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  1. ranked tournaments

    As far as Consoles im a real fanboy of the playstation and it all come down to that it has consistently worked through out the years, its not owned by microsoft and the CEO for the console is a damn genius. The guy has come out against SONY's DRM policies openly and easily. He once got a softball question from a kid at a gaming mag asking if he felt his consoles were to overpriced for Xmas and his answer was the stuff of pure pleasure.. paraphrasing Given that many people seem priced out of your console for the holiday season do you feel you set the price to high for the PS3? - Not at all. In fact i have a lot of explaining to do to my bosses and ahareholders. You see i sold 100% of what we made so clearly my price point was too low. But to add insult to injury my customer base knew this and were selling it at a 300% mark-up and got it. So... yeah, i dont think i was overpriced is the short answer to your question. .||Love that man||
  2. ranked tournaments

    I was wondering about your times for getting a good game. It does differ because the amount of active players is different. For example 9 days left in tournament play on the PC and when i checked the leader board last night position 1-5 was still gold. So in short its hard to get a good high value tourn on the PC following your time example.
  3. ranked tournaments

    Are you on PC farmer?
  4. It did help greatly thank you.
  5. What do you mean Manually Enter Rank 2? I ask because it says im no longer earning rep.
  6. Ask a Casnio Host Anything... I thought because a lot of you may be gamblers in real life I would be happy to field questions you might have about Casino Hosts, how a casino looks at your play etc.. et al.
  7. Broadcasting Gameplay

  8. Bad beats

    Happens even in real poker. The worst hand that ever beat me as a young poker player in atlantic city. I know it was over a $1000 at a 5/10 table. Today i know i am the idiot i re-raised another player to nearly 100 pre flop and then just had the one caller. The entire time i couldnt in my head believe he had called 7/2 for no value pre flop.. i hammered away at it his boat vs my pair like a total amateur. I had spent to much time watching final tables thinking that all the best players must be TA. Nope, years later i see those youthful errors. There is nothing like a real live game to hone those skills.. watching how people handle their chips, how they lean, pull hand into themselves, re-check to see if their colors match what just flopped. Not everything is a final table TV game of wired kings vs AQ off. Just isnt how the game really is over time. To Warps point not everyone is at the table with the idiot that will call $100 at $10 on no value but some will real or fake.
  9. Also from a marketing perspective the viewpoint that silent users are happy users is a misnomer. The users on this database would be considered power users. They are so engaged as to enter into a secondary community in order to express thier love/concern etc.. with the game. The lack of crossover actually speaks more to Warp and Hec's point. There are 150k + owners of the game on PC with 600 + maxing ever being on and a high average of under 100 per day. The engagement in general isn't holding which speaks to a core issue. Of the 26k that you beleive are engaged in the Xbox what fraction of that percentage entertains the game so much as to reach out to it on this secondary format... etc.. etc.. I am mearly offering perspective here. I dont believe either of you are fully right or wrong. Im just offering perspective.
  10. Better version of the link so you don't need to search yourself... https://steamdb.info/app/384180/graphs/
  11. If you play on PC this may help.... If you play on PC via Steam. Below is a link that will tell you how many players are currently online playing the game. Note that the all time best day PP ever had was 617 users. When you are having trouble finding a tournament why not look up and see how many people are live currently in the game total. https://steamdb.info/graph/
  12. Cool.. is there a list somewhere that i can see all of them? Instead of posting each time i get a new one.
  13. The Icons, please help.. Is there a place where i can find a list of all the different icons that show up, i dont understand many of them or really any of them.. Example below of what the hell im talking about..
  14. Match Making

    How about the math to look like this If sum " - " and place 2-3 against x, result = 0. At least a nil game is a nil game. You placed with skill and don't deserve to go down so you break even. Just thinking aloud.
  15. I am happy to hear this as well i just lost points after a two hour game finishing 2nd.
  16. PC Tourn What the Majority of my games look like even at prime times.
  17. Additional: For those of us that primarily prefer tournament play. I would like the ability to say i only want to wait for a game with x out of x players within my level structure. You this as a common thread for Diamond players. They stop playing because losing to a non Diamond highly effects their ranking more than the risk is worth so they stop playing... If i had a game i would never want to encourage not playing.. SO. The solution i see is a counter you set yourself. I am waiting for a game that is at least 4 out of 7 Diamond..... 3 out of 7 gold etc... let the wait timer tick anyway. This is especially effective on totally dead or dying communities like the PC. Even at gold im playing against the majority of the table in very low ranking where a third position nets me a loss. Thats unrealistic. Im also a terrible ring game player so the whole thing just leads me to play less and less instead of waiting my 30-50 minutes for a tournament. I am willing to wait hours if the competition is actually on the same level and the risk/reward is evened out.
  18. Wuss^Timmy

    Also i play on Steam for the PC.
  19. Wuss^Timmy

    Wuss^Timmy Hello all! I have been playing PP off and on for bit. Took a lull when my old rig crapped the bed and am now re-introducing myself to the game. I moved to New Orleans from Las Vegas and am a casino host at Harrah's New Orleans. I look forward to spirited discussions with you all and know that i will typically ignore most of the " im crying because i am a crybaby" posts. I will appreciate your honest candor and revel in cutting and snarky comebacks. I hope if any of you have played with me you enjoyed what i will loosely refer to as " the competition ". See you at the Tables. Hey on a side note is there a thread where i can find what all the symbols and stuff mean next to my bankroll amount on the choosing stuff to do screen? Like right now i see a fist grabbing what looks like broken glass... i dont get it..
  20. Is it just me...

    One is always going to see a huge amount of variance in free poker because there are just more callers and more cards. You end up seeing more hands for larger pots than you would otherwise see in a real money stable game and so it begins a confirmation bias that it is the RNG. It isn't. As a casino host i deal with this confirmation bias in real life... People playing without their cards in a machine...people crying about how tight one casino is over another.. Its all just confirmation bias.
  21. Tournament Tip

    I'll call sometimes depending on how they have been playing. Definitely, if even if they win, i could call them down 3 or 4 more times. This decision tends to happen for me when i have the opportunity to push out a player and put me in the money. If its a piss poor strat i haven't learned the lesson in 15 years of tournament play. One of the home games im in what frustrates me is a third bettor in a call down who bluffs the hand and forces me out to double up the person keeping us out of the money.
  22. I play on PC on STEAM 1. The ability to be in Game while waiting for another game like a tournament or a larger game to open up. For example maybe a 10k ring game is live so im in thier playing but i would like a 50k game with at least three players in it. Or Even better i would like to wait for my ranked tournament to be ready instead of staring at a screen in frustration for an hour. 2. Opt in group chat ( typing) . Obviously add report button for those that are going to broadcast cards during play. 3. If my friend is playing i want to be able to easily find him or her. Spectate not play with. 4. Hand Historys 5. The ability to mark players with my own notes or colors or something so i can identify what type of player i recall them being.