very own thoughts and we're all extraordinary. No one is correct and no one isn't right, however for me, Dele isn't a midfield player. 'For me Dele isn't a player to play positionally in midfield. He is a player to resemble he is playing, near Harry (Kane), following a few elements that we train yet a smidgen of opportunity to connect with assaulting players. 'This I believe is the best position for him.' It was the first run through Spurs had won consecutive Premier League games since April following the triumph at West Ham a week ago, where they likewise yielded two late objectives having driven 3-0. Wilson's late twofold slanted the scoreline at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. 'I am content with numerous things, I am content with the exertion, obviously the Premier League is the Premier League, games are rarely completed,' Mourinho included. 'The outcome is somewhat unusual, yet that is OK, that is the trouble of the Premier League, the feeling of the Premier League. I can say we yielded four objectives in three days at home however I like to state we scored seven objectives at home in three days, which is phenomenal.' More cheap FIFA 20 Coins you can have a view on https://www.fifacoim.com.
  24. It sounds like something is wrong with the way you've set up your account. Do you have a gold membership with Xbox? o you enter Xbox live ? Is your gamer tag and email address the same for everything in Xbox and PP? How far can you get into PP?
  25. Hey, sorry this an old thread but I think the same thing is happening to me :/ I've hard rest, Uninstalled the game, rest saved game data and can't get in. My buddies account, on my Xbox, can play fine. Really wanna play :c
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