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  1. As amazing as all these new additions sound to making this game even better. I too am hoping for the quick play trophies to be fixed and also these new additional trophies to not be bugged on release.
  2. Quick play trophies

    Have these trophies not been fixed yet? Are they still glitched? I haven't played this game since i found out they were broken.
  3. Quick play trophies

    I've stopped playing it for time being. They're useless at responding. Just have to wait and see if they get patched some point in future. No point losing my chips. I might need them if they fix the issue.
  4. Quick play trophies

    It's just frustrating. All the time I've put into this game only for it to be broken. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr if they ain't gonna fix them they should remove em so my percentage can go back up to 95% when is the diamond dlc being added, maybe they'll implement a fix with that 🤔
  5. So when are you going to fix the 'Quick Play' release trophies. Its pretty obvious they're broken as foooooooook. I've now played 60 games at the renegade club and nothings popped. I'm getting a bit fed up with playing when i know the trophies aint workin. I've mentioned it on other posts which you've iignored. Defo something nor right with these trophies
  6. Can we have some proof that these trophies are not glitched or broken on the PlayStation 4 please. Anyone have a screenshot of one of the trophies popping? Anyone else defo sure they've played over 50 games in the venues? im up to 55 in meatlocker and nothing's popped, I'm above 55 in renegade and nothing's popped yet either.....
  7. I'm saying broken too now, defo glitched. Like you say so many people play this game, and are highest level, you'd think someone would have at least one of them. i checked on true achievements and guys there have these achievements unlocked. They also have a way of tracking the progress for each venue with an app For the Xbox which is pretty cool. we have no way of knowing how many we've clocked up towards them. Which is annoying. Let's hope they can be Decent enough to give it a quick maintenance Cos it defo seems strange that nobody has one of them when literally hundreds, if not thousands of us play this game on a daily basis on PS4. i think if it's glitched we should all be compensated with a weeks worth of double daily cuts
  8. I'm up to 54 in The club now and still nothing, and I'm playing at least a good twenty hand plus each time, so I'm not just joining and leaving, I can play up to a good hour. But nothing's popping! They're under 'quick play' so they should be for 'quick play' or the description should state play 50 tournaments at.....etc. If you can't join a quick play game and have it count. me and another guy did try playing 50 games in the laundry head to head yesterday. We read online on a forum that this can count but we played around 55 and nothing popped.... my guess is that they want you to play 50 tournaments at each venue, start to finish, and that it might not be quick play at all. i'll keep playing though, and see what happens, i enjoy prominence anyways, defo one of the best looking poker games out presently. i just wanna know for certain how to obtain the trophies.

    In tournaments I'm lucky if I get 3 good hands usually scrape a third place and I mean scraaaaaaaape haha
  10. I'm insure too, I've kept a tally of how many games I've played at each venue and I'm currently at 53 in renegade. Seen as the trophy is listed under quick play, I'm guessing that you have to play the venues through quick play for them to count which I'm doing. No other trophy is glitched so I can't see these not popping. Though sometimes I could go all in within the first few hands and lose. And then exit. If they were for ranked or tournaments games, they wouldn't be under a heading named Quick Play surely?