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  1. Avatar Action Tell

    Sure, people could do that, but I'm having a little trouble coming up with a scenario in which it would be necessary or preferable over all the other means of communication people have while playing Prominence. They want to collude, but to keep it fun, they want to keep it within the game world?
  2. Leaderboards

    Good idea, although it will have to be the update after next (probably August).
  3. That's correct, the timer resets whenever blinds increase for any reason.
  4. Please Help

    If you're in Solo or Practice, it's telling you that you've maxed out the rep you can earn from single player modes. To get more rep, you'll have to play multiplayer. If that's not what's going on, please contact customer support at support.505games.com.
  5. The H2H points have been increased, effective immediately.
  6. This starts with the April season (which started 16 hours ago). Of course if someone does one of these chip transfers using a public game, it will still show on the leaderboards. And knowing this, people could manipulate the leaderboards, although there's not much reason to do so.
  7. This was done several months ago at the request of a large user group. It's a common house rule. Starting with the next update, it will be optional, along with configurable blind timers.
  8. Next Update

    These are features we're working on for the next update, which will likely be released around June 1. Casual Tournament Lobby Redesign Ranked Lobby Redesign Letting your turn timer run down twice in a row will cause you to Sit Out (used to be 5 times in a row). This is currently live on Steam. In ring games, the Simplified Button Rule affects how the button is moved and the blinds are handled after any players that posted the big or small blinds leave the game. This occasionally caused players to be the big blind twice in a row, or to be on the button twice in a row, or blinds to skip over players. Ring games now use the Moving Button Rule: the button moves forward to the next active player, and the blinds adjust accordingly. This repeats as necessary until the big blind has moved at least one seat forward. If the big blind skips any player, that player must pay the big blind. The next few hands after players join or leave the table, there may be more than one big blind, more than one small blind, no big blind, or no small blind. No player will pay the big blind twice in a row, no player will have the button twice in a row (except when transitioning to two players from more than two players), and no player will avoid paying the blinds. This is currently live on Steam. Fixed a bug that could allow you to send an invalid bet to the server, which would then reject your action and cause you to fold. This is currently live on Steam. If you joined a game at the right time, it was possible for you to be dealt in before you were done loading and at the table, potentially causing you to lose all or part of your turn time. This should no longer happen. Various fixes to improve stability and reduce disconnections.
  9. Nintendo Switch status

    Your paying user assumptions are extremely optimistic.
  10. Booting Disconnects

    Your normal sit out time is 5 minutes plus one minute per player > 2. So the times described above are your normal sit out time that you would get by choosing to sit out in the pause menu, plus 30 seconds extra. I can make it 5 minutes extra instead of 30 seconds, giving you 10 minutes in heads up play and 14 minutes at a full table.
  11. Booting Disconnects

    The server will notice that you're gone sometime between zero and 40 seconds after the actual network problem starts. It depends on the nature of the network problem. It's typically closer to zero than 40. Right now you get 5-1/2 minutes plus one minute per player at the table > 2. Eg. if the table is full, you'll have 9-1/2 minutes. If it's heads up, you'll have 5-1/2 minutes. The idea is that the fewer players there are, the greater the affect your disconnection has on the remaining players. I can see allowing 10 minutes in heads up, and 15-20 with 6 players.