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  1. If I see a new post I will be able to tell, so far nothing new yet that I can see.
  2. on my PS4 browser the new posts are represented by a dot that is just blacker then the rest of the page, that's the only way I can see new posts. If it's a new thread I actually posted in it's a star if I remember correctly then every new post after my post makes the star like that too. If they make them another color like red for diamonds and hearts and a light gray for spades and clubs I think they would be more noticeable, just my opinion I guess.
  3. Muck It

    maybe to me it seems backwards, but they could be doing that to give players incentive to show their cards.
  4. New Site Theme Available

    much better, thanks!
  5. New Site Theme Available

    I guess I like the old theme better in that regard I guess. If the topics are fully read in each category it would be nice if the heart icons would be a different color then red, that way it's easier to tell at a glance if new posts are coming in. Is there a way a person can change it back to the original theme?
  6. New Site Theme Available

    I don't have a pc or a laptop, I usually access the forum from the browser on my ps4. I have a Samsung Tab4 for a tablet and a Galaxy S6 for a smartphone, would either of those two be a better option?
  7. New Site Theme Available

    The most annoying thing I noticed so far is it's difficult for me to spot new posts in the forum. Am I supposed to change something in my settings?
  8. don't feel alone on this, I can never get mine to go over 10 percent.
  9. You have a headset ? If you do they have voice chat.
  10. New Site Theme Available

    looks cool but for some reason I had trouble signing in. It seems to be working now though
  11. What a season

    I didn't quite make Diamond this time around, but for the first time I made Platinum in the ranked head 2 head so I can't really complain about how this season went for me. Really looking forward to the update and the beginning of a fresh new season.
  12. Muck It

    yes they do and I hope they fix it soon.
  13. I see 10 seats at that poker table in the picture above as well, could it be ?
  14. I had this happen to me as well on PS4, I hope they fix it in the next update because currently the only way I can get it to stop is by shutting the game down and restarting it. It doesn't happen often though so it's hard to tell what's causing it.