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  1. And for those hands I love poker!! ❤️
  2. Had the same 2 days ago. The game was unplayable
  3. Xbox Gamertag collection

    Hey i thought we could make a collection where everybody who is looking for mates adds his Gamertag. Hope we get some players together. 👍 Gamertag: PocketAces94 Level: 103 Preferred mode: Tournament
  4. I have won 350k Chips!

    Ty but still waiting on an answer Edit: Got it right now! 👍
  5. It is fair enough! If they play 80 Percent of her hole cards until the end, than it's normal that they get many bad beats! 👍
  6. Yes! I have won 350k Chips by retweet a Post on Twitter! 💪😄
  7. diamond affiliation

    It's coming soon.
  8. But in PLO you will see the stupid donkers will Raise and Raise and Raise and Raise so Long that its a pre flop all in 🙈😂
  9. But with 27 Players you can't play how long you want to wait for a full room?
  10. And make no sense, but in my mind all players have the same chance. With every BAD BEAT there is one GOOD BEAT
  11. Just for Fun / Low Stack Tournament

    Just for Fun / Low Stack Tournament