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  1. My mistake... This place is like bizzaro-land for accountability of chosen words.
  2. If you believe you were agreeing with me i apologize, i didn't know English was likely not your first language. To help: most agreements don't begin with an immediate descent : " Consider though " Please old man, revisit base logic and thoughtful conversation with your equals.
  4. Just to be clear... Xbox live - 55 million active users. Playstation users across all platforms - 60 million Steam - 126 million active users.
  5. I took issue with the explanation because it is re-explaining to me what a multitude of my posts have been about. I completely understand that the PC community is anemic. So it is not a concept lost on me as I have mentioned it often. Having that explained to me in a manner as if i didn't understand it was offensive. Telling me how i should choose to enjoy a game put out on my platform was annoying. Suggesting i buy a console to enjoy a free game is inane and unwarranted. I felt that those points needed to be highlighted because the post in it's entirety was a waste of breath and offensive. To that end i can complain about the lack of players on PC because the company chose to port it to the PC but not to promote it. Having been a member of STEAM for 13 years it isn't a new technology to me nor is it new to it's 126 million user base that allows it to exist in a way to negotiate games at the price points and discounts that they do. Arguably many PC gamers have STEAM specifically if it is their primary source of gaming. My issue is Prominence lack of pushing to fill, advertise or promote that community. Even when they announced a tournament game hosted by them across all platforms none of them bothered to show up for the PC. That's crappy. and that is basically my issue.
  6. Didn't you call me a jerk for a similar response?
  7. I should assume tho the board isn't flushed then of course we have all seen that i assume you mean everyone has two cards to the flush.. distributing all the flush cards. 5/2/2/2/2
  8. I have not but if i did i wouldn't believe i was suddenly in a simulator. I would believe i have seen some extraordinary odds. I've seen a live grenade not go off, I've seen glass shatter for a length of 11 feet, that was ridiculous, i got hit by a bus exceeding 40 miles an hour that ran completely over me the officer on the scene assumed i'd died, i didn't even sprain anything.. So ya as life continues your going to see some pretty long odds. You follow a game driven by odds and watch hundreds of thousands of hands.. you are going to see some long odds. Its just that they are odds not guarantees of happening.
  9. If this had happened at a live table would you believe in the matrix?
  10. I don't understand. I am very thankful for his post. I knew none of the things and appreciate his clarity and simplifying the available information for me. It was a super helpful post that i thanked him for and then liked so he could win the week and be encouraged to make more posts like this. I could not have been more clear about how valid and super needed his post was in the moment. Everything he spoke to enlightened me and my my experience here and in the game better for having made it. It may even be the best post here. It only could have been made better via pictorial diagram so i wouldn't get super confused by all its wordiness and references to what i may or may not own and literature i likely don't understand the reference to. Again i could not be more pleased with his thoughtful breakdown. I have reserved a console via Amazon just so i can experience your game better via his recommendation that im choosing to experience it wrong. I don't know what i was thinking trying to enjoy the game on the platform it was made available to me on.
  11. Hey look at you using deductive reasoning than mansplaining a thing. Thank god you came along and made that post. I just had no idea. I truly appreciate the information provided. Valuable and useful. Just the only way to describe that input. I just can't like your post enough times.
  12. Sometimes like a jerk ill sit out for blinds since the PP system doesn't make you post the dead.
  13. Location is inconsequential. as the time was defined so that changes nothing.
  14. My error i thought most people could get to the deductive reasoning of PC by following the thread about the update on STEAM that we are in. I should not have assumed.
  15. 1 hour down zero visitors.
  16. Seems like it's updating currently. Anyone interested i will be sitting in a 100k Tournament for the next two hours to see if anyone shows up. Yesterday i sat for 7 hours and not a soul dropped in. This is test two with a post.
