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  1. That'd be pretty nifty.
  2. Bad beats

    This is from tonight. I don't get how this matchmaking thing works...
  3. Bad beats

    Xbox. I haven't had much luck on the PC either.
  4. Bad beats

    Thanks for posting the vid. It occupied 18 minutes of the 30 that I waited before giving up on finding a decent match tonight.!
  5. How did this last update drain any chips? Sounds like you made a choice to spend what sounds like a large amount to you on things that you wanted and then regretted it. That's not the developer's problem. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the way you play the game, to each his own, but nobody forced anyone to spend chips.
  6. I just unequip my table item when someone like this shows up. With everything being so cheap now the only thing that matters to me is where I am on the leaderboard. I do enjoy the graphic of my whiskey sour sitting on the table in front of me though, so I normally keep it equipped.
  7. It's tough to say on the first 2 hands of the tournament since you haven't had a chance to figure out any of the other players' particular styles but I'd venture that your bets post-flop and then after the turn in the first hand were too small. I would have at least bet the pot. You made it pretty painless for the villain to call you. Pretty tough situation in the early stages of the game though. The second hand I probably would have played the same as you considering the situation. He just won a pretty nice pot the hand before and it's easy to assume it'd be bluffing time. Doesn't take too long to get back to platinum. You're probably already there...
  8. Tournament Lag Outs

    I haven't lost connection more than a handful of times over the last several months and none in the last 2, probably. I'm in MN.
  9. How about that update. Apparently there have been changes...