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  1. ranked tournaments

    The only problem id have and have had is you play for a hr or so win then only get 5 points or come in 2nd and lose points. Fix the point system and i wouldnt care.
  2. Rigged

    Lol no sorry i dont take vids of my games. But whatever im just saying what ive seen. I realize its fake money and ppl well and do play anything. It just when you see crazy shit happening all the time it makes you wonder. Last night to start off a game the first 4 hands had pairs on the flop. There is like a 16% chance of a pair on the flop im guessing 4 in a row is way way under 1% . Maybei m just having a bad day at the tables lol
  3. Rigged

    I know its poker and bad beats happen all the time but dam. How many times have ive seen bottem hand getting crush suck out on the river today its almost unreal. 6 time in a row where the worst hand going in won and it seems it always AK - 10 3 A nd you just know a 3 will pop up on the river. Or runner runner runner flush . I know when im all in and have qq kk i think im going to lose when i see someone calll with a 56 lol or like my last hand 88 guy goes all in 42 you know it trip 2s lol
  4. The lighting bolt is your boost you must havea100% boost going. the cups are for turny boost if you play in turnys you get a 50% rep boost
  5. Won playing against playeres all within 30 ranks of me ideal match got a wooping 5 points . This is crazy hard enough to get rank without getting hosed while winning. And how come no dev or whatever answers these questions. There should be a 30 sec chance to leave game if you are matched against players you cant win points off of. Or put in a standard 30 ,20,10 - 10,20,30 for winning or losing ifyou want to give bonuses fine but we should at least have a clue to the points system.
  6. Ive seen a lot of suck outs bad beats whatever. One thing i remember if this was a real game for real money 99% of the hands would never go to the river, You wouldn't have 5 ppl going all in againts your AA. I m not sure if its bad programing or just that its not real poker. Ive played a lot of live NL and sure things dont go the way it does in here but you still get bad beats you still get suck outs. Just when you do o a real bet most ppl dont chase as much in real life unless the like being broke. But this is all fake chips so its easy to call anything. Maybe 1 out of every 100 hands on a real full table would you see more them 3 ppl in the hand after the flop and a raise.
  7. All The same except one provisional . And it shouldn't matter you should at the very least win some points for any top 3 let alone a2nd place.
  8. Game Points

    Poker gods hate me. Thats for sure. Lol Thought it was a misprint but nope went from 1153 to 1144 lol
  9. Dont get it either say a guy go from 805 to 880 during one game. Thats alot of casses to open dam. But i did get 2400 hands of 20% sooooooo
  10. Lost points when placing 2nd I just finished a game won 2nd place. But somehow lost 7 points. Was given 2nd place chips but lost points . How can this be.
  11. Game Points

    Well i just got 2nd place a somehow LOST 7 POINTS UNFINGBELIEVABLE i won 15 k chips but lost points. Come on it was all ppl close to my rank except one provisional how can this be . I thought you would at the very least win point for top 3 no matter who you played.
  12. Game Points

    I dont care so much about who i play. Im just looking for a little consistently in the points. I know top 3 pays but its never the same and can be crazy differences in points rewarded and points lost from game to game. It would be nice to at least know say i get 3rd im going to get at least 10 points not 1 or 2 or 3 which ive gotten .
  13. Game Points WTF is up with how points are given out ? Why can't we have a straight point per placing be it 30 -20 -10 for wins - 10 - 20 - 30 for losses then if you want to give bonus points fine but to win and get 20 point 15 points 5 points all of which i've had. Then come in 4th and lose 20 5th and lose 25 6 th lose 42 . Why can't it be more straightforward at least then when i'm put in with whoever i'll know going to at the very least its will be worth my time and points i'm putting up. Or come up with a system that we can opt out of games where you put ppl ranked 10 or under in against silver and gold players .
  14. Winning points

    Lol dont get it I just finished 3rd and got 11 points. 5 for first 11 for 3rd go figure. It s not like we can pick who we play against. And i think its harder to play against lower ranked player really. You know the ones who never fold a hand go all in with nothing just to catch a river. And thats fine if they want to play that way. But id rather play against 5 player who at least kinda have a clue. But to be penalized for having to play whoever we are put against. Isnt right come on 5 POINTS FOR FIRST.