  17. Ill bet it was you, I and Farmer.
  18. It's been a pleasure Going to take another long break from the game and the forum. Perhaps it will all improve over time but it just is not a good enough game on the PC platform to keep me interested. I will periodically check back here because you all have made a delightful community. Thank you all for your patronage, time and kind conversations. You are an excellent community who want to see a great version of a game you enjoy and are candid and open about it. Be well. Your's in friendship, Wuss^Timmy Tim Miller https://www.facebook.com/timothynmiller http://steamcommunity.com/id/WussTimmy
  19. I guess the rating system would be more balanced if it was more likely that i could always get a game with similar ranked people. On the PC this just is not the case.. 99.99 % of the time if i want to play a game i am forced to play below my level often and always if i would like to play. Also It's not like i can legit wait for a great game because i have to physically stare at an empty screen i cant just say hey this is the game i want to play im going to go and populate some other room of yours while i wait for an ideal situation. If i am looking for an ideal situation i have literally stared at my computer for HOURS.. ive given up twice after 5 hours. How much cooler would it be to play while i wait... Im playing less and less as other things are taking my interest. Eventually my love of waiting for a gret game will wear down, i like the little graffix and the pace etc.. i really hate the system to find games its as if it is always encouraging me not to play or punishing me. I mean god forbid i want a non ranked tourn on PC... that shiz is never ready.. Ugh im done crying must be a pissy morning...
  20. In this instance i don't think its about fair or unfair. Its is feedback about a think he thinks in unreasonable in a game that is competing with a bunch of other games in a market. He says i like your game and dislike this aspect and would like to inform you of it. Unlike many i dont think he is completely unreasonable. There are just better systems out there for rating players based on experience. Some have been highlighted here. I dont think his general worldview is now skewed and that he doesn't believe unfair things happen i think he believes if he is a super used of a thing he should be able to voice his displeasure when that happens. Like the people who complained about spamming. For me i didn't care at all about spamming but they felt it was pretty unreasonable and so voiced it... then it was changed. So in short sometimes life is fair.
  21. Inactivity

    I guess he feels, which you have described much better and more succinctly, how i feel whenever any social contract is broken. When i see gum or tissue in the urinal i think... " what an ugly human to have done that, he knew someone will have to clean up his mess in a place there is certain to be a receptacle.. " When i am in line at the store and it's 10 items or less but the idiot in front me, the special snow flake that he or she is feels that standard need not apply to them it's for the plebs who follow the rules... Thank you roommate, girlfriend or friend who has re-put an empty container of anything in my fridge, fooling me to think i have Catsup or delicious juice remaining.. only to find i could have stopped at the store for something i would like right in the moment. I guess i deal with that annoyance the same way i deal with all annoyances. I voice my opinion to my friends, to strangers, in hoping to change the secret gum spitters, empty carton levers and the non math wizards intro transforming themselves through note. I don't do things like suggest a law to rape and publicly shame these people. Thank you so much Tim for letting me walk through my process internally. I appreciate it. What a wonderful writing voice you have.
  22. I hate the venue with the printer noises.. it's the one where there suppose to be laundering money... that place grates my nerves. It is the only venue even when im tabbed out reading or watching TV i have trouble concentrating.
  23. Inactivity

    My apologies, the above doesn't really make anything more clear to me. To that end i feel similar to you as you feel to WARP. There is no need to engage you any further. I believe no matter what anyones response is you don't have the resolve or intellect to consider it thoughtfully. You have decided your opinion, like warp and i have, and we are all immutable and unmovable. I personally hope your thought process and offence taken does not get legts because i dont want to be forced to play impotent poker where i am forced into a hand for any reason. I would prefer even when it does not benefit me the more " like a casino " route to dealing with AFK and non players. There is a logical reason Casinos do allow that by the way... More Money. You were remiss in marking that poker is some great game for the casino as well. From an internal perspective it is the worst game. We allow it because it has gotten so large we cannot, not have it. The players are playing against one another and all we are collecting is the rake, i have to have a hired dedicated dealer for each table, a pit boss for each shift, on the game that is making the casino itself the least amount of spend. Thankfully poker also takes up a huge amount of space as compared to more profitable games ( sarcasm ). It only exists so that people like me dont leave ( and by this i mean type of gambler ). I cannot believe any amount of arguing or debate will assuage you and i am also positive Warp nor I could ever be moved to your position. Because it is logically wrong and should never be the standard even for community events where they could take in more money which was their goal.
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    So to be clear, your definition of " actual poker tournament " was speaking more to a mom and pop charity and not The largest casino organization on the planet and several other large players in the actual business of casinos. and in turn you wish the rules of Prominence to more closely align with a random mom and pop charity event than in line with every other accredited poker place on the face of the planet. I am seeking clarity in your statement and consistency in your referenced message.