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  1. And when you get to watch Phil and Tony at the same table, it's pure poker gold! Regarding the OP, it happens a lot and right now I'm on a really bad streak so it SEEMS to happen much more often.
  2. Bad hands and patience

    He's probably just playing his runs and betting smart. I will often fold 10 or more in a row and then hit a run and bet accordingly. Often players stay in no matter what and I can ding them pretty good. When players are on tilt they usually don't last long but not always. Today I went from chip leader to out in three hands. Every hand I had won until the river (one guy donkeyed a flush and twice my under pair got beat by ace chairs). I fought the urge to jump into another game as I was on full tilt. Five minutes later I was laughing about it, joking with the guy who beat me. I think I moved from #14 to #70 on the leaderboard. It's just the game.
  3. outraged

    It seems to me if this "problem" was a pervasive as you make it seem, there would be a bit more backlash. I've been playing for awhile and have only been "screwed" out of a good hand once. I didnt feel it a conspiracy. Can you throw some more stats out so I can be more sympathetic? With the improvements I've seen in the game, I'd hate to dog on developers without a solid reason. Good luck.
  4. Forum Guidelines

  5. End of season rewards

    There are rewards?
  6. Trivial: Get rid of obstacles that obstruct your view. I prefer an elevated view of all players. I might get flamed, but I'd like to see a limit on sit-outs. After all, it's entertainment. Donkeying up and then walking away takes some fun out of it (even if it's a real strategy).
  7. Hello

    I'm new to this site but have been playing PP for a few months. Having come over from Full House Poker, I'm happy to play a game that is supported and continues to improve. I've noticed many improvements since I started. I particularly like the way you can rejoin if you get kicked from the server. I just finished the season with a ranking in the mid 200s and a rating of 1252. Nice to have a goal for next season. I hope PP continues to improve and grow. Thanks for all your efforts. Good luck all. TT