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As you squint your eyes to see a little farther, you make up some sort of fury beast. And before you can put a name to the figure that is standing in front of you, you look down and to your surprise there is a feather logged 5 inches in the middle of your chest. "There is no need to get that feather from you when its filthy and covered in your disgusting blood". your holding the wound closed as tight as you can, clutching on to the thread of hope and life that your see. "WE HAVE THE TARGET IN SIGHT, CHARGE"!!! "I dont think hiding at a farm will help us win" But there was a way out for them, Behold. Its a chicken. "CALL IN THE REINFORCEMENTS CUZ THIS SHITS GETTING REAL, FUCK IT DROP A FEATHER BOMB WHILE YOU ARE AT IT AND BLOW THOSE BABY EATING FUCKERS AWAY".

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