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  1. Headsets

    I recently had a part fail on my headset, come to find out the replacement part is 50 bucks. I spent 70 dollars on the entire headset so I´m looking for some advice, do I buy the replacement part or just invest money into an entirely new headset? and what headset would be a good value? I'm looking to stay around 80 bucks. The headset part that went out on me belongs to my Turtle Beach PX24s and it's 2 years old from the time I purchased it. Thanks in advance for any help with this, this would be used on a PS4 mainly.
  2. For the first time in a 30 day season I have reached a rating of 1307 in ranked 6 player. I feel kind of stupid now because I was one who was really pushing for a longer ranked season saying that at 1 tournament a day it's nearly impossible to accomplish. Obviosly I was wrong and I intend to use the remaining time in this season to get Diamond in head 2 head as currently I'm sitting at Platinum and feel like I have a good chance at getting it.
  3. My apologies, I tend to forget that. That was inconsiderate of me to post that part. Collusion technically should never be tolerated no matter what your playing for.
  4. Win Percentage

    yes you would collect 3 million, but this isn't actually why I dived into head 2 head. It used to be one of the weakest parts of my tournament play and I just wanted to become a more complete player, I'm still not very good but I'm improving.
  5. I agree, it's very difficult to prove and quite frankly since we're dealing with play money here at PP I think it would be a waste of time and resources.
  6. I just joined Legends, My community is pretty dead.
  7. Win Percentage

    I'm starting to think I could actually have a chance this season, my win percentages are the highest I have ever had in both head 2 head and 6 player but now I dive into trying to find all platinum tables, this is where my seasons usually go bad, I hope this season is different I have never finished a season in Diamond in both before.
  8. On Pokerstars I was in a 10 dollar real money tournament on the bubble. Evidently 2 out of the 4 remaining players decided to gang up on me and knock me out in 4th, now granted I tried taking them down but the cards were not coming my way. It turned out these 2 players had done this many times before and after reporting them to Pokerstars they awarded me 2nd place money and the person that finished 5th got awarded 3rd place money. I asked them what punishment those 2 players got and all they would say is that they could not give out that information so who knows. This was before Black Friday obviously.
  9. Marking Players

    Before Black Friday hit the online poker industry I used Pokertracker but yeah I remember Full Tilt and Pokerstars even Carbon poker had note systems in place, it was handy to have.
  10. In game clubs would be the way to go, back in the day I played an online casino game where you could actually join a guild. That was fun.
  11. I guess this topic would be for Mike to answer but before I get into opening this up for discussion I want to make it clear that I'm neither in favor of or against this but will players ever have the ability to label players just by selecting their nameplate. For example if I'm facing a tight passive player could I label him a rock so the next time I run into that player I kind of know what to expect? Tight-aggressive: The TAG Loose-passive: The Calling Station Loose-aggressive: The LAG
  12. I work every other weekend so pretty much any club that does a points system I can't really be a part of. I guess at this point I would be happy with a regular group of 6 players that would gather weekly but I have discovered that it is nearly impossible even after starting my own community. Most times it's me and one of my community members inviting each other to countless public lobbys of buy ins that range anywhere from 50k to 500k. It's a real bummer.
  13. Is there a limit to how long these clips are? I mean you couldn't upload an entire 2 hour ranked tournament could you?
  14. I actually think you should pin this, it's great information.
  15. Win Percentage

    I used to actually record my finishes in a notebook broken down into ranked seasons so I could tell how I was running. I usually am limited to playing 1 ranked tournament a day sometimes more it just depends.