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  1. Time for a report button

    Lol...convo wasn't heated at all. Me and a guy I know in real life were talking. I was also pointing out various random things that the game kept doing....over and over and over. I'm done with this place. Everyone knows all...seen all....done all....lol.
  2. Time for a report button

    Lol. Grow a pair and talk next time. The truth hurts alot of people. And I never insulted you...just stated that you are very naive about this game. You can take it how you want. Besides....for a $500k / $1M exclusive player.....what the he'll are you doing on a $200K table...lol. I even asked you if you wanted to play with them....they had a 1m table running...lol. 2 tables running now...........probably too busy. Til next time....maybe you'll have a pair by then.....
  3. Time for a report button

    Again....party chat is not needed to talk to people on this game. I ran into loud music last night....simply hit mute. Never needed party chat to save lol. If poker is so social interaction based.....then why are you in a party chat not talking to the table...????!!!!! Lol. The easiest way to communicate is.....join game....unmute mic......talk.......
  4. Time for a report button

    Yes. Unfortunately it's up to them on what to put in or take out. If they think it's gonna hurt the profit they get from chips...then it will be out of the question.
  5. Time for a report button

    If that's the answer you want to give then...ok. I would seen disabling party chat as a step in the right direction as opposed to not taking any steps. But....hey....i don't have a dog in this fight anymore.
  6. Time for a report button

    It seems that no one cares about this going on. Fine by me. I only started a similar thread to warn and maybe try to have it removed. By the sounds of what I'm hearing.. complete silence from devs.....its completely acceptable and encouraged. Let the games begin lol
  7. Time for a report button

    You don't see it because you probably play with the same crowd like most others do. I play with the same crowd too and only see this when solo.
  8. Time for a report button

    If you remove party chat...you would still have table chat available to socialize. I can't see the need for party chat at a poker table. Try to talk on your cell phone at a casino...just an example of your statement about bs'ing with friends about other things. Poker has rules....written or common edicate. But when playing a poker game that's cards are based on patterns....party chat makes it an unfair advantage. No need for party chat. Heck....if they don't remove it soon....ALOT of people will start exploiting it even more.
  9. Time for a report button

    $200k $500k and $1M They will usually just chase the bankroll. "Hey Joe blow is on 500k let's go" . Then wait til they get 3 or 4 on that table and go. Or just start a table and fold around til others join.
  10. Sounds like you got hit with what me and others were trying to explain to you a few weeks ago but you kept coming up with answers to all of the weird things we spotted in this game. I believe your words were...."bad beats on happen so much because people call with everything " . So if that was you answer then...why seek help on what clearly sounds like a person calling the whole way. Maybe it's just me...but in my defense.. I'm still trying to grasp how you had answers for all but are seeking help or advice........
  11. Time for a report button

    This is one of many reasons I have lost interest in this game. It's very simple to fix yet it hasn't been done. I have sat in party chat myself...with 3 others and isolated people for hours. Ending up with about 7 mil to split. After sending multiple messages and getting no response...or hearing from people who talk to devs on FaceSpace...only to hear that there's nothing they can do and party chats are apart of poker...????...total lie !!!! Several groups still do this everyday and benefit tremendously. To me it's truly stupid...yet I had to do it once to see how effective it is. I have since just gave back my bankroll to my friends.
  12. 258 Players Online. !!!!!!!!!!

    Funny you should say that. My group of donkey slayers exposed them last night. SunJoon96 ...Jozetzet....and Toxic......all PS4 players. I put my "justice" to work again and they cracked. We did get apologies from all and we're offered chips to not tell anyone....lol. So if any of you guys run into the "French Connection " be warned.... And yes....we did felt 2 of them that had 3.3 ish stacks
  13. 258 Players Online. !!!!!!!!!!

    Nope.....cheaters gonna cheat lol. I'll keep dealing with them my way though.
  14. Ranked tournaments

    Lol. His odds are just a wee bit different. His cards are actually shuffled too. And....he doesn't have to dodge 2% hands sucking out on him....EVERY SINGLE HAND !!!!!!!! Out of 100 hands he plays....maybe 5 are "action" flops....meaning he's not up against 2 pocket pairs....flush draw....and straight draw in the same hand every hand like PP.
  15. 258 Players Online. !!!!!!!!!!

    For some reason I can't send a pm. Just says required next to all fields ..???