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  1. I wouldn't mind text chat, although I probably wouldn't use it. I had to turn it off on Rocket League because I got tired of seeing what a save all the time in it.
  2. I actually voted for a first person mode. I think it would be cool to look around at the table in first person. The thing with adding in another variant is which do you add? Five card draw? I hear omaha a lot but how many people actually are familiar with omaha?
  3. Season Extension

    There was one season that a while back that lasted 2 months if I remember correctly. Maybe that's being brought back?
  4. Let's Talk Venues

    The clubs venue is actually my favorite. The hearts venue always makes me laugh because of the busted atm and what appears to be cocaine bricks in a box behind the table lol. Can't wait to see the diamonds venue.
  5. I find it fascinating that saying it meets my standards for current console graphics equals defending PP as if it is something special in my book. This is a thread you created to hear what others have to say, correct? My opinion. Because you just said that by disagreeing with your statement that the graphics are last generation that I'm defending the game like it's precious. I find it fascinating that you created a forum account for a game you appear to gravely dislike, both in how it looks and how it plays. Why? I don't mean to discourage you from posting, but your posts seem to be endless discontent with the state of the game, and not in a manner of hey I enjoy this game could this get fixed? Rather it seems to come from hey this game sucks. Why play something you seem to have so much disdain for? People aren't defending PP because it's an earthshattering poker game that sets the bar for all things poker. They're speaking up about a game they enjoy playing whether it be seriously or casually, just as you have chosen to speak up. And the people they have here like Clear to here about feedback from the game deserve to hear both the good things about it and what we'd like to see different, not just a wall of negative. My disagreement with you about the state of the game's graphics, or anything else we might disagree on, doesn't indicate anything other than that - disagreement. There are certainly things I would like to see added/changed about the game, but I enjoy it a lot.
  6. The graphics are fine to me. They're in line with current console standards. I guess if you want to compare them with the graphics of Witcher 3 or some similar triple A title you could say they're lacking (which would be a silly comparison anyway).
  7. I like this idea. I'd like to think that it would keep people playing more ranked. I do wonder if that would make it tough for new players to find people to play ranked with, or if people who got torched one season would just quit playing if they got hit so low or would lack enough people to get back up.
  8. Card Randonization

    I do think it occurs more often in game than I've seen in real life poker. Haven't played a lot of online poker so I can't really compare it to others. I also think people usually come down harder when a computer is dealing as opposed to a person because its easier to blame. Again, I do think some hands get there more often than is normal, but I don't think its a huge issue. But man is it brutal when you can't catch a hand, finally do get one and then get whacked lol. Hang in there.
  9. Interview with Lead Designer

    Just general questions about the game going forward. Will we see more updates after the diamonds with clothes, table items, etc. I'd also be curious to know what made the game come about. It's cool to play a poker game with its own vibe to it as opposed to just hey here's poker. Ditto on the great game. Thanks for making it.
  10. I got Double Diamond!

    I had to fight to get back to silver this season in tournament play. Got smacked around by the river boat a couple of times in a row.
  11. I got Double Diamond!

    Nice job!
  12. Rep Meter!?

    Lol probably not.
  13. Rep Meter!?

    The percentage number your talking about is your Rep boost from your table item. Each table item can give you a 2%,5% or 10% bonus. There are events every day for drink items (Happy Hour) and smoking items (Havana Nights) that double your current boost. So if you have a cigarette equipped at 2% and Havana nights starts, it doubles to 4% for the duration of the event. When you have one equipped and it shows 0%, the table item has run out and you need to refill it. You can see how much is left on an item by looking at it in the shop.
  14. New Player

    Nice to meet you.
  15. Your payout is determined by your rank, and the ranked screen sometimes displays the wrong payout - I've run into that before.